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Wrestling series.... Fireman Carry or T-Bar Lift 5 years ago 110 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Wrestling series part 3(double leg won again) Shoot a double leg or fireman carry 5 years ago 72 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Wrestling Moves.....Would you rather Take a shot or Sprawl 5 years ago 76 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Wrestling series part 2(double leg won against single leg) shoot a double leg or Shoot a high crotch 5 years ago 74 votes 3 comments 0 likes
(For Wrestlers/MMA)Im making a wrestling series to get feedback....Would you rather perform A Single Leg Takedown or A Double Leg Takedown 5 years ago 83 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat rice or potatoes 5 years ago 160 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather do maths or humanities 5 years ago 127 votes 27 comments 0 likes

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U dont have to care nearly as much 4 years ago  
momentum is integral of force with respect to time...ez 4 years ago  
I can drown in vijayjay 4 years ago  
Im a colored male......nothing good comes from this 4 years ago +2
without car accidents, cars will not need insurance or bumpers, two vital systems in the economic market 4 years ago +1
ebola is out of my country....cancer isn't 4 years ago  
Marriage is a church sanctioned activity, and church should act like a private business. Supreme Court should legalize same-sex civil unions, completely separate of all church. 4 years ago  
The amount of people voting A makes me pissed 4 years ago +2
If they had a good personality, yes. But the only thing stated was that they were hot. so she gave that up 4 years ago  
costs less money 4 years ago +2
Huh. Thats an interesting theory 4 years ago +1
But I guess if u eat enough of them, u will get enough 4 years ago  
All these comments about how crime would increase are assuming one key controversial fact: That people in there state of nature lean towards chaos. People do what will be most stable, best interested thing for them, causing them to try not to do crime. 4 years ago +1
berries have protein in it 4 years ago  
source plz 4 years ago  
way more of a theoretical return 4 years ago  
But we do, but it is "netted" out, by our mass, rotational velocity, and elliptical orbit. now the force of gravity is approximately 6.67 x 10^-11 m1m2/r^2. such movement of a collision, will bounce our elliptical foci enough to change our orbit 4 years ago  
easier to become nice, than to become pretty 5 years ago  
but we will in fact. The earth will slowly get a change in its orbit 5 years ago  
no, but when you are given that money, it is a concrete thing given to you. finding love with a girl can be taken away as easily as it happened 5 years ago  
where they can spill any other secrets they have 5 years ago +1
hookups. 5 years ago  
but even a newton difference, will change equilibrium 5 years ago  
Although germany would probably try and continue making aryan race, we would have major advances in tech, and maybe a rebellion can happen. The USA would be f**ked if we lost 5 years ago  
bullsh*t 5 years ago +2
the centripetal acceleration of many things, earth , solar system, our branch of the milky way, will be changed by the new weights, causing either huge increase or decrease in the velocity, with respect to equal radius 5 years ago  
How do u think the gravity dips of converging galaxies would be? would delta be 0 or more? as calculated, even about e times 10^-37 amount of change in the polarized gravity dips, we would die 5 years ago  
we would f*cking die because of a multitude of stuff happening like gravity dips, whip interaction theorems, supernova blasts 5 years ago  
facebook ,, pornhub 5 years ago  
thats one way bro.....Some supergiant stars are ready to explode at any moment into a pulsar, or they may already have, and the energy wave("sound") or light has not reached us yet 5 years ago  
just dont eat like a hippopotamus every day for girls, and have good hygiene....guys have to build muscle which requires workout and strict diet. guys also need to hygiene....I would say guys a little harder 5 years ago  
infinity is undefined....infinity/infinity is not 1, but undefined 5 years ago  
chronicRose dont listen to him....they are sexy so long as your not unnatural muscular 5 years ago +1
what you don't know can in fact hurt you, because knowing is half the battle 5 years ago  
once again....assume all hard-coded theories in your head are wrong, unless its a law 5 years ago  
dude ur retarded....evolution is a theory, not taken into postulate or law yet. Creationism was just a point.... and a deity with those 4 qualities seems impossible based on other theories, not taken into law yet.... 5 years ago +1
she can control the temperature of her pocket region 5 years ago  
u r litterally y i think everyone is a d*****bag that cant be trusted 5 years ago  
WELL THEN.....cancer is a spontaneous mutation in a cell in which it starts having a parasitic association with the human body, using previously restricted enzymes to regrow and where the hell is money and food involved? 5 years ago  
As a science interested teen, I can say that all theories, until proven impossible, must be counted for....for that sake creationism, may even be possible. Most likely not, but it could be 5 years ago +1
100% immunity means platelets will make clots at infinite velocity....instant clotting is basically indestructibility 5 years ago  
terrible soldiers can be fine under great leadership...military kid here, and honestly say great soldiers without leadership aint worth sh*t, hence the bravery behind enemy lines medal is such an honor 5 years ago  
