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    Watch The Dark Knight by Christian Bale. He is a hidden gem in it 2 months ago  
    Skip 11 months ago  
    Why is he sprinting 11 months ago  
    Zombies cant die... 11 months ago  
    My train ;) 11 months ago  
    Then steal her from him. The most satisfying feeling EVER 11 months ago  
    What is hat sex? Lmao 11 months ago  
    What is hat sex? Lmao 11 months ago  
    People who pick B have probably never had a job they actually hated 11 months ago  
    Lmao you’re supposed to 1 year ago  
    Well who would you rather want catching you? Your homie or your significant other? 1 year ago +2
    Your tattoos will look like crap when you’re like 88 lol. Pierced skin can heal 1 year ago  
    Why would you want to work to make money instead of already having all of it? That makes no damn sense 1 year ago  
    You guys need to read the explanation. No Internet does not prevent phone calls, cell data, messaging, buying/downloading apps and games...and good luck calling for help when you need it :) 1 year ago +1
    I don’t want to see my bestfriends grow and then not want to be around me because I’m foverever a little kid. Other kids will tease you because of it. Worst part is that you wouldn’t understand why. You’d constantly be going through this cycle of friendship/loss. Complete hell 1 year ago  
    Don’t EVER let your age kill your inner-kid and creativity. 1 year ago  
    Lot of people learned sex-ed in elementary school lol. Good luck eating that playdoh 1 year ago  
    Highly unlikely 1 year ago  
    “iT iSnT aLL AbOuT sEx”...yea, no shxt, but it’s a BIG part of intimacy. So don’t get mad when they cheat on you knowing sex between you two will NEVER happen. Loving you won’t stop someone from cheating 1 year ago  
    Good people make good choices. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be good people. Just average 1 year ago  
    Guest from Netherlands logic makes no sense at all. You read and watch too much fiction. Good people=good world, no wars, Global peace. Good people=no bad pollution. 1 year ago  
    Global warming is actually good. We need that to preserve heat on the surface. Its wuite simple... 1 year ago  
    Yea let’s just assume aliens are not friendly-_-  
    That makes no sense. My d*ck still works without a wife  
    Some of you are too young damn to even know what this is  
    Depends on the situation. Your death could be in an instant you wouldnt have time to react  
    “Looks will fade”...Balck don’t crack  
    Work our way back into normal lives  
    Less dangerous  
    Does sketching on top of a real picture count?  
    My family  
    Wow. You either hacked this or picked a really good time to post  
    Chocolate is actually good for the Heart  
    If looks won't attract em, the money will  
    I'll just nod my head. Not that hard  
    It would be harder for people to see me glaring at boobies ;)  
    Spiderman can die  
    What the hell is a Golf?  
    "$20 for five kids is NOT enough." Yea cause $3 for 1 kid is so much must be blonde  
    This is a lose-lose situation...  
    Dammit!!!! I forgot I have legs. I can walk  
    I wasn't thinking about racism until you scumbags had to bring that damn word up. Not everything single f*cking thing needs a racial discussion. You guys are part of the problem!!!  
    I would rather have a server that is too bust. It is the best thing ever  
    If I ruled the world...THESE DAMN SERVERS WOULDN'T BE TOO BUST!  
    The amount of people voting for brownie batter is heart breaking  
    I can't see the images... +22
    Good luck being dumbasses  
    Why would I go somewhere where spiders and rats are 10x larger than here. I'll stay in Nopesville  
    And there's nothing wrong with adopting  
    More sex for me ;) something you can do without getting married?  
    I don't have a computer  
    People saying "you're lying" are the ones that don't want to admit that A is f*cking nasty as hell  
    He never said the world ends, dumbass  
    Why do people think living forever to make money is better than already having the money? You're constantly WORKING EVERYDAY of your life. That's f*cking stupid if you ask me  
    Why do people think living forever to make money is better than already having the money? You're constantly WORKING EVERYDAY of your life. That's f*cking stupid if you ask me  
    Why do people think living forever to make money is better than already having the money? You're constantly WORKING EVERYDAY of your life. That's f*cking stupid if you ask me  
    You don't personally know me or anyone else on this site. I'd inevitably spend my millions on my family, friends and charity. Of course I'll spend some money on myself as well, but not even ONE PERSON needs that much money in their life. If you don't unselfishly spend all your money by the time you die, you didn't live a happy and satisfying life. Simple as that. If you agree, like THIS comment  
    Why waste time when you'd already have the money???  
    That's what they all say...  
    Isn't B just regular life already? They can always visit me +62
    How do you spell 'excellent' wrong, twice?  
    I can have sex with the person as many times as I want, THEN be in an relationship with them. And if we still desire sex during the relationship, "I'm breaking up with you...ok, now let's do it!"  
    I say LETS YAHOO IT!!!!! Lmao +1
    Green means Go...Green is Good...Green is Life  
    What is a Google?  
    You'd rather work for money than to just have it? Be realistic here...  
    *3 years later...SIKE!!!!!  
    Like you can't learn anything in the Caribbean...-_-  
    "What if" this and "What if" that. Shut the hell up and read the bible. Criminals and other people who do bad things will clearly not be going to heaven  
    Good luck to the pansies who chose B. Earth is basically already Hell because of the dumbass humans that also live here  
    Damn. After reading the comments, I want hamburger  
    I picked the one I didn't need multiple tries to pronounce +1
    I'm sure he takes showers everyday  
    Bush gets a rating of 9/11 from me.  
    Wow. There's way better questions on this website  
    Wealth does NOT come with fame, retard. I could buy 10 yachts and no one would no about it +1
    fûck up  
    Who remembers that episode of Family Guy when God farted on the lighter and created the bang? We were made by the Holy Fart +2
    Delete your account  
    What the hell is Google?  
    Wtf is YouTube?  
    Way easier to clean  
    Everyone getting mad that people pick American Football. Maybe it's because majority of us Rather users are from the U.S.?  
    What if a car fell from the sky lol  
    I Basically have no hair on my head  
    go out to the store to buy some extra milk for my Captain Crunch?  
    Aren't most of you using your phones for the Internet right now? Idiots  
    Smh Fück you. I'm black  
    "Internet" and "Celluar Data" are not the same. Know the difference.  
    I hope you girls know that you clearly have hair on your head +1
    Dammit!!!! I read worm as 'warm'  
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