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doctor pepper is life. doctor pepper is love

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Would you rather go a day without drinking dr.pepper or drink a glass of pepsi 5 years ago 144 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Now whats cooler than being cool? ICE COLD or FRESH 6 years ago 239 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which soda tastes more fresh can or bottle 6 years ago 236 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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But what could I possibly talk about, aside from the wonderful deals on dr.pepper related merchandise that are currently out right now 4 years ago +2
I still dont know what an alt is but okay 4 years ago +2
My life devoted solely to the glory that is dr.pepper. I recommend you do so as well 4 years ago +2
I have no idea as to what you're talking about. whats an alt, and can I drink it? 4 years ago +3
I wont play pokemon until nintendo accepts by request to either add a dr.pepper based pokemon or make a new pokemon type based specifically around soda. It's not worth playing otherwise. 4 years ago +4
You're still not chill enough. I would recommend solving this by drinking a refreshing and equally chill drink, such as dr.pepper 4 years ago +2
I have an obsessive compulsion for the fresh, delicious taste of a cold dr.pepper, which is available in stores near you 4 years ago +4
There are no drinks in space. This pope is a fraud 4 years ago +2
Soda money 4 years ago +1
France had dr.pepper 4 years ago +1
Someone needs to chill 4 years ago +4
I would let her have a sip from my soda bottle 4 years ago +1
as long as we still have dr.pepper, im fine with whatever changes that happen in this new world 4 years ago  
Who needs a soul when you have the fresh, delicious taste of a cold dr.pepper 4 years ago +6
vampires dont exist 4 years ago +1
All I want is a city where people are free to drink what they want as long as it isnt pepsi 4 years ago +2
I would never cheat on my soda brand 4 years ago +2
Mario games seem more close to modern society with its technology and modern society has dr.pepper. mario's color scheme also reminds me of my favorite drink 4 years ago  
It looks like the baby needs its bottle. Bottle of soda that is 4 years ago  
Just drink it down with some soda 4 years ago  
The PC is still infinatley better. how else am I supposed to emulate my dr.pepper mario ROM hacks 4 years ago  
I want an insurance policy placed on my drinks 4 years ago +1
We need less spaghetti and more soda 4 years ago +3
Go choke yourself on a pepsi you tasteless fool 4 years ago +1
they both suck horribly. The only time I have ever even seen someone speak anything good towards A was for the music video, and thats not making it good music, its just softcore porn 4 years ago +3
America has more dr.pepper support, obviously making it a more superior nation than any other 4 years ago +4
This should come as an easy choice to most people 4 years ago +2
Its more liquidous 4 years ago +3
Neither, they both existed in a time frame at which dr.pepper didnt exist 4 years ago +2
2/10 not enough dr.pepper promotion and advertisement 4 years ago +1
I saw that on an episode of urban legends once 4 years ago  
I dont need good food 4 years ago  
He must have mistaken the water for the cool, delicious taste of dr.pepper, now availible in a store near you 4 years ago +3
The only good part of that movie was when I snuck 3 liters of dr.pepper into the theatre 4 years ago  
Its impossible to do B, so long as you have a good drink by your side 4 years ago  
Dr.pepper is a form of culture as well as a way of life 4 years ago +3
Just drink it down with the cool, refreshing taste of dr.pepper 4 years ago  
Whats your favorite drink 4 years ago  
^.. 4 years ago  
I dont eat, I drink 4 years ago  
Shopping for soda 4 years ago +3
I was always here man. I just needed to stop and get a drink 4 years ago  
save your money for useful things, like soda 4 years ago +9
that show is wonderful I dont get how anyone hates it. damn pepsi drinkers being unsatisfied and needing to complain about everything to ruin it for everyone else 4 years ago +5
I feel depressed whenever I dont have my soda 4 years ago +7
I dont feel alienated, but I do feel nostalgia 4 years ago +4
Thats the good thing about A 4 years ago +5
If they were for actually important programs and businesses, such as dr.pepper, then they would be 4 years ago +5
Dr.pepper land. it sounds so fresh 4 years ago +8
I can test and and prove my theories on the added health benifits of performing dental hygenics with dr.pepper 4 years ago +5
My brain cells have only advanced beyond comparison the moment I devoted my life to the sweet embrace of dr.pepper 5 years ago +1
