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    just because on presses a button how is one gay?  
    im just not voting ...  
    some Americans were killed in the Holocaust...  
    but then aren't you a form of hitter?  
    by communists do you mean Russia? because the Russians were the one the made hitter take the cyanide capsule.  
    it was 11-12 million learn children  
    11 million*  
    same ^_^  
    the only reason that mac don't get viruses is because no one make them. many more people use windows there for it is only smart to make a virus windows because it will affect so many more people and if your friend have the capability to get viruses on a site like nytimes then it is something he/she is doing not the computer.  
    100 billion is a lot man O_o  
    you have time to get money. :D  
    stop so many more deaths...  
    frozen did this to me  
    just because you are in the harry potter world dose not mean you will have magic powers :P  
    im a pig, pig, pig are fun, pig  
    less death ^_^  
    lol i can't cook  
    licence boom  
    Fu*k yahoo +1
    vat is this.... not everyone wears makeup  
    LOL +2
    same ;/ +2
    i have a funny name already ^_^ +1
    NONE +2
    TOO LATE +32
    vat is it asking ???? .-. O_o  
    more snakz  
    Satan is my bro just and will all that power and money and not to mention Satan is fake then WHY NOT  
    lol people +1
    both are crap but i would take the i pad for the netfilx :P +2
    win8 did that for me (but i miss netflix)  
    hotmail is for n00bz  
    i hate vhs  
    mono make for more dramatic pic:D +4
    sell it ^_^  
    calibri is looser  
    same for the controller O:  
    f*** yahoo +1
    girls win ^_^  
    for option 1 would be a rape vid?  
    step one : stop drinking Step 2 : take a pic Step three : get lawyer Step four : profit  
    so pedophilia all around?  
    wash it silly  
    i did it for dat pic  
    breath is for pussys  
    bars smell better so they taste better :D  
    i miss Twinkies D:  
    as long as it is fast ;)  
    was it :D  
    a liter is a lot ()_() +1
    i need to try cat food sometime...  
    i hope so too...  
    it might but kinda... soft  
    sleeping is not too bad :D  
    oh.... i have no idea O_o  
    pudding ^_^  
    how o you not eat something with your mouth? and this already happens in some more primitive contryes  
    i can't ^_^  
    what is a pube?  
    i have no idea what i have done  
    oh what have i done?....  
    if they just died it is like normal :D  
    lack of a penis helps ^_^  
    less time maybe...oh god  
    you can get pregnant from drinking it -_- (i did press he wrong button tho)  
    option 1 = boys/ option 2 = girls  
    white wine feels looks, and taste cleaner then red wine ^_^  
    Earth benders look so much cooler :P  
    fluffy +1
    old games I HAVE NO IDEA BOTH ARE AMAZING new game none  
    both are crappy female sinners +3
    Digimon is just a very crappy copy of Pokemon but then Pokemon got weird..... +1
    both are crappy money pits :P  
    i pressed the wrong one :/  
    *im lazy*  
    Mist is just a crappy copy .-. +19
    how can i rather someone :P  
    i know some people who are deaf and they can actually do things but when you are blind you cant do anything for your self :/  
    Harry potter wins end of story  
    the are so much more dramatic it is more fun:P  
    Welcome to the internet the world of the geeks.  
    How i met your mother is so much more funny +1
    they are both creepy stalkers running around in spandex.*pass  
    both are bad O:  
    Brad is so much hotter :P  
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