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Hello, im in love with cats! that my profile picture is my cat named Napoleon! i love him so much...also *looks both ways* i love My Little Pony FiM

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Which minecrafter is better? (If you dont know them then which one looks better :V) TrueMU (minecraft universe) or Honeydew 6 years ago 81 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which minecrafter is better? (If you dont know them then which one looks better :P) Kuledude3 or HwnT 6 years ago 98 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which minecrafter is better? (If you dont know them then which one looks better .-.) Captainspaklez or Antvenom 6 years ago 90 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which minecrafter is better? (If you dont know them then which one looks better ._.) Deadlox or Skydoesminecraft 6 years ago 101 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which minecrafter is better? (If you dont know them then which one looks better o_o) ASFJerome or BajanCanadian 6 years ago 102 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat the burger first or eat a french fry first 6 years ago 150 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have this cake or This cake? 6 years ago 151 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Ruby or Diamond? Diamond FTW! or Ruby FTW! 6 years ago 163 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat this or this? 6 years ago 93 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wear these or Wear these? 6 years ago 129 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a chicken live or eat a cigarette 6 years ago 104 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear this dress or wear this dress? 6 years ago 104 votes 8 comments 0 likes
HEY GUYS!!! :D My TeaSippingCo site is done! I dont care... or Ohhh, i wanna check it out! 6 years ago 165 votes 55 comments 0 likes
Leather or Fabric? Fabric or Leather 6 years ago 157 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Bike or scooter? Scooter or bike 6 years ago 185 votes 31 comments 0 likes
So, i am making a "Tea Sipping Company" All we do is sip tea and get billions of dollars! You in? *sips tea* YEAH! or Oh god no/nah 6 years ago 160 votes 68 comments 0 likes
Scotch tape or Duct tape? Scotch or Duct 6 years ago 160 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Paris or Venice? Venice :D or Paris :D 6 years ago 270 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Milk or juice? e.e or 6 years ago 149 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Pen or Pencil? A Pen or A Pencil 6 years ago 147 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Jeff The Killer kill you? or Jeff The Potato "Potato" you? 6 years ago 134 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go drink tea with these? or this? 6 years ago 134 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who will win? The Joker or Bane 6 years ago 133 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a taco or eat a pizza 6 years ago 151 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Well im back from Etna Land! And i just wanted to know, which ride looks more fun? T Storm (Very,very,very,very scary but fun) or The School (creepy and cool) 6 years ago 138 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather take the elevator or the escalator 6 years ago 162 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a Griffon or A dragon 6 years ago 135 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be Nicolas Cage or Be David Tennant 6 years ago 122 votes 4 comments 0 likes
There is something following you! He has a creepy smile unforgettable eyes, and a red face! what would you rather do?! go say hi or RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! 6 years ago 142 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Im going to EtnaLand here in Sicily today! :D does it look fun? Yeah! :D or nah 6 years ago 128 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a fire cat? or be a water cat? 6 years ago 174 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a shark or be a beautiful whale 6 years ago 228 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Whos the better anime character? :3 konata or misao 6 years ago 113 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier?? this, imagine it irl! :D or this, caught on tape (The Rake) 6 years ago 192 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Whats scarier? This (Exorcist) or this? (Little Emily) 6 years ago 167 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Whats scarier? this or this? 6 years ago 165 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Whats scarier? this (just imagine its in your bedroom staring at you ;3) or this? (IT gives me the chills already D:) 6 years ago 206 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier? this or this? 6 years ago 204 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier? WARNING: IF YOU GET SCARED EASLY, PLEASE TELL ME! (ima stop with the warning now >.