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Who would win in a fight? Ditka or God 6 years ago 954 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Would you punch a baby with a unibrow in the face for $500? (as hard as you can, no consequences) No, Think of the children! or Yes, that kid had it coming anyway! 6 years ago 5,248 votes 56 comments 0 likes
Who Would win in a fight? Magneto or Gandalf 6 years ago 462 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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bros before hos but, bff over death. 6 years ago +1
sign me up for whore lessons! 6 years ago +2
if you can prove your innocent you'll never work another day in your life 6 years ago +1
If humans can colonize another planet, then i believe the human race could potentially exist forever. Human life would keep growing and eventually find alien life. More then likely it will be lame like bacteria or something. 6 years ago  
save the last bullet! 6 years ago  
can't frown on a waverunner 6 years ago +1
racist jokes perpetuate stereotypes. 6 years ago +4
i have no idea what option B is, but it has to be better than pizza hut 6 years ago +1
FINISH HIM! 6 years ago +5
class vs no class... 6 years ago  
i would become a psyduck 6 years ago +4
how would you be extremely happy in prison? 6 years ago +2
you need your arms to use a cane, and you can use sign language without legs. 6 years ago +2
December 23rd 6 years ago +8
the Grinch movie was so bad, Seuss's relatives decided to never make another live action film again... 6 years ago +3
to everyone who picked funny Robin Williams: its not your fault... 6 years ago +5
SHOULD you read the book? yes. WILL you read the book? nah, your gonna watch the movies like everyone else. 6 years ago +3
tactical rails make all the difference! 6 years ago  
small dogs are for chumps and porn stars 6 years ago +2
i had strep recently, It went away on its own without any antibiotics. Other than a scratchy throat, it was painless. 6 years ago +2
To those who didn't get the Saturday Night Live reference, the answer is: "its a trick question, Ditka IS god" 6 years ago +4
people pay for music? 6 years ago +10
maybe? 6 years ago  
no, no, no, nooooooooo! (that's why) 6 years ago  
i love my radeon 6 years ago  
rather have an Intel, but AMD CPUs are so much cheaper 6 years ago  
an american idol winner was from my town. no f**ks given. 6 years ago +1
i would end marijuana proabition 6 years ago  
punch the seat of the car- no damage to you or the car 6 years ago  
and Burger King doesn't? 6 years ago  
the only side effect of weed is you might get arrested. 6 years ago +1
Thai food! 6 years ago  
1 angry piranha vs 1 snake: piranha. a bunch of piranhas vs 1 snake: the snake. a bunch of piranhas vs a bunch of snakes: ...umm.... snakes i guess. 6 years ago  
there's far more content in video games- they would be a much better distraction 6 years ago +1
i would rather appear to be vain than crazy 6 years ago  
gram-gram, noooooooooo!!!! 6 years ago +2
according to my version of morality: a human life (that doesn't deserve to die- i.e. not Hitler) is always worth more than an animal's life. 6 years ago +1
bang your buddy's girlfriend: your an asshole, bang your buddy's mom: your slightly less of an asshole (in my opinion) and you have a great story! 6 years ago +7
go home puppy, your drunk! 6 years ago +3
have you ever "won" an arcade game? if you have, kudos, but in the early days you played until you lost. 6 years ago +3
either way the subtitle would be "adventures on the internet" 6 years ago +2
Good question, really made me think. I decided on greed because the greedy people tend to be far more powerful. 6 years ago +1
Israel doesn't have assassinations, they have targeted killings. The only reason the United States favors Israel is because they seem to be the only people in the middle east that likes us... 6 years ago +3
almost clicked firefox, then i saw the apple logo - NOPE! 6 years ago +18
troll harder 6 years ago  
ill pass on the hillbilly heroin 6 years ago +2
Kirby is the Majin Buu of the Nintendo universe. his power level is maximum. 6 years ago  
to the 12 year old girl who made this question- this has NOTHING to do with technology 6 years ago +2
blow me 6 years ago  
way to spell "Democrat" buddy 6 years ago  
huh-durrrrr 6 years ago  
which one is the burn-out? 6 years ago  
hmmm... 26 year old or 37 year old... 6 years ago  
you know what the difference is between a good haircut and a bad one? about a week or two. 6 years ago  
the sun is over-rated 6 years ago  
thats a perfectly logical way to deal with emissions... 6 years ago  
half of what i own aint gonna do s**t 6 years ago +1
aids is gonna be cured within a decade or two - its actually very treatable 6 years ago  
you can lose weight, you cant fix stupid 6 years ago  
to be honest i wouldn't want to deal with the emotional baggage- and if you break up with them people will think you're a monster. 6 years ago  
doesn't matter had sex 6 years ago  
a light meth user implies that you have complete control over the addiction. That's probably not possible- but if it were, why not? 6 years ago  
you can always lose weight, but you can't make a soul 6 years ago  
people buy music? 6 years ago  
after awhile reading minds would have a lot of social drawbacks, but flying would never get old! 6 years ago  
WW3 doesn't = nuclear apocalypse, and zombies don't surrender 6 years ago  
what do you think animals would say besides "i want food and sex"? 6 years ago  
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