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    im not christian, so idc  
    be famous as F*ck for doing that (oh yea, THAT PICTURE THOUGH)  
    im not 21 yet, so, i cant  
    other guy looks creepy as f*ck  
    *tries not to laugh*  
    both suck  
    jump out  
    look cool, be awesome and have sweet moves>smell, never brush teeth and have a chance to die at sea  
    anything to not listen to baby  
    I'm done *smashes computer*  
    turn a toy car into, well, a car and lift it and people be like, "THAT GIRL IS A F*CKING G-D!"  
    I just use my computer and eat  
    cousins with superfan  
    If I had to listen to baby for 1 second, my ears would bleed  
    we have both in Massachusetts, but I had to choose  
    one of my dreams is to be perfectly healthy with no chance of instant death OHHHHHHHHHHHH  
    both have rabies  
    i've seen 500  
    already a music genius (my nickname in elementary school)  
    hi, I have the power to kill you by snapping my fingers and I can cast a spell on myself giving me NINJA POWERS! THERE, GOT BOTH  
    there, my parents are back together  
    Buy all my wishes  
    killed more people, and i'm jewish  
    I AM A F*CKING CHILD (actually, im 12, so...)  
    "Luke, I am your father."  
    YOLO=More retarted than Peter Griffin & Chris Griffin combined times 100000000 with Justin Beiber on top and every bad movie and that one kid at my middle school who cant do 8 X 8  
    those who chose B are retarted (no offense)  
    pays better  
    i'm litterally a giant, nice to be a normal height. Besides, still a kid, still growing.  
    at least I wont get tackled by fangirls/boys  
    I'm doing that right now, i'll do it again  
    Your the idiot (no offense)  
    both would be miserble too loose  
    not answering  
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