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Can you guess the quote I’m smoking and you come up coughing at me, Jesus. Do you go up to crippled people and start dancing too, you fuck? or no 5 years ago 124 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which song do you prefer Get born again (Alice in chains) or a little bitter (Alice in chains) 5 years ago 65 votes 2 comments 0 likes
When you watch anime do you prefer Dub or Sub 5 years ago 172 votes 22 comments 0 likes
When you play video games do you play a good/evil character or neutral character 5 years ago 96 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Which song do you prefer (atleast listen to both songs before you vote) Nutshell or Rotten apple 5 years ago 68 votes 6 comments 0 likes
If religion was gone would it? rid the world of war or wars will keep continuing regardless 5 years ago 148 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live for you're own choices or Live through beliefs 5 years ago 113 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What did you prefer shounan junai gumi (before gto) or gto great teacher onizuka 6 years ago 104 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather battlefield bad company series or battlefield series 6 years ago 101 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Mad season or stone temple pilots 6 years ago 80 votes 3 comments 0 likes

Deathkill98 has posted the following comments:

just use a Ethernet cable 5 years ago  
why not both? 5 years ago  
i just want the bed 5 years ago +3
liked both 5 years ago  
what would you give bearded dragon? 5 years ago  
Awesome :p 5 years ago +1
B is fable one and A I'm guessing dragon age 5 years ago  
isn't it just jack of blades? 5 years ago  
what length would the vectors be? 5 years ago  
already do 5 years ago  
extremely touch? 5 years ago +2
ye 5 years ago  
the sub voice? 5 years ago +2
sout? 5 years ago  
Jeremy was released in 1992 5 years ago  
true but some anime sound better dubbed or subbed like i preferred Trigun dubbed 5 years ago  
why not both? 5 years ago +2
hellsing 5 years ago  
both legal would be better 5 years ago  
neither light probably kill me 5 years ago +1
already do 5 years ago  
desktop 5 years ago  
free sword 5 years ago  
don't scare on pc 5 years ago +1
on ebay the next day 5 years ago +4
what was the charge? facebook manic? 5 years ago +2
neither 5 years ago +1
two bearded dragons 5 years ago  
firefox 5 years ago  
common in the uk 5 years ago +2
And wash away the rain? 5 years ago +1
black hole sun 5 years ago +1
got one 5 years ago  
abit 5 years ago  
onscreen keyboard 5 years ago  
nice quote 5 years ago +1
doubt it would 5 years ago +1
i couldn't sleep with a 5 years ago +1
always did wonder since those who use the death note can neither go to hell or heaven 5 years ago  
damn 5 years ago  
heard the cover 5 years ago  
and creepy 5 years ago  
depends on the anime 5 years ago  
9/10 5 years ago  
9/10 5 years ago +1
alice in chains 5 years ago +1
never took one 5 years ago +1
10 5 years ago  
should leave and be independent 5 years ago +2
jfk? 5 years ago +1
more fun 5 years ago  
is it this easy to become a cop just show up? 5 years ago  
anygood? 5 years ago  
alice in chains :P 5 years ago  
some of us already know that :P 5 years ago +1
would except no transport 5 years ago  
love you too 5 years ago +1
in what way? 5 years ago  
got bored watching it 5 years ago  
because to some it feels better achieving something by yourself then to be given it 5 years ago +1
do opinions matter? 5 years ago  
nah 5 years ago  
whats wrong with firefox? 5 years ago +1
both 5 years ago  
against it since it's pathetic 5 years ago +5
what is the point of this question? 5 years ago  
is a even possible? 5 years ago  
don't like the feel of flat keys 5 years ago  
"i ll tell you what" 5 years ago +1
its more stereotyping than racist 5 years ago +1
you know faggot is a piece of pork in the uk 5 years ago +1
this taught me to burn every toothpaste tube i had 5 years ago +2
can i choose the music/sounds? 5 years ago +2
why is that? 5 years ago  
damn i always played neutral 5 years ago  
what pic is B looks great 5 years ago  
prefer pc 5 years ago  
wtf man 5 years ago +2
cba to do thieves quests again 5 years ago  
hmm by planetary colony's does that mean any planet is habitable to live on? 5 years ago  
too human was a great game 5 years ago  
politically correct is kinda bullsh1t since the governments cant justify their own means 5 years ago +3
even if you ban guns we probably evolve weaponry again 5 years ago  
cant seem em 5 years ago +4
is burning them an option? 5 years ago  
should left the candle lit to burn all of it 5 years ago  
we can survive without a stomach 5 years ago  
haven't read or watched it 5 years ago  
i never did 5 years ago +2
don't plan on getting married 5 years ago  
sometimes 5 years ago  
then how would you fight someone who is near immortal ? 5 years ago  
i enjoy both 5 years ago +1
67 5 years ago  
ye 5 years ago +3
screw religion 5 years ago +2
we have different tastes i guess but filler you can skip 5 years ago  
do you hate bleach because of the fillers? 5 years ago  
same 5 years ago +1
rarely play it now 5 years ago  
you can disarm them or launch em into space etc 5 years ago +1
i didn't direct that to you i meant everyone and that's true 5 years ago  
yet we prefer online chat then to meet outside 5 years ago  
prefer windows since cheaper and has a lot more GAMES then os 5 years ago  
since when did saw 2 have that much blood? 5 years ago +4
depends really 5 years ago +1
groucho marx glasses? 5 years ago  
loved playing the urbz on my game cube :P 5 years ago +2
being neutral doesn't mean you have to be good or evil 5 years ago +2
the choice says you can live forever but can you die from injury's though ? 5 years ago  
what doesn't these days? 5 years ago  
i voted before seeing authors comment... 5 years ago +1
without it you wouldn't know if your body was damaged :p 5 years ago  
is "hoomans" a quote from vindictus? 5 years ago +3
what doors would they knock on then? 6 years ago +3
you probably could live without a heart but doubt without a brain 6 years ago  
can i be an alchemist at the end of brotherhood? 6 years ago +1
firefox 6 years ago  
and hurt more 6 years ago +1
as the fish? 6 years ago  
anime and manga 6 years ago  
why 6 years ago  
no grunge bands 6 years ago  
i enjoyed both :P 6 years ago  
idk why gold is considered valuable 6 years ago  
not really 6 years ago  
it turned sh*t 6 years ago +3
am i the only one who beat milktank ? 6 years ago +1
i meant grunge 6 years ago  
subbed anime are good but depends on anime really 6 years ago  
i take a rat anyday 6 years ago  
wheres gunge ? 6 years ago  
kill? 6 years ago +1
pretty sure you will have the scope lodged in your skull 6 years ago  
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