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    This website is an abomination. And I contributed to that abomination for years. 8 months ago  
    Indoors, air conditioned, possibly WiFi. 8 months ago  
    The latter would have visually fit the part more in the live-action remake of beauty and the beast. 11 months ago  
    I like the taste of A and the texture of B. 1 year ago  
    You know what else is natural? Ebola, cancer, death. People as a whole cannot be 100% bad as we are a natural occurrence. Doesn't make us good, helpful beings either.  
    Meet terrible people, or meet people who don't exist because I'm getting a vasectomy to take away my ability to impregnate women.  
    Anything natural isn't "bad" per say. As the ecosystem has always evolved past them. But bad people aren't exactly natural in that way. Hell, maybe it wipes out the guy who beat solar panels with coal power at that one historic science fair that RUINED THE PLANET! +11
    You can't avoid it. That would be a paradox. If it said "You will die of a car accident." You'll avoid cars right? So lets say you walk to work or school. A drunk driver might swerve into you, killing you. Now if you had kept driving or riding cars, you would not have been in his path, however, the fact that you acted upon this knowledge sealed your fate and led to your demise. Thus a paradox.  
    You can't, it's a paradox.  
    That's a paradox.  
    That's a paradox.  
    You act like you chose the one everyone should've.  
    Yeah, you'll live alright. But the date of your death doesn't take into account if you're going to spend the last 2 years of your life in a hospital bed. Or if every bone of your body will be broken before then. Meaning it's not immortality per say, you may be messed up beyond repair days ahead of time.  
    No you couldn't because that's a paradox. Car wreck? Walk everywhere. Drunk driver smashes you against the pavement.  
    Did they reset the home page?  
    The earths creatures evolve to deal with bad non-living things. They don't for bad people. +1
    I don't even like the consequences of fame in the SIMS, you think I want it irl?  
    B isn't a good life.  
    It better be awesome.  
    My sister has confirmed a knee to the vagina can hurt a lot too...  
    Love how you assume we all live the lap of luxury. What if you've NEVER been to a luxury hotel? What if you don't have it luxurious at home? Also, what if the people who chose B want to camp in the wilderness? And it's not materialism, because tents and hotels are both technologies that people made so they can travel and have a place to sleep for the night! Moron!  
    Knowledge or useless power? Tricky.  
    That was 2 weeks ago. What, you just had to Control F me?  
    I'm not going to stalk you and argue about puppies on all of your comments. Why? Because you deleted the argument we were already having to do this like a jackass.  
    Why not tell me that in the argument we were already having? Oh wait, you deleted it.  
    Did you delete your original post? Asshat.  
    Spinach is tasty asf. My mouth is watering, thanks a lot.  
    Ad for the few people who legit NEED a dog for day to day life, they're irreplaceable by anything other than a dog. Live in fox country and you have chickens? But you can't guard them yourselves? You need a dog. You suck at sheep herding and you have sheep? You need a dog.  
    Give me some scientific evidence that people are more "VALUABLE" than dogs. Other than this stupid "We're people so they're more valuable." BS. Oh wait, you can't. Because that's an opinion! Right.  
    You can home train a dog. It's quite easy once you've done it a few times. Obviously not service dogs, but that's an issue with the ECONOMY. Not the dogs.  
    Species doesn't matter. Your cat would choose your life over another cat. Your dog would choose your life over another dog. A pet pig, who loves you would definitely choose your life over another pig. People are just more open with their specism.  
    That's where your wrong. Originally all breed of house dogs were evolved to do a specific job like helping hunt. Nowadays they're each evolved with a different personality for different families. Honestly. There actually is a stray dog running around my neighborhood. It's nice asf. My 6 year old sister pets it daily. And I've been making long minded comments for a while. Not sure why you're just now coincidentally choosing not to respond to half of them.  