>) this? or this 6 years ago 208 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier? WARNING: IF YOU GET SCARED EASLY, PLEASE TELL ME! scp-053 or scp-189 6 years ago 219 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier? WARNING: IF YOU GET SCARED EASLY, PLEASE TELL ME! this thing or this thing? 6 years ago 164 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier? WARNING: IF YOU GET SCARED EASLY, PLEASE TELL ME! this or this? 6 years ago 168 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier? WARNING: IF YOU GET SCARED EASLY, PLEASE TELL ME! this or this 6 years ago 157 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Whats creepier? this or this 6 years ago 139 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an adult or a kid? hmm....Yeah, a kid or Im better off adult 6 years ago 232 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you like to scare derpina? YES! *Shows picture of Jeff the Killer* or Naw, shes nice :3 6 years ago 189 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Which picture is funnier? this one or this one (this picture was used in a question already, but i thought it was funny so im using it again....all credit goes to the creator of the picture :P) 6 years ago 198 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Whos better? Pewdiepie or Markiplier 6 years ago 5,878 votes 421 comments 4 likes
Would you rather sit next to the nerd in your class and be his/her partner for all of school events or get bullied normally 6 years ago 246 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to a rave or go to the bar 6 years ago 175 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a theme park party? or have a water park party? 6 years ago 205 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather eat a poptart or eat Trixie (this pony) 6 years ago 235 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Do you know what My Little Pony FiM is? YES! or nope... 6 years ago 237 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to only drink water or only be able to eat apples 6 years ago 224 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to the theater or go on the tagada (read explanation) 6 years ago 168 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have all your houses walls look like this or this 6 years ago 217 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a model of this? or this? 6 years ago 167 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Mcdonalds or eat Wendys 6 years ago 410 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat candy right now or eat a cheeseburger right now 6 years ago 255 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wigglytuff in a shell or Clefzee 6 years ago 151 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Whos better? Dewhorn or Dewfable 6 years ago 161 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Whos better?? sorry i just couldn't take it I NEEDED TO MAKE MORE! Blastpix or Graveel 6 years ago 145 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Hey guys! sorry for all the questions in one night but do you want me to cont. the pokemon fusion? alot of people said no so if you do then please post a comment saying you do want more! and sorry for the same pictures :L i want more! and i will post a comment or Nah im not the one who wants more...i wont right a comment 6 years ago 136 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you guys like more Pokemon Fusion? Nah or AWWWWW YEAH! 6 years ago 151 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Whos better? bellithe or alienbrown 6 years ago 129 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Whos better? cupcake master or roundpod 6 years ago 129 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Whos better? bluepail or Pinpoke 6 years ago 133 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Whos better? nidodash or nineslion 6 years ago 134 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Whos better? nidodash or nidonine 6 years ago 109 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Seetails or Vultails 6 years ago 130 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Whos better? greensway or brownscare 6 years ago 115 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Whos better? Raipix or Ratpix 6 years ago 171 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Whos better? fishlion or blueivy 6 years ago 136 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Whos better? PoliTails or Seaclaw 6 years ago 122 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Whos better? meownine or Not even my final form 6 years ago 103 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Whos better? Geochu or Goldking 6 years ago 122 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Whos better? Chartails or clefpix 6 years ago 110 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play minecraft forever or watch youtube videos forever 6 years ago 202 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Whos better? Derpina111 or a cat 6 years ago 166 votes 13 comments 0 likes
