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    This website is an abomination. And I contributed to that abomination for years. 11 months ago  
    Indoors, air conditioned, possibly WiFi. 11 months ago  
    The latter would have visually fit the part more in the live-action remake of beauty and the beast. 1 year ago  
    I like the taste of A and the texture of B. 1 year ago  
    You know what else is natural? Ebola, cancer, death. People as a whole cannot be 100% bad as we are a natural occurrence. Doesn't make us good, helpful beings either.  
    Meet terrible people, or meet people who don't exist because I'm getting a vasectomy to take away my ability to impregnate women.  
    Anything natural isn't "bad" per say. As the ecosystem has always evolved past them. But bad people aren't exactly natural in that way. Hell, maybe it wipes out the guy who beat solar panels with coal power at that one historic science fair that RUINED THE PLANET! +11
    You can't avoid it. That would be a paradox. If it said "You will die of a car accident." You'll avoid cars right? So lets say you walk to work or school. A drunk driver might swerve into you, killing you. Now if you had kept driving or riding cars, you would not have been in his path, however, the fact that you acted upon this knowledge sealed your fate and led to your demise. Thus a paradox.  
    You can't, it's a paradox.  
    That's a paradox.  
    That's a paradox.  
    You act like you chose the one everyone should've.  
    Yeah, you'll live alright. But the date of your death doesn't take into account if you're going to spend the last 2 years of your life in a hospital bed. Or if every bone of your body will be broken before then. Meaning it's not immortality per say, you may be messed up beyond repair days ahead of time.  
    No you couldn't because that's a paradox. Car wreck? Walk everywhere. Drunk driver smashes you against the pavement.  
    Did they reset the home page?  
    The earths creatures evolve to deal with bad non-living things. They don't for bad people. +1
    I don't even like the consequences of fame in the SIMS, you think I want it irl?  
    B isn't a good life.  
    It better be awesome.  
    My sister has confirmed a knee to the vagina can hurt a lot too...  
    Love how you assume we all live the lap of luxury. What if you've NEVER been to a luxury hotel? What if you don't have it luxurious at home? Also, what if the people who chose B want to camp in the wilderness? And it's not materialism, because tents and hotels are both technologies that people made so they can travel and have a place to sleep for the night! Moron!  
    Knowledge or useless power? Tricky.  
    Spinach is tasty asf. My mouth is watering, thanks a lot.  
    C. Kill myself  
    Well I can when making friends or acquaintances, but if it was my wife I can not. Different religion means different values, some of my values she would hate and some of hers I would hate. Talking to them is one thing. Living with them is another.  
    It'll die the next month anyway fools.  
    Be another race, or DIE. I'll get back to you on that.  
    I hope I'm a handsome 60 year old.  
    Either way I'm screwed.  
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