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Are you under 21 or Over 21 5 years ago 303 votes 22 comments 0 likes

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My droid x looks nothing like a iphone or a blackberry 5 years ago  
i dont think games can be scum although people can be but games no 5 years ago  
my phone has a gps built in so id get it back 5 years ago  
not if you buy A GOOD android not the cheap lg crap 5 years ago  
im an android man but id take an iphone over a blackberry anyday 5 years ago  
androids and iphone came out at the same time (2007) just saying 5 years ago  
i am a VAMPIRE get over it. 5 years ago  
your magic white rabbit has left its writing on the wall we follow like Alice and keep diving down your hole. 5 years ago +1
neither are over rated but you used to hear about greenday more because slipknot isnt typical style rock 5 years ago +1
inception is lucid dreaming and people can do that 5 years ago  
i shale die an old western style death 5 years ago +2
MONEY 5 years ago  
neither ANDROID 4 LIFE 5 years ago  
i hate them both 5 years ago  
imagine the look on your mothers face for choice 2 5 years ago  
jokes on you i don't have a significant other.... i hate my life. 5 years ago  
a world without apple would be a better place 5 years ago  
i was going to vote but there was 999 and i didnt want to ruin the fun. 5 years ago +1
need to start paying more attention to the pictures... 5 years ago +147
you can get a virus on a mac too it just not as often im not trying to be mean but it is a common misconception. 5 years ago  
usually im all for living forever but for this case ill make an exception. 5 years ago  
choice a is how my finals are! 5 years ago +1
im a guy but ill answer anyway 5 years ago +8
FUNNY JUNK!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
im a vampire so... 5 years ago  
its better to play and lose then to never play at all 5 years ago +2
PEPSI FTW 5 years ago  
Israel was set up from Palestine because of religious differences if they were put back together they would still fight because they hate each others religions. 5 years ago  
i DO NOT want to bleed from my junk so ill stay a man 5 years ago  
mlg life 5 years ago  
i enjoy dreams to much for a 5 years ago  
this one kinda doesnt work if your 30 5 years ago  
me to :D 5 years ago  
wasnt around in the 80s so i had to skip 5 years ago  
what exactly does this have to do with this question? 5 years ago  
the question is what would you do for your family 5 years ago  
i want to be a chef so... 5 years ago  
I WILL RULE YOU ALL!!!! 5 years ago  
actually in my studies you could get communism to work if you don't repress your people communism is an economic system not a government type you could be a communist democracy. 5 years ago  
in politics EVERYONE LIES Romney just got caught doing it more often then not. 5 years ago  
macs are WAY over glorified and extremely expensive. 5 years ago  
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