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Would you rather be a druglord in America or Mexico America or Mexico 7 years ago 992 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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umm actually those statements are congruent,the first segment is saying that there are only a few valid facts in the bible,and the second is saying that while not EVERYTHING in the bible is bs most of it is. as you can see they are basically synonomous. And by the way mabey you should have taken the post with a less synisism as I gave you an open complement on your argument and you chose to only focus breif critisism. 7 years ago +2
I never stated that there was absolute ignorance in the bible with regards to accurate facts. But in your post, and this is one of the first ive seen, used actually rational resoning and is what needs to be argued if the side of christianity wishes to have a respected opinion, many people argueing your side will rely on "god did it" or something similar, i apreciate your use of legitimate rational. P.S. i never requested you to do any research, only to use valid points. 7 years ago +1
If christians believed everything in the bible people wouldnt let their kids leave the house. 7 years ago +1
While the concluding part of your statment was resonable, most of the things you said previous to it wern't. In this kind of discussion there are no answers, only gueses and theories, and in your poat you seemingly disreguard everything {yvpil057} had said.He wasnt asking you to read the comments he was asking you to understand them and make arguments and rebutles for them using rational and theorectical evidence, if this is to be similar to a forum based debate, a certain level of scholarly prowess is needed; in the future please attempt avoid bias arguments aswell, the bible is a prime example as there is virtually zero proven validity to it. thanks :) 7 years ago +3
umm hate to break it to ya but Santa isnt real either.. :'( 7 years ago +48
Rebecca Black isnt even relevent anymore.. 7 years ago  
Many things we accept as facts are just theories like Gravity. I recommend you check out the T.V series "how the universe works" so you understand what the theory actually is, it would at the very least assist you in argueing your points,right/ 7 years ago +6
I'd die for mankinds sins... will you pray to me? 7 years ago +5
The bible isnt proof in the slightest, there are zero scientific equations or theorums in the bible, on a similar point most of the things in the bible are actually incorrect i.e. The earth and everything on it was made in seven days, Noah's ark houses 2 of every animal for like 40 day and 40 nights-things we KNOW arent true. And while there isnt nessicarily complete proof of the big bang there is it least scientific evidence of what we call the big bang, being backed up by theoretical physicists such as one of the smartest men on the plantet, Stephen Hawking (who by the way has stated that god was not needed for the creation of the universe). 7 years ago +8
"Hey Napoleon gimme some of your tots" :) 7 years ago +5
sure does LMAO 7 years ago  
I'd perfer an atheist perisdent and senete, then sh*t would get done...there would probably also be fewer republicans (y) 7 years ago  
Gimme that grape DRANK 7 years ago +4
That's one nastyass Honey Badger, i bet it doesn't even give a sh*t. 7 years ago  
gum! if you swallow it after :D 7 years ago +2
I took this as lindsay lohan in the "Mean Girls" era 7 years ago +2
Prove it, or at least provide some evidence, possibly pertaining to the method of magic/soccerry "god" would have used. 7 years ago +13
erm...Godzilla is a friendly monster.. 7 years ago  
I'd never be hungry again :P 7 years ago  
yeah it's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 :) 7 years ago  
LOL @ his crotchular region 7 years ago +3
Evolutionists tend not to be bat sh*t crazy.. 7 years ago +9
You should really think about reading or researching the subject before you post somthing dumb, the theory is that matter and energy are the same thing but in different states, so when the big bang happened all the matter was heated and transformed into enegy and unlike matter, energy has no speed limit therefore it is completly possible for all atomic matter to be here,on earth, or anywhere else in the universe.. 7 years ago +7
you're an idiot... 7 years ago +3
his almighly god powers ...derp 7 years ago +4
yeah,but how sick would it be to travel through the universe and see eveything within it :) 7 years ago +4
What would be the point of that if he is all powerfull, why not make the universe without the big bang?..seems uneeded 7 years ago +5
18 year old lois 7 years ago +1
man,i lost my map..could you give me the directions plz? 7 years ago  
He never said it would.. 7 years ago  
And 5 years old? 7 years ago +1
If the earth started off with only two people how have we existed for so long assuming all of there offspring was inbreed and how could that account for the diversity of the cultures, skin tones and OTHER religons 7 years ago +1
Did the big bang create the universe; is the pope in favor of wearing dresses? 7 years ago +2
gravity :) 7 years ago +1
no... 7 years ago  
you shame the earth.. 7 years ago +1
LOL, matter = energy, the theory is that the big bang started off as an enormous amount of energy then, after exploding and releasing the energy into the depths of space the energy cooled down and the electrons and protins setteled and slowed down forming various forms of matter i.e rocks, elements, and so on 7 years ago +3
which would suckass.. 7 years ago +1
Option A is a double negative... therefore they are both the same 7 years ago  
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