indie games dont have any specific theme or gameplay mechanic, and they're also very innovative and stray the basic blandness that is triple A. No need to generalize unfamiliar and new things here. 5 years ago  
I can live knowing I have the most happy of lives so long as I have a bottle of dr.pepper by my side 5 years ago +3
neither 5 years ago +2
I dont ever poop anyway its gross that people do. This is a result of the fact that I dont ever eat. I only drink the rich, refreshing taste of dr.pepper and the nourishment from the drink provides me with enough energy to do any and all activities needed, thus making hunger irrelevant. 5 years ago +12
I nearly spit out my drink over how humorous this was. nearly 5 years ago  
I can freeze my drinks 5 years ago  
Websites need ads to get their money so they can have a website. It doesnt hurt you to look at them Especially when their dr.pepper ads. 5 years ago  
Im perfectly fine with what they do. As long as it doesnt involve marriage to horrible degenerate pepsi drinkers so those people can stay away and not defile dr.pepper drinkers. Pespi drinkers should burn in soda hell. 5 years ago +2
ill just drink away the pain 5 years ago +1
Can it be an ocean of soda? 5 years ago +1
If drinking the great cool taste of dr.pepper is a crime, then I must be a terrorist 5 years ago +1
I can spend more time on the official dr.pepper website 5 years ago +1
ill just wash it off with the sweet smelling odor of dr.pepper 5 years ago  
the world would benefit greatly from soda powered energy 5 years ago +2
pibb is a poser drink. Its the second worst drink I can think of 5 years ago +2
indeed 5 years ago  
ill shower myself in a cold drink 5 years ago  
frog legs are delicious 5 years ago  
drink it down with some soda. probably taste like chicken, but with soda 5 years ago +5
i love shrimp. but not as much as i love a cool glass of dr.pepper 5 years ago +5
i need to wake up early everyday so i get to be the first person to show up in the stores 5 years ago +1
my blood is filled with nothing but soda. pepper courses through my veins 5 years ago +1
dude just chill down. why dont we settle this over a drink? 5 years ago +2
why cant the person who made this just support his own opinion as well? 5 years ago  
i can keep soda in me 5 years ago  
i love eating apples soaked in dr.pepper 5 years ago +1
A is really no big surprise. its been missing for a while and theres no given reason for it to just suddenly appear. 5 years ago +1
i bet my drinks would be so cold if i brought them up there to drink 5 years ago +7
they only care i need is more soda 5 years ago +1
i like to keep soda bottles as pets. you dont need to care of them to much or anything 5 years ago  
i wish i did. 5 years ago +3
thats nice to hear. if you want to keep staying so lightweight then i would recommend adding dr.pepper into your diet. with its fresh, cooling taste you will love every last drop and it has even more minerals than the mainstream water that most others like. Diet dr.pepper is also a healthy choice to consider as it is a very delicious drink with even less calories. available at a store near you. 5 years ago +4
i need to pay for my drinks somehow 5 years ago  
its funny to see people take pespi seriously as a legitimate soda 5 years ago +8
hello deidera its been quite a while. stay and have drink with us 5 years ago  
A never happens to me because i always reserve empty seats to hold all of my drinks 5 years ago  
ill go buy them a soda for the compliment 5 years ago  
ill adopt my sodas from my local store 5 years ago  
ill haunt the pepsi factories and force them to accept pepper into their lives 5 years ago  
i wasnt trying to be funny. i was just stating logistical facts 5 years ago  
there are many sodas that we could enjoy. but the one universal soda that everyone does have the ability to enjoy is dr.pepper 5 years ago +1
still not as bad as drinking pepsi 5 years ago +3
this is a reeeeally original question you just put here. great job 5 years ago  
i love to eat these in the morning with my dr.peppper 5 years ago  
the great thing about this is that both man and woman can enjoy soda anyway 5 years ago +2
she would look hotter if she pouring the sweet liquids of dr.pepper down her throat while she loses herself to the ecstasy of the drink, then looks slowly at the cameras and says, "nothing refreshes me better than the great taste of dr.pepper, now available at your locale stores" 5 years ago +7
her hair is the same color as dr.pepper 5 years ago  
i hate beer. if you had him give a dr.pepper i might have decided on B 5 years ago +2
i can sell the tank to buy soda 5 years ago +1
