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at least if you lose at russian roulette its painless and quick, if its frogger you have to deal with the pain 4 years ago  
i play hockey and i like to swim so a would be a bit of a problem 4 years ago  
it says can, not will, so if you do nothing, it wont do nothing, it will probably kill you with previously learned moves 4 years ago  
pokemon would, in realistic terms, kill you 4 years ago +1
and fall is different than base jump 4 years ago  
drown usually means death though 4 years ago  
fletcher is classy 4 years ago  
gerald is a jerk 4 years ago  
depends on which generation of spongebob 4 years ago  
cars had a better ending than happy happy yay, it was kindof a twist 4 years ago  
theres surgery for that stuff 4 years ago  
i hate jeans, dont wear em anyways 4 years ago  
i would shatter a window with a spoon, snakes cant slither on glass, especially if its broken 4 years ago  
If no one shows up to your wedding how will you get married 4 years ago  
You realize that britain canada and france fought alongside the U.S. in the war right 5 years ago  
a zombie apocalypse would be generally good for the environment and cut down on animals being killed and gas emissions with the lack of humans but world war III would just destroy everything 5 years ago  
i would own hogwarts because after all, WHO IS MORE POWERFUL THAN A HIGHSCHOOL PRINCIPAAALLL!!! 5 years ago +1
I wouldnt kill the governor with a bullet, it would be a sword to the chest then i would twist it and pull towards the side 5 years ago  
sheesh you must be a real treat to be around 5 years ago  
It means having bad dreams, not waking up from them 5 years ago  
WOOT WOOT 5 years ago  
it would save waste by recycling old materials 5 years ago  
haaaaa, america with football and baseball 5 years ago  
Wow, thats extremely offensive and sexist 5 years ago  
WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE 5 years ago  
colorblind biach 5 years ago +1
Louis looks like some wierd homeless person now 5 years ago  
Guests would have limited knowledge thats most likely confined to the homepage 5 years ago  
I feel like its wrong that im laughing 5 years ago  
Thats because neither of them are fun 5 years ago  
Nope germany crushed brazil 5 years ago  
I would be the life of the party 5 years ago  
Australia just for the ocean, I love snorkeling and scuba diving 5 years ago  
The car from the MCR Danger Days videos 5 years ago  
I want carol and tyreese to come in and shoot everyone up and they leave and beth comes back to terminus and EVERYONES DEAD 5 years ago  
Wjo the hell are these people 5 years ago +1
The guy in the picture for the American is an Asian 5 years ago +3
Neither they both suck, and cue the flak 5 years ago +1

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