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    We work on design projects that allow us to fundamentally re-think how people interact with buildings and the cultural environment of modern India. At SDAARCHITECT, we seek to understand each unique architectural design project in its environmental, cultural, and historical context. The work we do at SDAARCHITECT engages with the complexities of architectural program and the contextual challenges of a rapidly transforming urban India, and we strive to design proposals that promote a strong sense of place. Inspired by tradition and modernity alike, we use technology and traditional techniques to bring the distinctive qualities of well-crafted materials and details into every project. The result of this process is architectural design that restores, regenerates, and elevates our collective experience of the urban environment. 1 month ago  
    Since SDAARCHITECT's inception in the 1990s, it has quickly emerged as one of the most recognized Delhi based architectural firms, establishing a reputation for delivering imaginative architectural design in the area of institutional architecture. Seeking to reorder architectural priorities by putting people first, SDAARCHITECT challenges conventional perspectives of museum design that will, over time, influence the core typology of modern institutional architecture in India. Through a range of architectural and planning projects, SDAARCHITECT seeks to reconcile the conditions and complexities of an Indian context with the design elegance of contemporary architecture, at the same time not losing sight of the the humanistic aspect of architectural design - qualities with benefit and nurture us as human beings: the desire for protected shelter, seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces and the general improvement of quality of life through good design. 1 month ago  
    At SDAARCHITECT, we strive to create institutional architecture that can inspire and enhance the well being of its visitors and users and promote an aesthetic and functional balance with the complex physical and cultural environment of modern India. We believe that contemporary Indian architects are charged with the responsibility of creating institutional spaces that complement their site and context, and thoroughly fulfill their functional purpose while upholding a dedication to environmental, social, and community concerns of a uniquely Indian nature. As architects of a rapidly changing urban Indian landscape, we must not only study the way buildings are built, but also how space is and will be used. A core tenet of SDAARCHITECT's design philosophy is the belief that all aspects of user experience must be considered in addition to the technological systems of construction. At SDAARCHITECT, we consider ourselves lucky to be part of the process of building our environments. 1 month ago  

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