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    Well if I'm there *God* then can I teach them as well, and they'll listen better? Religion lasts longer than most anything- if I teach them to always learn, they're likely to do that. 3 years ago  
    Wait you mean ignorant people AREN'T counted as annoying? 3 years ago  
    You never said I can't sling to that rope like a limpet and not ever stand up, now did you? 3 years ago  
    For people who say "my dream IS true love": Yeah, well the author's note says it isn't, stop trying to worm through a loop-hole that isn't there. 3 years ago  
    Well if I start a religion I don't have to pay taxes for the "church" sooooo~ 3 years ago  
    I know that "all cats are grey in the dark" but... plus I'm bisexual so... 3 years ago  
    Even if I'm paralyzed I could still experience things, read books, talk to people, etc, but in a coma you don't usually even dream your mind is just not working. 3 years ago  
    This is really hard because most of my friends are on the internet, but I guess if I'm allowed to get their information I could still contact them, right? 3 years ago  
    I'm a girl and I chose games. Games take longer and would be more fun- plus some games are choose-your-own-adventure and I won't cringe from stupidity of the main character, I can just go back and make it how I want. Also, I find my family likes watching others play games as well as watching movies. 3 years ago  
    Wait you mean I'm NOT a fat nerd? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS 3 years ago  
    Snow is dangerous to drive in, I like having my mother safe, thanks. Besides we already are having days of rain. 3 years ago  
    Hi grandpa, guess what! They said I can stay with you for a bit! There's this really nice elderly lady down the way that likes to tell me stories; she's very nice! _ OR _ Dear Diary, Logan threatened me and had to be taken away again. I wish he would get better. 3 years ago  
    Would you rather have this perfectly natural, man-made produce that's incredibly rich in nutrition? Or this same produce, but in a different state, with some Lactococcus mixed in to make it solid? 3 years ago  
    Car accidents cause more deaths and debilitating injuries than any War we have today. Terrorism is bad, yes, and it's scary because it's caused intentionally, but it mostly kills people of young age not used to driving and have a lot of experience to gain. You are more likely to die, struck by lightning, than get killed by a terrorist most years (at least in the U.S, I apologize that I can't account for the other countries). 3 years ago  
    The author's comment says you can't use incognito... And honestly, what's wrong with people seeing you go about your daily life? 3 years ago  
    (And you must obviously be the racist, is that right?) It's rude to say that publicly, dude. Say what you want to yourself, but you don't have to loudly proclaim it. 3 years ago  
    But... I already hear music in my head. Doesn't- doesn't everyone? 3 years ago  
    Oh man you made me regret my choice. 3 years ago  
    I hate to say this but, I'm in America, and with over half the population having more than one gun, we'd probably wipe out the zombies to the point where they would need Zombie Preserves made by some activist. 3 years ago  
    That's only ten dollars to each family... 3 years ago  
    I don't WANT to know all the filthy things people think about. I mean- men think about sex at least every seven seconds. Ew. 3 years ago  

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