we are animals as that is our species distinctive classification. but there is one thing that helps our species stand out the most, and that is our ability to create and enjoy soda 5 years ago +4
nothing better than siting by a pool as the sun rises while you drink in the great taste of dr.pepper 5 years ago +5
the transformer movies suck 5 years ago +4
i never want to say goodbye to my drink 5 years ago +9
ill have you know that there is nothing cleaner on this earth than dr.pepper. even cleaner than your self righteous water 5 years ago  
people like to have room to themselves when they drink a soda 5 years ago +1
ill wash my hands off with soda 5 years ago  
i need that money for soda not backstabbing exes 5 years ago +7
i only chew on soda bottles 5 years ago  
shooting solves nothing. we should sit down afterwords and ill tell him about the great word of dr.pepper, and we will fill our hearts with soda 5 years ago +10
i am the best of friends with dr.pepper 5 years ago  
i need a good leg to walk to my fridge 5 years ago  
where did that come from? of course it wasnt. the doctor invented the universe millenniums ago. if you are referring to the drink, it was never perfected and given to the public until the day of pepper, or pepperitarian day as the disciples go by. but the taste and essence of dr.pepper lives on throughout history beforehand. 5 years ago  
i collect soda bottles 5 years ago  
this is all so ridiculous. you should all pray to the one TRUE god that is the doctor. he crafted the oceans and planets out of dr.pepper and it fills our hearts to this day. people try to disprove it if they like but they cant. you just need to open your heart to him and drink to the glorious liquids, then you may one day be granted into the pepper kingdom 5 years ago +2
i need that hand for drinking 5 years ago  
i could bring the refreshments 5 years ago  
ill drink it down with some soda 5 years ago +1
the pepper gods came in and did it just as they created the glorious liquid that is dr.pepper 5 years ago  
ill be to busy drinking soda and believing in the true pepper gods. 5 years ago  
i hate the idea of A. dr.pepper should always have the highest drinking rate 5 years ago +2
"Beneath this top there is more than liquid. Beneath this top there is dr.pepper, Mr. Creedy, and dr.pepper is bulletproof." 5 years ago  
i give him a soda and all issues are averted 5 years ago +2
as long as i can keep my soda 5 years ago  
having something to drink is much better than marriage 5 years ago  
it has dr.pepper, what more am i to ask 5 years ago  
i become deep friends with my soda bottle everyday but still i am forced to depart with it and fine new ones 5 years ago  
dr.pepper is my life 5 years ago +2
as long as you have something to drink you'll be fine 5 years ago +1
Fact: dr.pepper isnt a vegetable 5 years ago +1
then everywednesday can be a humpday 5 years ago  
i can use them to freeze my drinks 5 years ago +9
ill explain the benefits of drinking dr.pepper 5 years ago  
as long as they dont tease you about what you drink then its fine 5 years ago  
having something to drink is fulfilling 5 years ago +2
drink it down with some dr.pepper 5 years ago +2
i love dr.pepper but does it love me? oh of course it does it shows it love for us all even the pepsi drinkers as well 5 years ago  
i would just love to slap a pepsi drinker right now 5 years ago +2
then i choose the black one because dr.pepper also is slightly black and it therefore reminds me of its wondrous flavors 5 years ago  
then i choose the one that cost less on gas 5 years ago  
i automatically assumed B was an obligatory 1 out of 5 chance of death 5 years ago  
I just feel like either one is a waste of money. The point of a car is to get you from point A to point B. i feel like i should save my money for when i get to that point which is usually a store filled with various sodas 5 years ago  
i dont need a phone to get soda 5 years ago +1
whichver one has cupholders 5 years ago  
onward to the dimension of freshness 5 years ago  
i was in such a hurry one day that i accidentally bought a bottle of mr.pibb instead of dr.pepper. I immediately burned it (in a safe place so it would taint the atmosphere) and bought a carton of dr.pepper but i still havent really forgiven myself for it yet 5 years ago +6
im always happy with the great taste of dr.pepper 5 years ago +1
i cant go without my taste. not even for a second 5 years ago  
i can work as a dr.pepper salesman whenever i want 5 years ago  
it was a comical tale of a pepsi endorser falling to his death 5 years ago +2
i can use it to help benefit the sales of dr.pepper 5 years ago +3
like i said before, i never left. i have always been here watching. watching and drinking 5 years ago +1
they serve dr.pepper. thats good enough for me 5 years ago  
