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    Mario has to eat Mushrooms to become strong. Drugs F*** you up dude +1
    Im a Lady GaGa fan sooooo.  
    More liekly your parents will give you more money for college. If you're the 2nd or 3rd or last child, the parent's wouldnt of had time to save.  
    Your..... hotdog? :D  
    Can't wait to be a self employed psychiatrist when I grow upp  
    My ringtone.  
    Depends on the distance, speed and force of both. But i played soccer for 8 years  
    Wow. Love the fact that my favorite Celeb is Lady gaga ^_^  
    My first wish would be for world peace. Then to get rid of all sickness. And then Homes for homeless. Maybe a couple more. But the last 3-5 would be for me(:  
    1. Dont have a car. 2. My neighbors both have backup keys.  
    I can be popular and still be in the top as far as grades. Didn't say you had to be a brain dead person. +1
    Well if you're looking at gay movies your husband or wife will be like "YEAH THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!"  
    Only because of the Sims 3. +1
    Well I'm Bi soooooo +1
    I dont care what people think about me. Psh If im rich I can just buy friends. +1
    ): Where are all the little monsters at?): +309
    What happens when you become old and have saggy boobs? No thanks.  
    Walmart has more than Target  
    What Nikki said. Neither matter....  
    If it as the Degrassi season that is in this picture. Heck yes. But now I can't keep up with them throwing out new episodes every day  
    LOL. Would you rather Nicki Minaj....... Is that a new dance move?  
    I like ho this implies that you son telling you that he is gay is a bad thing +1
    You can always lose weight. But it takes a hole lot longer to go back to school(:  
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