    You're wrong. Dogs like we know them today are 100% here for us. Dogs 300,000 years ago were the wild, predator animals that we decided to befriend. In these 300,000 years some of them have morphed to fit our needs. These dogs are here for us. And if dogs would have turned into "Normal wolves." why would there be so many other canine animals than wolves, descended from the dogs we DID leave alone? Foxes, African Wild dog, Dhole. Honestly I fail to see your logic. Rescued strays tend to make great family pets with some TLC and training! And are definitely trustworthy. Obviously don't take them straight inside and expect friendship, but with time, you can definitely expect this. And animals weren't created to do anything, much like us. We aren't around to do crap either! Just because we do doesn't mean we're here to! "People help the planet and save animal species" is the argument many use. Many animal species would evolve, or not NEED saving if it weren't for us! Dogs wouldn't be in any danger because we wouldn't have domesticated them. Pigs either, as they would still be running around the forest being pigs!  
    You're clearly very biases towards human children. And I'm biased towards dogs because children suck. It's 100% a serious conversation. It's not psychopathic to not be a specist prick who thinks our species of demented apes mean anything more than the rest of the animals on our planet. Me and my sister brought my mom Torment and she'll be more than happy when we finally move the hell out. And my sister, ever since she was born has been TERRIBLE to hang out with, and brings me no comfort. My dog has and I rarely find a time close to my dogs which isn't comforting. BS comparison. BS bias. BS insults. BS facts.  
    That's not how it works. Sometimes dogs hump to assert dominance. If not, why is it that a FEMALE PUPPY not even sexually mature yet, will hump your leg when she gets to a decent size? And yes, dogs were modified to be our companions. If not, the hell would they be around for? They wouldn't. We'd have a bunch of speedy, ripped, demon dogs running around in the wild still killing things and hating us!  
    Babies are torture. There are so many because people WANT them. People think making a family is a necessity to be successful in life. And if you get lucky it's filled with joy. And "A toddler at 2-3 years will have learned more than any dog has ever in history." is BS. Very few of your precious infants will grow up to be Einstein. Most of them will grow up to be complete fools, or working generic jobs. Most dogs will grow up to aid the blind, help veteran soldiers, hunt, or simply bring joy to a family.  
    But hey, you were right about one thing. My values in this situation are PURE numbers.  
    And if I'm to be honest. I don't like babies. This baby you're saving doesn't have ANYTHING in it's big head yet. No goals, no accomplishments, no likes, they don't even know what they are yet! The puppies definitely know, and are already living life, whilst that baby is torturing its parents. Love how you use atheist as an insult despite the fact that the god many pray to loves all of his creations the same.  
    Rationally AND Morally? There are different moral sets and compasses. I don't know who told you that people are objectively more important than other beings, but it just isn't true. Plus, it's straight up unfair. If many people had to choose between their lovely dog and a human stranger, they would choose the human. But if your dog had to choose, one of its own kind vs you, it'll choose you without even considering. "Which in my opinion is completely insane." Because you're a human superiorist. Honestly, if I was 1 person being killed for 100 dogs, I'd be content that 100 lives were saved in my place. Same if those 100 lives were people, or whales! But I would choose the dogs over the whales because if I died, my family would grieve. If 100 dogs died, 100 families would grieve! Dogs aren't made to have sex like most animals. They were brought up and evolved alongside us to be our partners, our companions. Not simple sex machines. I couldn't really call myself an animal lover nowadays though.  
    If the roles were reversed, 100 humans vs 1 Dog, I would choose the people. 100 lives will always go first in 100 v 1 imo. Sorry if you don't agree.  
    People are animals. Its still lives. My wording is correct  
    C. Kill myself  
    Well I can when making friends or acquaintances, but if it was my wife I can not. Different religion means different values, some of my values she would hate and some of hers I would hate. Talking to them is one thing. Living with them is another.  
    It'll die the next month anyway fools.  
    Be another race, or DIE. I'll get back to you on that.  
    I hope I'm a handsome 60 year old.  
    Either way I'm screwed.  
    Babies shouldn't have rights.  
    It's more messed up that you value 100 lives over 1.  
    100 lives is better than 1 stupid ass baby.  
    That's stupid.  
    100 lives vs 1 life you fool.  
    That's messed up.  
    That's messed up.  
    You need to get slapped for taking 100 lives instead of one. +1
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