i can paint it differently so that i may be a soldier of pepper 5 years ago +5
why of course. im always up to date with latest trends in the dr.pepper community. and of course i would recommend getting it and enjoying its great flavor. 5 years ago  
there is nothing better than dr.pepper flavored jelly beans, now available in stores near you at a cheap, fresh price of $4.99 US dollars. 5 years ago +2
i always get dr.pepper though 5 years ago +1
i overdosed on soda one day. My kidneys were not as immune to soda as they are now 5 years ago  
i believe in very monogamous relationships in terms of soda brands 5 years ago +2
i would give out sodas 5 years ago  
they taste great with dr.pepper 5 years ago  
thats more money i can spend on soda 5 years ago  
the taste in both of these died out quicker than the taste of a pepsi 5 years ago  
i never left 5 years ago  
sex jokes are overused and repetitive 5 years ago +3
spraypaint the world with dr.pepper 5 years ago +3
i grab a soda 5 years ago +9
both look pretty fresh 5 years ago  
whichever one has cupholders 5 years ago +3
A is the same color as a bottle of dr.pepper 5 years ago +5
if it was the same color as a dr.pepper bottle that would make me so happy 5 years ago  
the only people i would ever trust with this information are the kind people at dr.pepper 5 years ago  
my street is already messed up anyway 5 years ago  
drink the ice cream 5 years ago  
i think she might wonder a bit over how i afford all my drinks though 5 years ago  
this is too obvious 5 years ago +1
i will check what he has in his fridge and let this determine his fate 5 years ago +3
i pray for the day that they finally visit us so i may show them the wonders of dr.pepper and allow its greatness to go beyond our own galaxy 5 years ago +1
as long as it has cup holders ill be fine 5 years ago +1
A looks pretty good right now. its actually making me pretty thirsty 5 years ago +3
what a holder looks like doesnt really matter much. its whats on the inside that counts 5 years ago +6
this depends on what your definition of good is. im sure a lot of people may have themselves convinced that pepsi workers are "good" 5 years ago  
its easier to drink to 5 years ago +1
a missle does more damage then a bullet 5 years ago +4
i can use it as a holder for my drinks 5 years ago +7
hes wearing a shirt with red and black. those are the colors of dr.pepper 5 years ago +5
drink it down with some soda 5 years ago +7
buy several containers of soda with his money 5 years ago +2
that way liam wont have any 5 years ago +3
if by luxury you mean all you can drink dr.pepper than count me in 5 years ago  
screw the rules i have pepper 5 years ago  
i would sneak as much soda into the building as possible. for there is no better doctor than the dr.pepper 5 years ago +1
i will feed the fishes dr.pepper. tell the man to get a job in the dr.pepper industry. 5 years ago +2
i will have more. besides, to truly appreciate such a wonderful thing, sometimes one must go beyond simply drinking it 5 years ago  
one direction were more than likely hired by pepsi just to ruin my day 5 years ago +4
i love that song 5 years ago +1
i would rather paint in soda 5 years ago +4
he must be really thirsty in his dreams 5 years ago +3
i saw A on memebase 5 years ago +2
if they had any common decency they would have sent a bottle of dr.pepper 5 years ago  
but...im already single... 5 years ago +2
lol anchorman 5 years ago +1
sounds fresh 5 years ago +5
A is making my eyes burn. i need to drink away the memories 5 years ago +5
all this talk of food is making me thirsty 5 years ago  
thats some odd colored dr.pepper 5 years ago +7
typing is less work 5 years ago  
replace the water in the pool with soda 5 years ago +4
great. now im going to miss all of the dr.pepper commercials on my television. 5 years ago +1
i can bounce while i drink 5 years ago +2
thats obviously some good dr.pepper its drinking 5 years ago +3
i dont care about the american lives, i will only be fighting this war for the well being of dr.pepper 5 years ago +3
you can cover it up 5 years ago +1
all i heard was food and water. nothing about dr.pepper 5 years ago +3
live big here or get a little somewhere else 5 years ago  
give all of the soda rations to myself 5 years ago  
i want one of those staches that are made when you drink milk, but instead have it be made of soda 5 years ago +3
it will be when im done with it 5 years ago +1
how do you taste a book 5 years ago  
ill run out of air by drinking myself to death 5 years ago  
maybe i can focus their hatred onto a new enemy. the pepsi corporation 5 years ago +4