You are in a house while there is a zombie invasion outside, One of "them" break in and surround you in your mom...would you GTFO AND LEAVE HER! or save your mom and have a 40% chance you will both die 6 years ago 163 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be forced to go through your worst nightmares or be forced to eat Canis lupus familiaris's fecum (dog poop) 6 years ago 147 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather become rich but live in a ugly house (you cant buy another house and you can eat all you want,buy anything, get woman ect.) or be pretty poor and have a awesome big house (you are poor but can still get food for yourself) 6 years ago 181 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather become nyancat whenever you want or turn into this awesomeness 6 years ago 188 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a cat hair or have cat superpowers (turning into a cat, grow a tail, meow. ect) 6 years ago 246 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get shot in the arm or catch your hair on fire on accident 6 years ago 279 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a cat or eat a dog 6 years ago 163 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather cut off your left hand or cut off your right leg 6 years ago 202 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Do you lick the plate when you are done with your cake? yesh! or nah... 6 years ago 255 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a spider or eat a juicy plum beetle? 6 years ago 161 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have seizures every once in awhile for the rest of your life? or have your eyes crossed? 6 years ago 141 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get your favorite game taken away from you or be in a car crash and brake your arm 6 years ago 174 votes 13 comments 0 likes

Derpina111 has posted the following comments:

/)^ 3 ^(\ 6 years ago  
Whatever you do...dont look behind yourself... 6 years ago  
...That escalated quickly 6 years ago +1
I do..i was actually just on it a few mins ago 6 years ago  
I do both ^_^ 6 years ago  
Awesome! :D 6 years ago  
Cause i like seeing people play it ._. 6 years ago +3
Thx ^_^ 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
no one is better then bajan 6 years ago  
Well...I just have not been in the mood for rrrather :S 6 years ago  
People are starting to hate the tea happy 6 years ago  
Thanks :3 *sips te- NO! Im done with tea! 6 years ago  
um...why are people saying this is freaked 6 years ago  
I dont really like your questions.. 6 years ago +3
I would start to feel like im flying.... /) 6 years ago  
Megan Fox is ugly as f*ck 6 years ago  
My big sis does 6 years ago +2
Ive just ate too...But I want ice cream 6 years ago  
YEAH! 6 years ago  
*puts hand up* 6 years ago +2
Pibb Xtra? 6 years ago +3
MINECRAFT FTW! 6 years ago +1
Wats Moom Mist? 6 years ago +4
MMM :3 6 years ago  
@Authors comment DIDNT READ 6 years ago +1
Actually, Bulldog Root beer is healthier 6 years ago +2
I will love to be short....o-o 6 years ago  
Wow...I just noticed how much of a douche justin bieber is! (he doesnt deserve a capitalized name) IN A PUBLIC RESTAURANT?! 6 years ago +3
Seems so... *sips tea* 6 years ago  
ikr >.> 6 years ago  
So many video game characters *o* 6 years ago +2
Heh....heh 6 years ago  
weird....there was also a mix up with questions! It said that your question has been accepted BUT it wasnt my question, it was this random question that someone else wrote o.o 6 years ago  
they are all legs... (sorry for such a late reply e.e) 6 years ago  
/) 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
Do you know whats in a cigarette? 6 years ago  
It kills you... 6 years ago +3
:3 6 years ago  
Ive never had any ideas...JUSTICEO HELPED WITH THAT! 6 years ago  
"potato" means "rape" 6 years ago  
kkkkk.. 6 years ago  
*Sips tea* 6 years ago  
Only sometimes..tea is still great and powerful 6 years ago  
Wut? Sorry for being an idiot... 6 years ago  
