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girls, it don't matter that shark is gonna tear some sh*t no matter what gender you are 5 years ago  
lesbian sex is kinkey 5 years ago  
you could fall on the fixed blade and stab yourself 5 years ago  
exzactly 5 years ago  
they are both gay 5 years ago  
Ba-dum-tsss 5 years ago  
all i use water for is to flush my toilet, but i could just dig several holes and crap in there 5 years ago  
I liketo poop 5 years ago +4
Air sex 5 years ago  
I like ketchup, and McDonalds so its a match made in heven 5 years ago  
yes, and that is good 5 years ago  
so 5 years ago  
theres somthing wrong with you 5 years ago +5
death is awsome 5 years ago  
why do idiots do this 5 years ago +3
but that one is 5 years ago +2
meow 5 years ago +1
idiots, idiots are everywhere 5 years ago  
doesn't matter had sex 5 years ago +6
might eat it though 5 years ago  
some people are idiots 5 years ago  
i would just walk away from the buttons, who would kill there family/friends on purpose. pretty sure thats murder 5 years ago +2
Doesn't matter had sex 5 years ago +30
you are not batman, you are robin. im batman 5 years ago  
she looks like a man lol 5 years ago  
no, you wont get sick or anything. just be cold 5 years ago  
i never care 5 years ago  
racies 5 years ago  
yea, feel the same way 5 years ago  
ok then 5 years ago  
you can't make a fake on of yourself. its you and nothen else 5 years ago  
huh 5 years ago  
and that my friends, is pretty awsome 5 years ago  
fact 5 years ago  
rain is better 5 years ago  
that movie was kinda stupid 5 years ago  
whats a parody? 5 years ago  
he could also put it on youtube where everybody in the world can see it 5 years ago +1
you cant wash them, you must eat them right after he's off work 5 years ago  
they might 5 years ago  
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