its nowhere near similar as dr.pepper. it was a failed attempt by the coke foundation to recreate perfection, something that was forever out of their grasp. they are lucky the other option is pepsi, otherwise they would never be bottling dr.pepper. 5 years ago +2
i need some money left over for soda 5 years ago  
i would have spent it all on soda 5 years ago  
we need more money spent in the feild of pepperology 5 years ago  
i would be drinking a soda in my universe 5 years ago  
i like to look nice when i go to the store 5 years ago +3
"dont judge a drink by its cover, but by its taste" 5 years ago +7
i like drinking on fences 5 years ago  
i need to speed in order to reach the store 5 years ago +2
i see this is one of those pick your poison type questions 5 years ago +2
"there is never a reason to be dead in a world where dr.pepper exist" 5 years ago  
dr.pepper of course. what do i look like some filthy casual? 5 years ago +4
everyone knows that lure is the guy we should be going to for zombie apocalypse 5 years ago +5
screw food i want my soda 5 years ago +3
i fall in love with dr.pepper over time as i drink it 5 years ago  
the Simpsons has really gone downhill 5 years ago +3
have him bring in my cargo of sodas 5 years ago +1
i dont smoke. i drink 5 years ago +8
this can be said for just about all first world countries in general. people these days just dont appreciate dr.pepper like they should 5 years ago +1
i played and defeated him rather easy 5 years ago +1
i dont have time to waste. i have drinks to buy 5 years ago  
does dr.pepper count as a game? 5 years ago  
gives me time to go grab a drink 5 years ago  
i only like glow in the dark soda bottles in my room 5 years ago  
i have a good security plan for my drinks 5 years ago  
drink dr.pepper. nothing else. 5 years ago +7
whats the difference 5 years ago +1
im bound to lose a kidney eventually. unless my plan to drink until i develop an immunity to any such problems ends up working 5 years ago +2
ill just put out the flames with the delicious taste of dr.pepper 5 years ago +3
i have been thinking of getting a tatoo of a bottle of dr.pepper with soda pouring down the length of my face to go right next to the one i already have of the dr.pepper logo 5 years ago +1
who doesnt like inception? people with minuscule brains that have been fried from all the pepsi kids these days drink. 5 years ago  
i shower in soda 5 years ago  
i feed them dr.pepper and we just chill and stuff. 5 years ago  
anyone who drinks dr.pepper is a friend of mine. the only instance where this isnt true are those damn pepsi commercials 5 years ago +4
just get something to drink it down 5 years ago  
not as sexy as woman who drink. dr.pepper to be exact. 5 years ago +2
ill use my dr.pepper doused tongue to clean the windows. it wont be as easy as usual since i normally just use buckets of of the soda to wash off and let the natural smell of dr.pepper to freshen everything up 5 years ago +4
neither. it was joker 5 years ago +4
ill use the fresh, ever lasting flavor of dr.pepper to my advantage 5 years ago +2
but when i am, i bring the freshness 5 years ago  
that they are mere jokes in comparison. anyone with a soul can tell that 5 years ago  
not even close 5 years ago  
you can rob the lottery with the powers of a superhero 5 years ago +2
freshness,unlimited soda, super bottling abilities, dr.pepperises, and death note like abilities over anyone who drinks or is involved in pepsi. 5 years ago  
ill just get them both something to drink 5 years ago  
drown in soda 5 years ago +1
it comes with two pots that i can fill up with my favorite soda 5 years ago  
i would prefer not to get any viruses. 5 years ago  
i want a pet that can breathe in soda 5 years ago +3
i love waking up at 3am in the morning just to help myself to a cool glass of dr.pepper 5 years ago +2
i love listening to the sound produced from opening a fresh new bottle of soda 5 years ago +4
dr.pepper 5 years ago  
this guy. he knows whats fresh 5 years ago +1
i can already do A with the great taste and uplifting power of dr.pepper 5 years ago +6
does lemon flavored dr.pepper count 5 years ago +1
it will be someone in the pepsi corporation 5 years ago +1
and it was written that i should become the grand emperor and ruler of the great pepper island. our main export and import shall be dr.pepper and we will grow to become a well known tourist spot and eventual world power. through the nights we shall chant the name of the promised land, for the pepper, for the pepper, for the pepper 5 years ago +3
whats that soda bottle? kill them all? good idea 5 years ago +1
ill just pour a little dr.pepper onto it 5 years ago +5
only if they serve my drinks correctly 5 years ago  
my first order of business would be to introduce a shop to the site where i may sell dr.pepper and dr.pepper accessories. it will greatly improve the site from both an economic and social standpoint 5 years ago  
