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    like really???? does a car like that drive bad are you kidding me??? it should of been would you rather drive a piece of sh*t that also drives like sh*t or a car that looks awesome and drives awesome too  
    he is a stupid jackass then and now so screw him overall  
    well isn't it the same thing?  
    they both can kill you can't they?  
    messed up question by a messed up person  
    white ftw, you stupid morons  
    I don't like either  
    it will only be depressing if you make it depressing  
    I'm a guy you idiots  
    I'm not ga  
    not gayyy  
    noooooooooo I want fast internet and good gas mileage you stupid people  
    I mean I want both  
    dumb question  
    I'm not gay  
    don't care  
    apple sucks  
    give me the money, I don't smoke anyways, I never will  
    damn idk  
    I'm never really talked about anyways  
    I don't care about Halloween  
    dating someone wouldn't be an option so I don't care  
    bigger is better  
    the hell with getting naked in public in the first place  
    I think LA is more beautiful, Vegas just has casinos all over  
    would have more people buying it  
    wtf you morons picked tv when you said ohhh I like computer so dumb  
    snow is bad  
    superman sucks  
    at least I can see  
    I rather have no job then no friends, don't wanna be a loser lol  
    friends are everything  
    tweets? what are those!?!?!?!?!?  
    has a story not 9 year old idiots yelling f*** you noob or whatever  
    more funny  
    might be nice in china  
    I don't wanna die  
    bill gates sucks  
    cuz he black and not an idiot  
    wolf gang  
    piece of cake  
    screw people, I wanna die peacefully  
    I would be annoying to everybody and no one can do nothing about it  
    I don't see her enough anyway  
    I like summer better  
    party and drunk b*tches  
    mcdicks sucks  
    don't matter as long as I'm not the one getting it  
    I don't care  
    don't wanna be a nerd who reads books  
    I really don't care  
    at least my parents don't have to bug me all the time  
    rather be rich then be a famous asshole  
    racism is just wrong  
    movie are just better then books!  
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