I already do 6 years ago  
Lauren Faust! :D 6 years ago  
I don't want to be fat 6 years ago  
Deibara sipped was weird 6 years ago  
Fuq both of them....I think trash is better :P 6 years ago +1
I already asked this :P I could never choose either 6 years ago  
Oh.. 6 years ago  
*sips tea* Cough cough hack hack " I cou am cough hack CHOKING" 6 years ago +2
I laugh a lot, I just don't know what the show is >:o 6 years ago +1
It tell them to chew with their mouth closed....They never do 6 years ago  
I don't watch tv- NO! My LIttle Pony!!! D: 6 years ago  
"because most of them" 6 years ago  
No more blood sucking creatures! 6 years ago  
A Dragon :3 6 years ago  
Same thing :P 6 years ago  
i will private message it to you :) 6 years ago  
Are you sure you typed the right site? did you copy and paste it!?! 6 years ago  
NO! *sips tea* 6 years ago  
a few days 6 years ago  
Nope...for everyone :3 they are just the co workers.. 6 years ago  
True....*takes tea away from mouth and sets it on the nearest table* 6 years ago  
ikr *sips tea angrily* 6 years ago  
Well...i wish....but its a channel you have to buy, and pay 40$ a month.. 6 years ago  
Yeah you are right, everything is italian unless you buy a certain thing... 6 years ago  
Huh?!?! you cant?!? 6 years ago  
Thanks :D 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
Lol its fine, thx 6 years ago  
lol okay 6 years ago  
huh 6 years ago  
I cant tell what your profile pic is...Wat is it? i need to know for the site 6 years ago  
Ive tried but there is no option to do that! ): 6 years ago  
*sips tea* thanks! 6 years ago  
*sips tea* :D 6 years ago  
Really? I was expecting everyone to point out problems 6 years ago  
Lol, took me days! Im making another one because the one we currently have isnt that good :L 6 years ago  
... 6 years ago  
c: 6 years ago  
haha 6 years ago +1
...its hardly anything lol 6 years ago  
Well its kinda like a company....the workers understand 6 years ago +5
The updated version is up! It has the link now..but it may take a few mins to update completely 6 years ago  
i will put it in! I forgot :L 6 years ago  
i will put it in! I forgot :L 6 years ago  
I cant wait for peoples reaction! :D 6 years ago  
It wasnt a complicated site...though it took me days to just do a few things on "TeaSippingCo" 6 years ago making it.. 6 years ago  
I dont watch tv :P 6 years ago +4
I speak english better than you 6 years ago  
TeaSippingCo (its not done yet :P) 6 years ago  
its a tea sipping company....its too late to sign up tho ): 6 years ago  
WOAH..its kinda too late 6 years ago  
(: 6 years ago  
HUH?! I want tea! 6 years ago +1
well that escalated 6 years ago  
D: 6 years ago  
I didnt sleep at going to fa- *slams head on keyboard* ghavrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxliuynaaaaaaaaaaelwuiWWWWWWWWWXN,BCN,,,V 6 years ago +4
Exactly 6 years ago  
hmph 6 years ago  
check the private chat :3 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
That sounds cool! I bet you can troll people easily >:D 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
You will be an admin, since you gave me the AWESOME idea! :D and i need to know a picture you want to go along with your description, if you want the one you have now then you need to somehow email it to me... 6 years ago  
Woah, im not the only one 6 years ago +1
Rainbowdash cosplayer? That will be cool to have a brony friend :D 6 years ago +1
Woah, is that Blood On The Dance Floor?! 6 years ago  
It looks like a fat person put a skirt on and stuck her butt into the air then edited arms and a head onto it....pretty reasonable 6 years ago +5
Whats snapchat? lol 6 years ago  
*Someone throws a fake bear at me* "OOWWWW" 6 years ago  
*Pours bees into nicholas's cage around his head* 6 years ago  
Just a bit 6 years ago +2
I usually used to only hop on the colored tiles c: 6 years ago +2
Ive always wanted to... 6 years ago +3
*Sips tea* 6 years ago +2
I will use it VERY VERY VERY wisely.. 6 years ago +1 6 years ago  
Silvernight! :D 6 years ago  
Okay...thank you for telling me fast! :o And i cant tell what your profile pic is...what is it? 6 years ago  
fuq that raven lol 6 years ago +2
OMG 6 years ago  
I love animes like Lucky Star or Clannad 6 years ago  
Of course! :D 6 years ago  
First of all; that dude is just plain terrible :P 2nd i would pay the girl to get that tattoo removed :) 6 years ago +2
Lol i answered this in 5 seconds 6 years ago  
Umm...i have a question 6 years ago  
You changed your pic :o 6 years ago  
he...he..okay.. 6 years ago  
hehe 6 years ago  
I cant tell what your profile pic is..what is it? or what photo will you like for your desc. ? 6 years ago  
:D I just got myself some tea :3 6 years ago  
