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I be getting them achievements like a pimp! Jesse sucks nobs!

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    i already done it anyway  
    i already do that  
    Both!! no question  
    I be like rick from walking dead  
    no more traffic b*tches  
    Oh hello rabbit hole +1
    i already experienced both ):  
    maybe a alien finds me and has sex with me and then from then on i would be his f buddy  
    Not a chick sooo. haha  
    I like to eat friends what can i say?  
    NO NO NO AND NO!  
    Damn my dyslexia! thought it SAID STANFORD  
    kill them and eat them  
    i have plenty of jeans  
    i play outside in minecraft  
    I am a truthful son of a bioch  
    giggty giggty  
    it wouldn't be the first oh god who am i  
    Deep throat  
    Straight up juggalo  
    just dont look and eat  
    I will bust that chick +1
    I used to eat a vomit milkshake but then i took a arrow to the knee i am bringing it back  
    Holy **** its zombie Megan Fox  
    flap flap what  
    I am a vampire i do this all the time just blood  
    just dont look down  
    I like both lol +1
    school= getting a job later on in life  
    They just turn brown and die or make your house on fire +7
    aww +1
    haha may i take your order +1
    cry bioch cry +7
    magnetoe +1
    Fear is the path to the darkside +24
    Deal or no Deal +3
    80s what the shizzz +1
    Fired and get a better job but get fired with style +1
    I have been victimized by Regina George +1023
    I want to relive a 127 hours +2
    Cheap knock off Sierra Mist more like Sierra pissed +6
    Spay and nutter your pets today! +1
    The force is strong with this comment +1328
    Spider-man will bust a kryptonite right up his asss +3
    Brad +2
    Just one bullet what can happen? +1
    Penguin named rico +392
    Compared to the pics idk +1
    Tattoos for teh win +1
    Small fat ratts +1
    I shall call my hair stylist The Zohan +1
    EPIC FAIL IS FAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1
    Um no emma please +1
    Time to get my Assassin moves going +3
    Have a room all to my self with free wifi :) fap fap fap +3
    Badbabab Im rubbing it ;) +2
    oh shiver me nipples +1
    yo ho ho and a pile of who gives a **** +1
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