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    O_O 5 years ago +1
    .... 6 years ago  
    disgusting 6 years ago  
    disgusting 6 years ago  
    disgusting 6 years ago  
    disgusting 6 years ago  
    disgusting 6 years ago  
    disgusting 6 years ago  
    disgusting 6 years ago  
    wouldn't question a answer be a dude a the b answer a girl 6 years ago  
    i dont care 6 years ago  
    3 words... I'm a dude 6 years ago  
    if your on here-I don't mean to insult-but look what page your on so you obviously don't have a social life 6 years ago  
    its going to be legend... wait for it... dary! 6 years ago  
    but lets say you always won wouldn't someone get suspicious 6 years ago  
    not very many hot girls go to the hottest placeon earth 6 years ago  
    ... 6 years ago  
    if you go the future how would you now if it was messed up. in the past you could see what big things happened 6 years ago  
    oops meant pokemon 6 years ago  
    wrong one oops 6 years ago  
    what 6 years ago +13
    that's a compliment 6 years ago  
    beat the crap out of those beiber fans 6 years ago  
    doing what 6 years ago  
    drink a cup a day 6 years ago  
    i refuse to answer because this is a stupid question 6 years ago  
    kill them 6 years ago  
    the real question is, do you want kids or not a burnt up body 6 years ago  
    see what your utmost desire is or change your physical for once 6 years ago  
    but you cant have both 6 years ago  
    assassination 6 years ago  
    Hermione wouldn't outshine you you in every thing you do 6 years ago  
    you don't understand the question. would you rather DIE at sea on a sinking bout/on land in a burning building 6 years ago  
    camera 6 years ago  
    in the event of the zombie apocalypse you just go to the gun store and then go to Alaska or Africa or something. but you could also get one of the completely zombie proofed houses for free. 6 years ago  
    don't you mean 11 year old kids!!! 6 years ago  
    i didn't like them anyway 6 years ago  
    if you stop the holocaust it would alter history too much. But if it wouldn't change history i would vote for it 6 years ago  
    that is a stupid question 6 years ago  
    it is actually 16 percent now 6 years ago  
    if you kill Hitler it could change the future and something really bad that is even worse than Hitler could happen but if you bring people back it wouldn't change the past 6 years ago  
    i didn't like them anyway 6 years ago  
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