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    never watch any of them  
    Or religious nuts  
    I don't brush my teeth..... I need to start doing that.  
    What you remember is what makes you who you are.  
    F**king hate Girly girls, I have great respect for tomboys.  
    I'll love to be in an relation ship with a working emotional sex robot. +1
    Rather be able to prepare... wait. If i had a girl, i'll just raise them as a boy anyway.  
    I'm already that  
    I would try to kill the president if you pot me on a plane with him.  
    For my lord Satan  
    Marijuana is the cleanest drug around. +1
    no, there not  
    you guys do understand that you would have to work for it, right?  
    I can live without people  
    Rather have no gov then be goved by Nazi sh*ts +1
    at least she is less likely to kill herself.  
    how about non  
    less insects  
    I'm good with any kind of vampire, as long as I don't age and get to live for ever..... please don't sparkle.  
    Wow, a gambling game, will... I don't gamble... unless it's the stock market.  
    There both sh*t  
    Who is William and Kate  
    I don't need to be smart. I can pay people to do that for me.  
    Will, at least i can find a girlfriend that way.  
    I can do things with wealth, fame is just annoying. +1
    PC MASTER RACE, nothing can compete to a mouse's accuracy.  
    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? Do you even understand the power you could have with your own religion. Time to extort and central the world.  
    Obama maybe a sold out f**k, but at lest it not... whos Kadafi?  
    rather save the world then some puppys  
    I could do so much with some extra hours.  
    Get your own money you little b*tch  
    I like Gangnam style so ya  
    I never see my friends so......  
    I'll just eat them, turn them into jerky.  
    Outside? In real life? That game is boring!!!  
    The opposite of Liberty is slavery +1
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