Is ur glass half full or half empty? 5 years ago  
Well obv not, but brvemon was glorifying a different lineared scale degree 5 years ago  
No man whats/whos jameson? msg me pprivately 5 years ago  
OMG!!! danielr3 Im from potomac!! 5 years ago  
It would be easier for diplomatic solution to get them back, or the war to fight it would be much easier with the vantage points of michigan and florida as main hubs, Intelligence offices in great lake territories, combined with technology of the west coast. 5 years ago  
guys will be so much easier to take care of, cause i can honestly say we don't care as much emotionally about every little detail 5 years ago +1
sigh....but for astrophysics, the convention and standardized temperature is kelvin, which is celsius scale -273.2, which makes negligible difference dealing with these hot stop trying to glorify the american unit. 5 years ago  
amen brother...also curtain call is second best 5 years ago  
super speed is high velocity...teleportation is infinite physics equations, super speed is super high power....teleportation is infinite power 5 years ago +1
ayyy dis guy nailed the ball and chain tilt 5 years ago  
No......Forces are balanced, meaning net force of zero, so its staying in whatever state of motion, whether still or moving. 5 years ago  
boom pow mockinjay cunt 5 years ago  
while sleep walking.... 5 years ago  
Obv yeah which is why I chose the moon lol 5 years ago  
Not necessarily...The moon does more than we think. It helps block some debris from collision with earth, it helps block electromagnetic radiation, it allows evolution of oceanic species, and so much more I don't know off top of my head 5 years ago  
13 5 years ago  
*In Mr. DuBois's from boondocks voice* What kind of f***ed up question is that? 5 years ago  
A sexual organ is anything used in the reproduction of a baby...Babies need the mammary glands to give milk to them. mammary glands are in titties. 5 years ago +2
Can I walk around with my penis hanging out? no sexual organs are indecent exposure... 5 years ago +3
his palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy... 5 years ago +2
Sorry not right now, but i can probably learn. can u tell me the system? 5 years ago  
no, the world wouldn't be rich......if everyone is rich, then no one is rich. But anyway, there are job openings existent, there are unemployed existent....why has this problem not sorted itself out yet? Because the poor do not wanna do work too "menial" for them? 5 years ago  
well I'm sure they will be so happily married when we lose a first world country status... 5 years ago  
I may sound assholish right here, but now is not the best time, if they stay separated, the government can take more money per the USA, we need tax money to compensate entitlements and other tax sponsored facilities 5 years ago  
I can code. Java, C++, and G. 5 years ago +1
He won't rape you....if u find a girl sleeping on the ground, do you rape her? I didn't think so.... 5 years ago  
Then why is it that at least some people in poverty can work hard enough to get out of their situation? where they just lucky at that point and how? 5 years ago  
what I'm saying may sound a bit extremist, but its that instead of killing myself, who worked damn hard in school, college, etc. to make myself a living, and at least here in america, they may not have had an equal opportunity as me, but they had at least some of an opportunity to work their ass off, and make a decent life for their children, or loved ones. 5 years ago +2
I worked hard for my money....they didn't. I don't deserve dying 5 years ago +3
finally someone who's not a retard saying "its genetic".... 5 years ago  
Hardest decision of my life.......... 5 years ago +2
wtf....A is hot too...just flat af 5 years ago  
the question is asking which is worse 5 years ago  
B is just common sense 5 years ago +1
when someone stabs me, my blood will heal myself 5 years ago  
my nig....chose the same 5 years ago +1
kiss every girl before sex......just to be sure 5 years ago +5
ariana tho 5 years ago +4
69 percent right now...coincidence? 5 years ago +5
bro wrestling is only gay if u make it gay....if u pin the sh*t out of someone its straight.......if u grab his balls while doing it, its homo 5 years ago  
2 girls 1 cup 5 years ago  
getting laid..... 5 years ago +1
wrong one 5 years ago  
If we invaded by island hopping, 1 million USA troops in change would be killed. The dropped atomic bombs dropped including radiation killed 500,000 Japanese people......I think since less lives killed, it is justified 5 years ago +2
wrong one.... 5 years ago  
crap wrong one 5 years ago +1
same thing 5 years ago +1
blue mountain state...getting laid 5 years ago  
so I have a country with 1.6 billlion people, hypothetically. another country is 30 million. We each get totally equal say, and thus 30 m have same power and authority as 1.6 b people. Sounds unfair doesnt it? that "fairness" example is just tyranny of the minority..... 5 years ago  
B is just vodka tho.... 5 years ago  
"nothings wrong honey" 5 years ago +9
we all know what we would do if we froze time during class....bang the hot chicks look up the test answers 5 years ago  
nuclear fusion invented? 5 years ago +1
wrong one... 5 years ago  
power is the ability to make others do what u want....authority is the degree of how right it is to use it 5 years ago +2
Are files a part of a USB drive? 5 years ago +7
wrong one 5 years ago  
thats its penis.... 5 years ago  
sh*t wrong one 5 years ago +1
wrong one 5 years ago  
wrong one 5 years ago  
zombies can already outrun u, at least if they are the infected 5 years ago  
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