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    2020 bruh 2 months ago  
    i just hate governments, dont care if it is Nazi Germany or the current U.S government. 2 months ago  
    or lazyness either 2 months ago  
    I`m against government telling you what to do. I am pro life, but not in favor of banning abortion. 2 months ago  
    WTF, never knew people prefer FDR over Reagan, but to me Reagan is the best U.S president 2 months ago  
    Trump is president now 2 months ago  
    no they`re not, knowledge means knowing stuff, intelligence means you can think on your feet  
    if you win you will be happy, if you lose you will not be sad  
    this is racist and stereotypical  
    i dont like harry potter but here it is being compared of twilight  
    youre stupid  
    if you have a pause button, you can check out hot chicks once or maybe twice, but a rewind button lets you check them out over and over  
    i dont like harry potter, but i hate twilight even more  
    you can rob rich people, be shot in the head and not die  
    you dont choose your true love  
    if i am dead, why would i care if no one shows up?  
    my favorite sitcom  
    i like horror movies  
    whats better than climbing? falling  
    if you kill hitler, all those jews will be saved anyway  
    skyfall by far +1
    big bang +1
    it is telekinesis not psychokinetic  
    screw them  
    ill be an alpha  
    the dinosaur egg came first +1
    luna looks better  
    i am already the funniest person, so i also want to be handsome  
    sometimes, magic is about gambling cheats  
    61% of people on this site are liars  
    i like horror  
    luke can kill harry potter in one round  
    is the lightning made by a particle accelerator  
    teleport when the super strong guy holds you [if he wants to kill] and leave him in space  
    i am a guy  
    that movie is great, wonder why he didnt win an oscar for that  
    or imagine they are girls  
    i have a watermelon  
    i never say please anyway  
    you were a loser in school and college  
    inception is the second best leonardo movie  
    adopt a pet  
    bruce willis  
    i am a guy but i ignore gay people who are attracted to me  
    dont like white anyway  
    conquer, teach, conquer more  
    your mama sucks  
    sh*t!!!! voted for the wrong thing, i read the question as what you would never eat  
    how fast of steady the car is  
    lol justin beaver  
    leo just won an oscar for the revenant  
    your mama is fake  
    i am about 6 foot 4  
    your face would eventually go off the money  
    look at those pice pic A is a beggars house[if he had one]  
    dumb question  
    you can do everything on a computer that you can on a tv and plus playing games  
    spiderman looks cooler and is cooler than superman  
    pro choice  
    i love both but wolves have better senses  
    i could make out what someone is saying,  
    i like LOTR  
    i can have fun blowing up bad gifts  
    cant have both  
    the hunger games has more weapons that are made for close combat  
    too lazy to read  
    climbing it is good but jumping off is something else  
    i like driving  
    i love both  
    no one said i wouldnt be rich , i hve money and want someone hot  
    i will become a cyborg or the winter soldier  
    as long as we have sex  
    but the question is to walk in a jungle with a lion, so you go with it  
    i like being sick, no school  
    the pee will go in the waste anyway so why hold it  
    and not be able to do it  
    get a life  
    i am a guy and that doc is hot so obviously i would go with her  
    you need someone to talk to in the restaurant because you cant just eat and not do anything  
    i love most animals  
    i am always lucky in the 50-50 %  
    when you are paralysed, you think of going in a coma  
    also christmas, next christmas is closer to your death  
    i can still get unlimited movies on sites online  
    what is worse than someone short and ginger? a fat nerd who no one likes  
    cash vs gifts. you can get gifts you like with cash, you dont need a random gift  
    i have many computers so giving up one wouldnt matter so much, althought it is the same with friends  
    yes but the unemployed guy is doing it with a man  
    i think you are high  
    lol, that pic  
    you can have fun killing four people and no one will ever know about it  
    you dont know you will get arrested  
    national anthems are lame, everyone watches nude scenes  
    in the future, there might not be mirrors, we can use phones. shower is faster than bathing if you are in a hurry  
    i like both but natalie more  
    my law is that there are no other laws  
    i would save my crush  
    if i can control my dreams, i can watch them over and over when i sleep. leave a like if you understand what i am saying  
    atleast someones hot  
    i would go high and drive, wheres the fun with the chauffeurs?  
    you can visit other planets, what will you do after discovering the entire earth?  
    both i guess  
    i`ll make the weight of my meat 10 times more so i can be full in one bite  
    play video games, not only minecraft  
    dude everyone wears a coat or something  
    or down where nothing is up  
    i want vodka  
    in which country?  
    pirates are mad, like me  
    i`d be in oceans eleven  
    i have the liberty to kill someone without being justified  
    gandalf is better at everything [except magic]  
    i like starwars more  
    author has the best comment  
    i like dogs, most of the time dogs and fat people are not allowed in an elevator  
    get a life you hopeless failure  
    monkeys can help you in many things, pigs will eat your sh*t  
    like me  
    i can still listen to music  
    i can rule and learn at the same time, even if it is not infiite  
    everyone did that  
    best idea ever!!!!  
    i`d wish for powers or gold and have fun with my life  
    this terminator picture affected my choise.  
    mermaids for me , i wish they grow legs on land  
    you cant afford a sword or guns or training/ i mean who will train you?  
    i am getting myself a jetpack and a plane with one billion dollars  
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