I cant wait either :D i bet you guys are going to like it! 6 years ago +1
Yup :D 6 years ago +1
lol 6 years ago  
Oh...about that....Well im starting a Company ( and i have a site all about tea and cats. Im working on it and im almost done! :D 6 years ago +1
Its going to be awesome! :D 6 years ago  
What? 6 years ago  
Tea! And cats...there isnt much to do on it but i worked HOURS on it! Im still not done..but im soo close 6 years ago +1
Well...they are right behind you. o3o 6 years ago +1
Dude...Should i bring you to your house and strap you down then leave? >.< I should put you in my new shocking chair....i will just watch you scream *sips tea* 6 years ago +1
Np :D 6 years ago  
Your drunk... 6 years ago +1
Genius :3 6 years ago  
thanks! awww this is gonna be big! :D 6 years ago +1
great! 6 years ago  
awesome! 6 years ago  
Well sorry im not stoping :3 6 years ago +1
lol *sips tea* 6 years ago +1
*sips Deidara* nope 6 years ago  
WELL FUQ YOU TOO *Sips tea* 6 years ago +2
Awwww 6 years ago  
Im making a site, just you wait o3o 6 years ago  
i will write you on the list :3 *sips tea* 6 years ago  
I have Italian food everyday..geez *sips tea* 6 years ago +4
hah..i was kinda um...YOU DONT GET BILLIONS OF DOLLARS DX but you still get to sip tea :3 6 years ago +1
can you still be in it? :L 6 years ago  
*sips tea* nope :3 6 years ago +2
lol just here, what do you want your name on the site to be? *sips tea* 6 years ago  
I think im going to be sick... 6 years ago +1
lol *Sips tea* 6 years ago  
heh..heh...huh? o.o 6 years ago +1
D: *Sips tea while crying* 6 years ago +1
Great... *sips tea* 6 years ago  
kk 6 years ago  
awesome! i will write your name on the list! ^.^ 6 years ago  
Yup *sips tea* its gonna take awhile though... 6 years ago  
Lol *Sips tea with you* 6 years ago +1
Heh.... *Sips tea* 6 years ago  
Of course *makes tea appear out of thin air in front of you* Take it :3 *Sips my tea* 6 years ago  
NO! Im actually making my own site dedicated to sipping tea *sips tea* :3 6 years ago +3
Of course! *sips tea and writes your name down on the list* 6 years ago +1
D: ITS ILLEGAL!! I CHOSE THE WRONG ANSWER!!!! Dx *sips tea sadly* 6 years ago +2
:D *Sips tea* 6 years ago  
Exactly with me, buy MY father was in the military *Sips tea* 6 years ago +1
Here in Sicily we have windows everywhere..if something comes in i will have somewhere to run *nervously sips tea* 6 years ago +1
Well...if we use it all before we leave we still take the bottle because we can refill it (we meaning family) *sips tea* 6 years ago +1
Whats bestiality? If its bad then i chose the wrong answer *sips tea* 6 years ago +1
Please comment if you will like to be in it! So i know who you are :D 6 years ago  
Oh, its just my thing :3 *sips tea* 6 years ago  
No reason....*sips tea* 6 years ago +2
Meh why not...Thanks for the idea! 6 years ago  
Ehem *tea appears out of thin air* I think not.. 6 years ago +1
Y-you stole my tea sipping! *Sips tea* I started it and everyone seem to be doing it to! *sips tea then throws it at your face* DARN ROBBERS! 6 years ago  
Ah, tea...Many people "stole" my tea sipping...sadly...but i shall keep sipping! *sips tea* 6 years ago  
*sips tea* hell no 6 years ago  
*sips tea* uh huh 6 years ago  
Oh haha your right! I ment 9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,99999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,99999,9999,999,999,99999,9999,999,99999,9999,99 6 years ago +1
Exactly *sips tea* 6 years ago  
1000,0000,0000,0000 exactly *sips tea* 6 years ago +1
No i dont *sips tea* 6 years ago +1
Awesome right? *sips tea* 6 years ago  
*sips tea* funny 6 years ago +1
*sips tea* I feed my cat alot of foods *sips tea again* also i feed my dog anything you can imagine *puts two bowls of tea on the ground* Charlie! Napoleon! 6 years ago +2
*sips tea* I hate spiders 6 years ago +2
*sips tea* Simply DARLING cat you have there! 6 years ago +2
Ikr *sips tea* 6 years ago  
*sips tea* I can live without a pillow... 6 years ago  
*sips tea* A bit 6 years ago  
*sips tea* Reeses make me a bit sick but are better than A Three Musketeers bar... 6 years ago  
The are certain flowers you can eat..or drink the insides (you take out the middle and there is a drop of sweet liquid) *sips tea* 6 years ago  
*sips tea* i hate plain chocolate 6 years ago  
*sips tea* uh huh 6 years ago  
*sips tea* 6 years ago +2
*sips tea* i hate tinsel! Mostly when its on my My Little Pony toys hair *sips more tea* hehe 6 years ago  
*sips tea* Fairies are nice to have on top of your tree... 6 years ago +1
*drinks black tea* NO 6 years ago +4
*sips tea* fun 6 years ago +3
B just looks fake, i dont know why :I 6 years ago +3
*sips tea* sure 6 years ago  