youre a bit of an odd fellow. but i guess we can put aside are differences. besides, at least we dont involve ourselves in petty drinks such as pepsi 5 years ago  
this guy. he knows whats up 5 years ago  
battlefield is just like COD in the sense that its severely overrated 5 years ago  
both of these deserve every once of praise they receive 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago +1
just feed him the great taste of dr.pepper 5 years ago +3
i would pay him in pepper 5 years ago +6
ill give him soda 5 years ago +1
you can take roman out for bowling and beat up random hobos 5 years ago  
what is your point 5 years ago  
i drink dr.pepper. theres nothing more productive than that 5 years ago +2
how is gta not fun 5 years ago +1
aperture makes all the cool stuff, black mesa just causes aliens to invade the planet and f*ck everything up 5 years ago  
i would rather just have a soda 5 years ago +2
why is sexual not an option 5 years ago +4
only with a good balance of dr.pepper 5 years ago +3
as long as i get access to your fridge 5 years ago  
i need some flavor in my drinks 5 years ago +1
and here comes the man of the hour himself. lets all have a drink 5 years ago +3
give them some soda 5 years ago +2
drink it in 5 years ago +4
i relate with A, as i am very protective over my beverages 5 years ago +3
in space no one can hear you drink 5 years ago  
its not rape if you enjoy it 5 years ago  
i will bring forth a new, fresh era to this planet. 5 years ago  
thatguywiththeglasses.com 5 years ago  
i will bend the space time continuum in such a way so that i may continue to drink my beloved drink 5 years ago +2
i love shrimp. especially when it comes with dr.pepper 5 years ago  
we already know what happened with peach. she and bowser had drinks. 5 years ago +1
she would just spend the entire thing just advertising me the wrong thing 5 years ago +2
then you have earned yourself a soda 5 years ago +2
i always need my soda 5 years ago +3
i was once blind but now i am found, with dr.pepper 5 years ago +7
you seem really tense right now. you also seem like a 12 year old kid who just found out about cuss words for the first time. its really only making you seem less mature. your'e probably just either a troll or a complete attention wh*re. but ill humor you anyway. would you like something to drink other than whine sir? 5 years ago +2
im sorry did i strike a nerve by any chance? by the way f*ckoff isn't a word there's supposed to be a space in between the two. you really are not having a good day with all these typos. there's no need to thank me for fixing it, im glad to help. 5 years ago +1
micheal bay? 5 years ago  
Jean-Claude Van Damme 5 years ago  
drunk on soda 5 years ago +2
as long as i have something to drink 5 years ago +2
tyler durden 5 years ago  
thats a massive typo right there.by saying neither and being a massive oldf*g with no childhood or open mind to a higher level of thinking, you are in fact gay, so it should say both. or were you just simply admitting to the fact that you were always a homosexual? nice profile pic by the way i gotta remember you in the future. 5 years ago +8
will smith 5 years ago +3
general pepper 5 years ago +5
not me.thats pretty gay to be honest. i only suck on dr.pepper 5 years ago  
by whose definition of reckless? if i chose to spend it all on dr.pepper, what better purpose could there be? 5 years ago +10
implying it ever existed to begin with 5 years ago +2
i would never poison myself with such inferior blood. ill stick to having dr.pepper blood course through my veins 5 years ago +3
its easy to drink a dr.pepper. 5 years ago +1
absolutely delicious. it goes very well with dr.pepper 5 years ago  
ill materialize it as dr.pepper 5 years ago  
f*ck gender roles 5 years ago +3
life is never dull when you have dr.pepper 5 years ago +1
only one true form of worship exist in this world. that is the great and glorious dr.pepper 5 years ago +4
this just in. no one cares 5 years ago +3
im high on life. and by life i mean dr.pepper for they are one and the same 5 years ago  
which one? do you mean a worker of some sort, some random image displaying the drink, me, or are you trying to say that im some kind of impostor and you used to have a pic of the real one? 5 years ago  
does a pepper juicer count? 5 years ago +3
implying we dont all do this already 5 years ago +8
D and R are diagonally across from each other,P when using the paconian physic lets you get to E in three moves, then go back for two times, go back and then you notice E and R are right next to each other 5 years ago +1
