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Hello guys. Long time no see. The name's Danielle. Mommy, wife, Floridian. My life consists of Switchfoot concerts (and other concerts here and there), church, family, friends, and music, lots of music. At the time of this update, I am 28, have a 2 y/o son, a 8 y/o son year old son, and have been married for 8 years. I pray God blesses everyone who reads this. Profile picture is of a democorgan - a very rare kind of doggo from the pupside down ~Life is short, live it well~ UPDATED: December 25, 2019 (it’s been two years since I was last on!)

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Is your age between one of these? What is your age? 10-30 or 31-50 23,878 votes 275 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Tobuscus or Pewdiepie 18,358 votes 378 comments 0 likes

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I’ve just come back after quite a few years away and it’s unfortunately not thriving as I’d hoped it would be. 3 months ago  
1. Peace on Earth. 2. No more homeless people. 3. No more hungry families. 4. People have more faith. 5. I get to go to all of the Switchfoot/Jon Foreman concerts I want with travel, lodge, venues and food completely free and if I decide not to go to one, I can give the ability for that particular concert to a friend who can't afford to go but would love to. 6. My dream house. 7. My kids get into the colleges/universities of their dreams free of charge. 8. I can play the piano beautifully. 9. My whole family always be in great health. 10. I have the ability to help any person in any situation, ever. Those are my ten wishes.  
Jon Foreman!  
I'm 24. -_-  
No it is. I was referring to that person  
Yeah, definitely. I don't think most people on this site know what qualifies as home page material  
Because it's a good question... Why do people diss EVERY SINGLE homepage question?  
Eh, he used to be. Then that Snapchat update came out, and he wouldn't stop with the rainbow mouth, so I unsubscribed from all of his social media except for YouTube, and even then I don't watch him anymore.  
No need to be a d!ck. Also, alexw why can't I call someone a d!ck without using an exclamation mark, but people can say fag?  
Freaking butthurt comments smh. Congratulations on homepage +4
I want a Republican president, but this nation is more Democratic than it is Republican  
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