*sips tea* WRONG FREAKIN CHOICE 6 years ago +5
I love these questions! :D 6 years ago +4
Heh *sips tea* 6 years ago  
You may never know *sips tea* 6 years ago  
*sips tea* truly awesome 6 years ago  
Interesting! *sips tea* 6 years ago  
Perfect *SIPS ♈ᙓᗩ* 6 years ago  
No srsly, it must be very annoying! *sips tea* 6 years ago  
*sips tea* ehem, wrong choice... 6 years ago +3
Precisely! *puts hand out and catches a tea bag* 6 years ago  
*tea falls out of the sky* i have magic :3 6 years ago  
*takes rocket to moon while on the inside im floating around drinking tea* so i see you are stuck here? * sips tea then blows the rocket up* now we are both stuck *places down foldable table and sits on ground while drinking tea* 6 years ago  
*wakes up hours later* WHAT THE DUCK?!?!? (pssst we shouldnt do this on someone elses question :P its rude lol) 6 years ago  
*sips more tea* 6 years ago  
Nope :) 6 years ago  
which one? *drinks tea while petting cat* 6 years ago  
Wh-what?! *drinks tea then faints* 6 years ago  
lol *sips tea* 6 years ago  
Hehe, like you will ever *sips tea* 6 years ago  
Hey, i guess you like tea too! *drinks gallons of tea* 6 years ago  
Hahaha, thats my supply in Sicily....i have more in a top secret base (: 6 years ago  
Glad you agree *sips tea* 6 years ago  
What the heck did you just do? WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO?!?!? *takes more tea out of back* *sips* Mmmm 6 years ago  
Ah, *sips tea* interesting 6 years ago +1
Nuke Town is a map on Call Of Duty...I think *sips tea* 6 years ago +2
*pukes tea* 6 years ago  
When you see either, its a "Oh sh*t" moment 6 years ago +2
What if it was?!?! *throws up tea* 6 years ago +1
Both are freaky as fuq *sips tea* 6 years ago +3
TEA! 6 years ago  
;_; 6 years ago  
You were on the chat huh? *sips tea* 6 years ago  
I HATE guinea pigs :P 6 years ago +1
tis nice 6 years ago  
Tis tea time :3 6 years ago +3
two .'s ? 6 years ago  
"Would you like more sugar in your tea Jeremy?" *sips tea* If thats what you ment... 6 years ago +1
Pink Pill! I will shape shift into a cat :3 6 years ago  
D: 6 years ago  
np (: 6 years ago  
lol np :3 6 years ago  
Your annoying helens xD 6 years ago  
I love FPS 6 years ago  
I loved HOTD but i stopped watching it :P 6 years ago  
Despicable Me 2 was sooo awesome :D 6 years ago +2
i think this is the game where there are random things in presents and you pass them around, when the music stops you open the present you have...last year i got a dora puzzle ;_; 6 years ago +2
I already live in Italy :3 Its a very nice place but i will like to take a break from it for now 6 years ago +3
why you do dis 6 years ago +3
rathe 6 years ago +4
Id give mine to you :3 I dont like plain chocolate 6 years ago  
I wasnt talking to you >:I 6 years ago  
Since the creepypasta came :V 6 years ago  
It means molest ;D 6 years ago  
Do you even know what it means? :3 6 years ago  
I LOVE FLUFFY MIXER! :D 6 years ago  
Im going to have to go on a LONG roadtrip when i move to Iowa :L 6 years ago  
we have our ways :3 6 years ago  
i sometimes eat it cold :3 6 years ago  
Spiders...and SCP's ;_; 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago brother answered this...cya guys later, i have to go to the kitchen... 6 years ago +4
Tea is good... 6 years ago +3
Why are there thongs?!?! they look so uncomfortable! 6 years ago +4
Boys.. 6 years ago +3
I love puffy dresses :) 6 years ago  
Yeah, im pretty weird :3 6 years ago  
If i tilt my feet in a certain pose then it wont hurt ;D 6 years ago +1
Ikr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
I dont really like these questions, though you can go on (: 6 years ago  
whats that? ._. 6 years ago  
Who is this dude? 6 years ago  
I will act like im crying :3 6 years ago +5
Srsly...Did you? Pewdiepie drew a very hilarious picture of that same exact picture you have for your profile pic :D 6 years ago  
Thanks for telling me! :) But what do you recommend i make questions about? Ill take any suggestions! 6 years ago  
i just...cant e.e 6 years ago  
Why do you have CinnamonToastKen as your profile pic? xD and that reminds me, did you see PewDiePies stream today? :3 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
eating glass will hurt.... 6 years ago +1
i dont really like chocolate :P it makes me sick 6 years ago  
NOPE 6 years ago  
wah you do dis? 6 years ago  
thanks, those were just to rides :D 6 years ago  
Sicily, Italy 6 years ago  
Thats JackleApp :3 here: http :/ /www . you m/user/ JackleApp (Without spaces) 6 years ago  
i got nothing... 6 years ago  
terrible....i hate both so much 6 years ago +2
lol, hes awesome 6 years ago +2
:P 6 years ago +2
Okay i will, thanks 6 years ago  
just sit there? staring blankly at nothing? hes coming closer... 6 years ago  
