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I be getting them achievements like a pimp! Jesse sucks nobs!

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get ready timmy :) 5 years ago  
mmmm i want to eat more 5 years ago +4
SEX DOLL all the way 5 years ago  
i already done it anyway 5 years ago  
I always had a thing for elephants 5 years ago +1
screw everyone else 5 years ago +1
just kill yourself and then party all night woohooo! 5 years ago  
:) 5 years ago  
i already do :D 5 years ago  
Trick Question Chuck Norris 5 years ago +2
it would be a honor 5 years ago +1
grape soda? 5 years ago  
looks like my girlfriend on her period 5 years ago +4
ill join in 5 years ago  
I am 5 bichezzz 5 years ago  
i have this all the time 5 years ago  
that was my nickname in middleschool 5 years ago  
walking in the club like what up 5 years ago +3
i already do that 5 years ago  
this is racial... 5 years ago +1
safety first nigha 5 years ago  
I want my mom to be proud of me... 5 years ago  
who the hell 5 years ago  
Both!! no question 5 years ago  
the only way this is gonna be funny is if your high like a kite 5 years ago +1
I be like rick from walking dead 5 years ago  
no more traffic b*tches 5 years ago  
Oh hello rabbit hole 5 years ago +1
i already experienced both ): 5 years ago  
maybe a alien finds me and has sex with me and then from then on i would be his f buddy 5 years ago  
Not a chick sooo. haha 5 years ago  
I like to eat friends what can i say? 5 years ago  
NO NO NO AND NO! 5 years ago  
Thats a chick!!!!!???? 5 years ago  
Damn my dyslexia! thought it SAID STANFORD 5 years ago  
kill them and eat them 5 years ago  
i have plenty of jeans 5 years ago  
i play outside in minecraft 5 years ago  
SORRY MOM AND DAD 5 years ago  
YOLO 5 years ago  
YOLO 5 years ago  
I use the flashlight all day. wait what flashlight we talking about 5 years ago  
GOD! 5 years ago  
Who the **** are you 5 years ago +3
Still a better love story than Twilight. 5 years ago +6
As the joker would say "Here's my card" 5 years ago  
you guys are stupid 5 years ago  
Joey Graceffa! 5 years ago +2
Well thanks for such a nice comment. Coming from the guy named pickleman. What happen queer leave your straightness in the jar. 5 years ago  
Well this is awkward.... 5 years ago  
my mouth is gonna be so soapy 5 years ago  
Screw you gaylords 5 years ago  
Jokes on you I don't have a best friend! haha 5 years ago  
You know that bacon is unhealthy when the healthier choice is a donut. 5 years ago +1
october 31 5 years ago +1
There is something called paper and pen 5 years ago +2
Scary movie was awful 5 years ago  
Looks just like home! :) 5 years ago +1
Did I smell bacon? 5 years ago +1
The most truthful website ever! 5 years ago  
You guys just dont know a classic 5 years ago +1
did i hear bacon 5 years ago +4
Why would i want to meet that guy 5 years ago +1
I do it look at those jugs 5 years ago +1
I rape the sh*t out of both anyway 5 years ago +1
O.J. Simpson is my favorite serial killer! 5 years ago +4
I still do her :) 5 years ago +1
getting head from a werewolf would give me a fuzzy feeling in my nutsack 6 years ago +1
I am a truthful son of a bioch 6 years ago  
giggty giggty 6 years ago  
it wouldn't be the first oh god who am i 6 years ago  
Deep throat 6 years ago  
Straight up juggalo 6 years ago  
BOOM 6 years ago  
just dont look and eat 6 years ago  
I will bust that chick 6 years ago +1
I used to eat a vomit milkshake but then i took a arrow to the knee i am bringing it back 6 years ago  
I can cheat death as many times as i want but as long as i kill someone i get there life so i will live 6 years ago  
Umm i guess people will be upset' 6 years ago  
Troll 6 years ago  
Holy **** its zombie Megan Fox 6 years ago  
I mean what can you do i love me some milk 6 years ago  
Where going to need another toilet 6 years ago  
flap flap what 6 years ago  
Just turn her back 6 years ago  
I am a vampire i do this all the time just blood 6 years ago  
just dont look down 6 years ago  
I like both lol 6 years ago +1
school= getting a job later on in life 6 years ago  
I would kill Megan Fox leave her in my freezer and when i am married to Bar Rafaeli and would use Megan as my sex doll ;) 6 years ago +4
They just turn brown and die or make your house on fire 6 years ago +7
aww 6 years ago +1
I would love to meet you 6 years ago +1
haha may i take your order 6 years ago +1
cry bioch cry 6 years ago +7
magnetoe 6 years ago +1
Make it about a love story between JBRJBR and Shyanna no twerking unless its on my dike you know 6 years ago +1
Fear is the path to the darkside 6 years ago +24
Deal or no Deal 6 years ago +3
80s what the shizzz 6 years ago +1
Fired and get a better job but get fired with style 6 years ago +1
I have been victimized by Regina George 6 years ago +990
Harry pothead 6 years ago +4
I have this covered diamond where are you? 6 years ago +1
Life doesn't give you lemons life gives you grenades and then you explode 6 years ago +4
A Iphone is like a cell phoen 6 years ago +1
Ms. Pacman :) 6 years ago +3
I want to relive a 127 hours 6 years ago +2
Cheap knock off Sierra Mist more like Sierra pissed 6 years ago +6
Spay and nutter your pets today! 6 years ago +1
The force is strong with this comment 6 years ago +1303
I gave him a traditional African name OJ 6 years ago +3
Spider-man will bust a kryptonite right up his asss 6 years ago +3
Black ops 2025 bioch 6 years ago +29
just not answering 6 years ago +12
Happy wheels i fell so bad for little timmy :( 6 years ago +54
Brad 6 years ago +2
Just one bullet what can happen? 6 years ago +1
Penguin named rico 6 years ago +392
Compared to the pics idk 6 years ago +1
Tattoos for teh win 6 years ago +1
Small fat ratts 6 years ago +1
I shall call my hair stylist The Zohan 6 years ago +1
EPIC FAIL IS FAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago +1
Um no emma please 6 years ago +1
I have a SuperPower to bring them back hell yea 6 years ago +1
Time to get my Assassin moves going 6 years ago +3
i mean go back in time and do alfred wait no 6 years ago +1
and robin 6 years ago +1
and bat girl 6 years ago +1
and poison ivy 6 years ago +1
I would do it with cat woman 6 years ago +1
Have a room all to my self with free wifi :) fap fap fap 6 years ago +3
old hell yea 6 years ago +1
Badbabab Im rubbing it ;) 6 years ago +2
oh shiver me nipples 6 years ago +1
yo ho ho and a pile of who gives a **** 6 years ago +1
;) 6 years ago +1
I would go back to the future and do my future adult daughter 6 years ago +4
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