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Would you rather eat Cheetos or Lays 3 years ago 196 votes 14 comments 0 likes

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nomp 3 years ago  
then divorce him and take all of his money. 3 years ago  
poopy a looty 3 years ago  
ill get SMARTERRRR 3 years ago  
dont know GOW and chose it anyways 3 years ago  
how can i have kids without sex?? 3 years ago +1
both suck but my friends play lol 3 years ago  
that car is sexy af 3 years ago  
avast. avg. malwarebytes. 3 years ago  
dont know who either of these b*tchs are 3 years ago  
I want bernie to win the democratic nomination. And i want trump to win the republican nomination. It will be hilarious when bernie wipes the floor with his toupee. 3 years ago  
a live child can feel pain. 3 years ago  
uh 3 years ago  
bush is ugly obama is hot 3 years ago  
I hope she doesn't win. 3 years ago +1
Satan is a typo of stan 3 years ago  
But nothing on those cupcakes are related even in the slightest to My little pony.. 3 years ago  
Oh sh*t, i thought it said which is worse, lol. 3 years ago  
Wrong one.. 3 years ago  
But everybody likes cupcakes.. 3 years ago  
Actually, It is. 3 years ago  
I would hate to not be able to talk pokemon with my wifey.. 3 years ago +1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. if you truly do not know what this is, i reccomend you go watch it now. 3 years ago +1
Kaiawesome952, Exactly what part of this is brony stuff? 3 years ago  
nom... 3 years ago +1
Maybe, if i eat the brains, i will become more smarterest! try it at home, kids! 3 years ago  
Oh hey dad, nice shiny charizard figurine! can i play? 3 years ago  
Note: Skinned "Alive." It does not say "Alive" in option B. 3 years ago  
Lol 3 years ago  

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