Nope, it does look like a certain SCP though...its also actually jeff the killer, fail jeff the killer :P 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
Thanks, it was really fun! 6 years ago +2
Fuq.... 6 years ago  
Actually those where the only to images i was able to upload -_- it keeps saying that the images have to be 300 width :L so i drew the newest question that i have... 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
Thanks... 6 years ago  
lol, Cindy is coming :3 6 years ago  
lol and i will probably... 6 years ago  
I love cats... ;o; 6 years ago +3
Ive seen what they put in McDonalds meat..... 6 years ago +1
help... 6 years ago  
Look a woman! Shes trying to act like a deathcore person!...Shes failing 6 years ago  
why you do dis? 6 years ago +1
Dont you hate when you chose the wrong choice? -_- anyways, i would be able to have an awesome suit if i were with tony :3 6 years ago  
huh 6 years ago  
I love Studio Ghibli 6 years ago +2
Kill me.....FAST 6 years ago  
Kill me 6 years ago  
i would never leave rrrather :3 6 years ago +7
Tea with her? Great! 6 years ago  
TEA! I WOULD RATHER DRINK TEA WITH TYLER! he looks like he makes english breakfast tea...better than what im drinking right now 6 years ago  
i would where creepy zambie ones :D 6 years ago  
that exactly what i was thinking....i think i will rather drink tea with Tina :D 6 years ago  
rather what? rather drink tea with? ;D 6 years ago +4
I dont care for the PlayStation but i do LOVE GameCube... 6 years ago  
does that make me a guy? 6 years ago  
I was thinking about Merlin from "The Familiars" 6 years ago  
I would be cat but i will have a puffier tail if i had fox ears and a fox tail c: 6 years ago  
I do... 6 years ago +3
I hate chocolate :P i dont know why but it makes me sick :L the only chocolate stuff i can eat is chocolate flavored things.. 6 years ago  
You are a guy? My life is a lie... 6 years ago +2
Im such an idiot o-o 6 years ago  
WE DO WHAT WE WANT! 6 years ago +1
whats 4Chan? 6 years ago  
TARDIS! 6 years ago +4
Australia.....all the spiders you can get c: 6 years ago  
I wish i can post questions D: with this new format it wont let me :L 6 years ago  
healthy :D though poptarts are delicious 6 years ago +3
well...that image looks freaky ;_; 6 years ago  
i will shut my eyes and my brother by me side will tell me when my crush walks by, and he will move my head toward that special somepony :3 6 years ago +5
I will be the little one of the family c: its a hard choice who will live with us though :I Cindy or Verenal :L 6 years ago +1
Shrek is with his family: Smug... Shrek is running away from a fire breathing dragon: Smug 6 years ago +2
Miley was good until she made herself look like a slut...with that ACTING like a slut -_- 6 years ago +1
Such an awesome anime 6 years ago +1
I like the dark...alot 6 years ago +7
I do :3 6 years ago +1
Is it opened yet? I cant join it.. 6 years ago  
I can just imagine that... 6 years ago  
Lol 2 girls 1 cup 6 years ago +9
Thats the same exact problem I have..I have alot of good questions in my mind i want to write and have other peeps answer. But like i said i have that problem so i can not do so :L 6 years ago  
:I 6 years ago  
In the first 10 mins of Inception I dropped out and went home to rest my brain... 6 years ago  
I love Dr Who! Best thing ever! 6 years ago +1
Ahem... *them :3 6 years ago  
I try my best to be like Konata or Asuki 6 years ago  
Middle 6 years ago  
Oh cool! What the ip? 6 years ago  
That was easy.. 6 years ago  
Wreck it Ralph was awesome! It had alot of my fav video game characters! 6 years ago +1
Did you have a problem where when you uploaded a image it said something about "needs to be 300 or more ect." ? 6 years ago  
look at the name of that icecream.. "Schweddy Balls" 6 years ago +5
22 Is all about being hipster....I guess the water isnt THAT cold.. 6 years ago +2
I will stab him every day then when the 30 years are over....FINISH HIM! :D 6 years ago  
i hate the new rrrather form ): 6 years ago +2
Dawww 6 years ago +6
My dad is teh best cook EVER 6 years ago +1
shoot 6 years ago  
Every Jennifer i have met in my life has had blond hair.. 6 years ago +1
cats unite 6 years ago  
Im not a big fan of that sounded wierd 6 years ago +6
my arse hurts... 6 years ago  
Yup.... 6 years ago  
My little pony! :D and Helens I did like your questions until you posted the real boobs :P 6 years ago +1
Psy will never die :3 6 years ago  
HAHAHAHAHA >:D 6 years ago  
true 6 years ago  
OR JEFF THE KILLER? 6 years ago +1
After i run him over, i take the money and get back into my car then drive away :3 6 years ago +6
*cries* "OH GOD MY EYES" 6 years ago +10