they say that dr.pepper was crafted as early as the stone age and was what drove the spartans themselves to great victory, and it was only then that they ingested the toxin of pepsi did they ever begin to lose. 5 years ago +3
im as fresh as it gets 5 years ago  
all i know was i was just having myself a drink of dr.pepper and now everyone started tripping 5 years ago +1
sackboy from little big planet 5 years ago  
just doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying my dr.pepper 5 years ago +9
serve it with the amazing drink 5 years ago +3
i can use it as a cup holder for my drinks 5 years ago  
do you have anything to drink? 5 years ago  
why would you use a pink dog box to represent the 3ds? 5 years ago +1
doesn't that also apply to woman? 5 years ago  
i can cuddle with my dr.pepper any time i wish 5 years ago +3
i drink when im sad 5 years ago  
its colored like a dr.pepper 5 years ago +4
if it contains sources of what i drink, it cant be that bad 5 years ago +1
steal it from the feds. its not like they were going to use it wisely anyway 5 years ago  
ill give it all to the ones who deserve it the most. the pepper corporation 5 years ago  
In this galaxy there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type drinks. And in the universe, three million million fresh ones like this. And in all that, and perhaps more...only one pepper of each of us. - dr pepper McCoy 5 years ago  
buy all of the drinks from the store 5 years ago +2
i dont have a death wish. i just have soda 5 years ago  
i drink even if i dont have to 5 years ago +1
looks like shes been drinking pepsi 5 years ago +1
"guys i just heard that my mom was killed and now they need me to go identify the body". how delightful 5 years ago +1
i love eating animals. especially when i have the great taste of dr.pepper by my side, giving a wonderful creation of flavors that will always have you coming back for more 5 years ago +4
ill just drink it down with some dr.pepper 5 years ago +4
im always smiling when i have myself a good drink 6 years ago +1
i love building entire monuments for the great pepper gods while living in my giant bottle of dr.pepper. theres also a city of pepsi in the distance that i ritualistically set on fire 6 years ago  
"you dont have enough change to get this drink" 6 years ago +2
orange flavored dr.pepper 6 years ago  
snow will melt into water. water can be used create a vast array of things 6 years ago +3
i already am 6 years ago +2
at least give me the comfort of my sweet memories of my beloved drink. 6 years ago +2
both the nostalgic critic and linkara are pretty fresh in my opinion. i just wish they incorporated a larger spectrum of reviews like soda quality and a little product placement could go a long way. 6 years ago  
clearly not seeing as how you still chose to vote for the xbox done. buy something more useful, like a soda 6 years ago +4
you know what they call a fresh soda in france? dr.pepper 6 years ago  
new pepper day 6 years ago  
i never spit out dr.pepper 6 years ago +3
the great and powerful trixie would go great with the magical taste that is dr.pepper 6 years ago +1
i would rather drink the great, fresh tatse of dr.peppper at mumba 5 star motels 6 years ago +4
my best friend is a bottle of dr.pepper. 6 years ago +11
this is implying i ever have the money to go to a five star hotel with all of the pepper bills i have to pay 6 years ago +1
theres nothing better than a cold glass of soft drink 6 years ago +5
i always drench my cereal in soda before eating it 6 years ago +2
eat them with soda 6 years ago  
I AM ETERNAL 6 years ago +1
ill tell him it was dr.pepper who did it. and it will be the truth, since its dr.pepper 6 years ago +3
the soda i have, still, and will drink 6 years ago +1
Poet_of_Pepper 6 years ago +2
i would give it all too the manufactures of dr.pepper 6 years ago +1
to take someones dr.pepper is like to take someones life, but in a more emotional state 6 years ago +5
i never said what kind of drink... 6 years ago  
if its bottled like in a, do i get to choose the form of drink? 6 years ago  
neither. dr.pepper 6 years ago +3
with ny peppers 6 years ago +3
you chose wisely my friend. but your job in drinking is not done 6 years ago +1
just one question. pepsi or dr.pepper 6 years ago +1
if she tries to ever put her hands on my dr.pepper.... 6 years ago +6
my sister doesnt have her own house. i dont have a niece or nephew. just dr.pepper 6 years ago +4
i love to watch the doctor....pepper 6 years ago +2
does punch flavored dr.pepper count? 6 years ago +1
ill fill it with soda 6 years ago +4
i must live to drink again... 6 years ago +2
whichever one is more resistant to soda spills 6 years ago +4
"some men dont look for illogical things like power or greed. some men just want a drink" - alfresh 6 years ago  
only the bad amusement parks will partake in such ludicrous actions 6 years ago +2