Woah, i just found out my real japanese name! Murakami Kumiko.... But i dont want it translated or my name will be Above the Village eternal beautiful child :I 6 years ago  
a bit :P 6 years ago  
I kinda dont like these, but you can go on 6 years ago  
Valve is the best thing that has ever happened to me :D 6 years ago  
Me too... 6 years ago  
when the pictures are exactly the couldnt 6 years ago  
needs to learn to not put cookies on her boobs... 6 years ago  
Its like real life in a game....but you can do more! If you know what i mean xD 6 years ago  
Best friends :3 6 years ago +1
PORTAL GUN! 6 years ago  
Hey! its taller! 6 years ago  
The lady looks like a slut 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
Man....i hardly remember these books! But Betty is just plain terrible 6 years ago +1
True....but you can troll....EASLY! 6 years ago  
Of course! :D 6 years ago  
No...itwillbeawesomeifiwerepinkie!shesmyfavpony!i lovepartiesandfun,soshematchesmeperfectly! 6 years ago +1
I always talk really fast, my friends tell me to shut up alot because of how fast i talk xD 6 years ago +1
All i really needs a smile smile smile from these happy friends of mine! 6 years ago +2
both 6 years ago +4
When im bored i USUALLY listen to/read creepypastas 6 years ago +3
yesh :3 6 years ago  
is that....a insult? o.o 6 years ago  
I was going to enter! But i dont have facebook :L 6 years ago +1
i love old soda :3 6 years ago +1
;_; 6 years ago +2
No 6 years ago  
I will hear soo many voices at one ;_; 6 years ago  
dont make me do this... 6 years ago  
FUQ AI 6 years ago  
*Sniff* "Goodbye Appleormac....we will all truly miss you..." 6 years ago +2 6 years ago  
Eww 6 years ago +2
Niether, i dont like shields :P 6 years ago  
Ding Dong hurry up I'm waiting Far too late to run Away to see if I can catch you Ding Dong hurry up I'm starving Waiting for you here I know that you are near so come out Staring through the window No escape from my cold gaze now Tearing through your eyelids Creeping close to see you nearer Ding Dong hurry up and run now So that we can play Tag on this special day of fun now Ding Dong hurry up I'm in now Better run and hide So I can never find you peeking Thumping down the hallway Footsteps on an old wood floor board Breathing in a whisper I can hear it getting closer No No You can never hide I can see you there No No You can never hide I can see your hair No No You can never hide I can see your scared No No You can never hide Knock Knock I'm affront your bedroom And I'm coming in Don't need a key or pin to help me Knock Knock I'm inside your bedroom Cant see where you've hid But worry not, the game is ending Look under the bed sheets Clever boy to keep me guessing Cannot find a body But I haven't checked the closet Ding Dong Here you are and... Ding Dong I have won this game Now it's your turn Ding Dong I have won this game Now it's your turn Ding Dong I have won this game Now it's your turn Ding Dong It was such a shame Ding Dong You can never hide No one else is left Ding Dong This is my goodbye 6 years ago +1
Easy, at least no one sees me 6 years ago  
Its tasty 6 years ago  
I would if i could :O 6 years ago +1
i love me riddles! :D 6 years ago  
I would rather see a fish die then a poor cow :I 6 years ago +1
Napoleon :3 6 years ago  
puffy dress :3 6 years ago  
fuq Cinderella xD 6 years ago +3
When i was 3 my mum and dad dressed me up as Boo 6 years ago  
didn't say i couldnt where a wig! 6 years ago +1
MMMMMMM glaze is mah fave ;3 6 years ago +2
i always face away... 6 years ago +5
I love Gamecube's :3 6 years ago  
KILL IT 6 years ago +1
I HATE IT! 6 years ago +2
bathing is like swimming in your own wet dirt :I 6 years ago +5
Cindy is awesome :L 6 years ago +2
well...THE FIRST ONE WILL KILL YOU... 6 years ago  
i will slap her until she hates the word swag! 6 years ago +3
KILL THEM ALL! 6 years ago +1
"business man,business man, business man,business man,business man, business man,business man,business man, business man,business man,business man, business man,business man,business man, business man,Wife, Wife, Wife, child, child child, child, child, police, police, police, police, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor.." 6 years ago +2
YAY! PARTY! 6 years ago +2
HOTD ;D 6 years ago +1
nope 6 years ago  
Oh god...though Dahvie is awesome 6 years ago  
both will kill you 6 years ago  
They will cry to sleep, so they dont feel the pain... 6 years ago  
mac and cheese with soda......eww 6 years ago +2
its still good... 6 years ago +2
W T F 6 years ago +3
shes derping c: 6 years ago +6
Im a member of the Dark Brotherhood :3 Also im a vampire AND a werewolf 6 years ago +1
lol 6 years ago  
then marry them :3 6 years ago +1
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