my soda will break these chains so i can drink 6 years ago +1
its your drink. only you can taste it for yourself 6 years ago  
with a pinch of pepper 6 years ago  
the great taste of dr.pepper is bound to brighten up the day of even the saddest of drinkers 6 years ago  
we will only have one drink. thats all we need 6 years ago +1
now wash it off with some pepper 6 years ago +6
all three wishes will be in the best interest of the dr.pepper corporation 6 years ago  
the chances of drinking dr.pepper are 99.95%. we can do better than that 6 years ago +2
amusement parks have the best drinks 6 years ago  
"Don't you want to take a drink of faith? Or become an old man, filled with pepsi, waiting to die alone" - fresh saito 6 years ago +2
once they taste the pepper, they'll no better 6 years ago  
teleport to the store 6 years ago  
they blank out the images of dr.pepper and replace them with pepsi 6 years ago +4
as long as they share my love for dr.pepper 6 years ago  
i had a dr.pepper. it was very satisfying 6 years ago +4
i want fresh powers by overdosing on dr.pepper 6 years ago +5
dr.pepper is beyond ordinary 6 years ago  
all these cheese questions are making me thirsty 6 years ago +1
id like to have a drink with her 6 years ago  
“Artists use soda to tell the truth. Yes, I created a glass. But because you drank it, you found something true about yourself.” 6 years ago +1
drink it down with some dr.pepper and it will be fine 6 years ago +1
ill get the drinks 6 years ago  
i will only accept soda 6 years ago +2
i only cry when im out of drink 6 years ago  
as so like the great pepper god, who turned water into dr.pepper 6 years ago +1
carl was at the store 6 years ago  
the drink that never ends... 6 years ago +6
i can keep my drinks fresher 6 years ago +5
ill bring the soda this town doesnt deserve, but the one it needs. they will hunt it down because they know they can take it 6 years ago +8
more money more pepper 6 years ago +1
i was such a fool then. i didnt see the subtle, satanic undertone of the pepsi commercials 6 years ago +6
in space no one can hear you quench your thirst 6 years ago +1
but wont all that salt make me thirsty 6 years ago  
i have soda. thats all i ever needed 6 years ago  
"Life is one big road with lots of stores. So when you riding through the street, don't complicate and unfreshen your mind. Flee from hate, pepsi and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your taste to reality. Wake up and drink" - Fresh Marley 6 years ago +2
ill go wherever the soda flows 6 years ago +1
and you didn't point out any grammar errors. astonishment. 6 years ago +3
drinks dont live silly.... 6 years ago  
what a fresh new take on our beloved game series 6 years ago +4
on dr.pepper 6 years ago +2
neither 6 years ago  
i love owl city 6 years ago  
why would i ever share the drink when i can simply have it to myself? 6 years ago +2
can i mix in some dr.pepper? 6 years ago  
LilyrxTberr is best otp 6 years ago +3
just drink it 6 years ago +3
she has the zipper to allow access for storing storing drinks 6 years ago  
don? 6 years ago  
apathetic views on the notion of life is one of the tools pepsi uses to brainwash the public into buying its product 6 years ago  
dr.pepper is the only drug ill ever need 6 years ago +4
the fresher the better 6 years ago +2
not once has my horoscope said anything about dr.pepper 6 years ago +1
youre a questionable person 6 years ago  
the dr.pepper is on me 6 years ago +1
mosquitoes drink blood because they have to. that's still better than drinking pepsi 6 years ago +7
mario dons the colors of the great dr.pepper 6 years ago +3
there's no dr.pepper waiting for me on the other side of oblivion.... 6 years ago +1
whynotboth.jpg 6 years ago  
you can be alive with water, but your'e not truly living unless you have dr.pepper 6 years ago +2
if by milkshake you mean dr.pepper... 6 years ago +1
i always make it in the shape of a bottle and then fill it with dr.pepper 6 years ago +1
defeating a dr.pepper, only makes it tastier 6 years ago +1
i have a tattoo in the shape of dr.pepper. its pretty fresh 6 years ago +3
id rather get something to drink 6 years ago +2
soda is a present 6 years ago +3
as long as there's soda 6 years ago  
i fear nothing when i have my drink 6 years ago  
i think of gangs of soda 6 years ago +1
hope it helps 6 years ago  
soda contains traces of water. 6 years ago +1
i know of the 100 years. but tell me, what kind of life is that? you'd be better off dead than go through such pain 6 years ago  
ill bring the drinks 6 years ago +1
theres no such thing as a sad rainy day when you have dr.pepper 6 years ago +2
the kingdom of pepper 6 years ago +3
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