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sup -_-

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Which mlg vid is better? vids in the descripion meme team or bannanas in faZe 4 years ago 93 votes 2 comments 0 likes
MLG or nah yes or nah 4 years ago 117 votes 8 comments 0 likes
New sega or old sega? old or new 4 years ago 62 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Which game is worse (alexw for god's sake do reject my questions) psychotoxic or daikatana 4 years ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer nintendo or sega genisis 4 years ago 98 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use instagram or twitter 4 years ago 147 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who is better -rap edition- the game or 50 cent 4 years ago 79 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Do you like dashiexp? yeah or nah or never heard of him 4 years ago 124 votes 7 comments 0 likes

Dundun3131 has posted the following comments:

i dont give a f*ck bi*ch 4 years ago  
whatever loserr 4 years ago  
i think daikatana is way worse 4 years ago  
sanic doritos 420 blaze it faZe mountain dew 4 years ago  
i didn't play far cry 4 yet but i think jason was badass 4 years ago +1
or it continues what you did in black ops 2 or a prequel of mason's early days in vietnam war 4 years ago  
10 now 4 years ago  
sorry for your loss :( 4 years ago  
f word yahhhhhh (9 days later) -Dies- 4 years ago  
i do but i prefer a fail compilation 4 years ago  
there would be not problems if i rule 4 years ago  
that backflip doh 4 years ago  
if we had no 4th of july will that mean we have no decleration of indepedents 4 years ago  
:D GO BIG!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
i died in fear when eminem said he was gay 4 years ago  
Merry Christmas!!!! 4 years ago  
it depends who i have some close friend and i do that sepratily 4 years ago  
*cool 4 years ago  
vool 4 years ago  
B and douche 4 years ago  
douche 4 years ago  
douche 4 years ago  
douche 4 years ago  
douche 4 years ago  
douche 4 years ago  
alex is a douche 4 years ago  
sh*t i picked the wrong one now i know what it meant 4 years ago  
win the olympics and escape any fast animals and any other dangers 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago  
-_- 4 years ago  
da hell? 4 years ago  
he black 4 years ago  
wow how many people who dont like or never heard of dashiexp 4 years ago  
so? 4 years ago  
so dont wish for a happy one? 4 years ago  
and i think that is coming from your 20 inch asshole 4 years ago  
go ahead and talk sh*t i dont give a f*ck 4 years ago  
i dont care 4 years ago  
my father i already dead 4 years ago  
true but still 4 years ago  
screeeeeeeew you am going home 4 years ago  
whatever i dont care 4 years ago  
i dont care 4 years ago  
i dont care 4 years ago  
idont care 4 years ago  
i dont care 4 years ago  
i dont care 4 years ago  
foam 4 years ago +1
foam 4 years ago  
i like anakin better but obi wan beated him 4 years ago  
ikr 4 years ago  
jackw 4 years ago +2
dasavior 4 years ago  
paid in full 4 years ago +1
ikr 4 years ago  
american and zoe are cool 4 years ago  
none honestly 4 years ago  
whatever i dont need a butt hurt fanboy 4 years ago  
listen to stop snitchin stop lyin by the game 4 years ago  
he do not belong to them 4 years ago  
and he is with interscope not cash money 4 years ago  
so you telling me that all that stuff that is not even true just to make a point? 4 years ago  
oh well that is your opinion 4 years ago +3
and the game made 3 diss mixtapes to g unit and they didn't do sh*t about it 4 years ago  
i hope you know that 50 cent only had one good album and all game's album's were good. 4 years ago  
-_- 4 years ago  
honestly i just chose randomly 4 years ago  
idk?!?!? 4 years ago  
i agree 4 years ago  
busier=more salary 4 years ago  
the hardest part was looking for pictures that fit O_O 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
whatever nig*a 4 years ago  
I been injured but not seriously injured 4 years ago  
Witty 4 years ago  
To the ones who said yes what is wrong with beats? 4 years ago  
Yes lol :D 4 years ago  
Girls will love it 4 years ago  
How is this tech again? 4 years ago  
So I can play Nintendo,Super Nintendo,action max,pv 1000,sega genesis,playstation 1,Nintendo 64,sega saturn,playstation2,GameCube,Xbox,ps3,Xbox 360,wii,playstation 4 destiny bundle,Xbox one advanced warfare bundle and steam machine? Count me in 4 years ago +2
Shoot the summa b*tch 4 years ago  
Technically smart 4 years ago  
APPLES! 4 years ago  
Wrong one PC for sure 4 years ago +1
Call of duty comes out faster 4 years ago  
Don't have one 4 years ago  
Yes you are right 4 years ago  
What if beats made controllers? 4 years ago  
I don't even use Facebook 4 years ago +1
Better and yes I played both 4 years ago  
But it is asking you what would you RATHER use 4 years ago  
XD 4 years ago  
Me too :D 4 years ago  
I pushed though my earring's so this is easy 4 years ago  
Outy's scare me 4 years ago  
Wayyyyyy too easy 4 years ago +2
Never even heard of viddy 4 years ago  
Just get a haircut 4 years ago  
Look everyone has different options so stop being rude to each other 4 years ago +3
Bravo bravo (am not being sarcastic) 4 years ago +1
O_O wow never though of that 4 years ago  
Boondocks 4 years ago  
I liked the 90's but let's face it new technology is better 4 years ago  
Welcome to the 21st century 4 years ago  
I like bf4 better but the sever was more terrible than ghost 4 years ago  
GET the F*CK OVER HERE BITCH!!!! 4 years ago  
The movie sucked to me 4 years ago  
Quan chi or kratos 4 years ago  
The ending of bioshock infinite 4 years ago +1
The last of us ended with a cliffhanger 4 years ago  
Have a hot wife,be rich,be loved,have the ability to shape shift and to freeze time boy am I lucky 4 years ago  
Less painful 4 years ago  
All sloths do is eat sleep and sh*t 4 years ago  
Watch 1 sec and change the channel 4 years ago +1
This is the only Johnny depp role that sucks 4 years ago +1
My favorite is fruity pebbles but I love cinnamon cruch 4 years ago  
Me too 4 years ago  
I will wear them in public 4 years ago  
Sounds fun 4 years ago  
Punk ass faggot 4 years ago +1
I don't give a sh*t if they ban me 4 years ago  
Nig*a I don't give fu*k you stupid mothaf***a 4 years ago  
Hoe 4 years ago  
Cocaine smokin ass 4 years ago  
Crack ass 4 years ago  
Dumbass 4 years ago  
Cunt ass 4 years ago  
Pussy ass 4 years ago  
How bout you suck your own dick 4 years ago  
I can charge it with a watermelon 4 years ago  
Crap your right 4 years ago  
-looks at b- what the fu*k is that?!?! 4 years ago  
47% now 4 years ago  
I can pretty much get paid for playing angry birds all day 4 years ago  
Easier trust me I know 4 years ago  
1tb Is still good 4 years ago  
Vanoss is hilarious 4 years ago  
Yeah 4 years ago  
Sorry if it sound like I am trying to get attention but my dad already died 4 years ago +1
Justin bieber and one direction but I am not going to kill them 4 years ago +1
Easier to get and it would be a lot more exciting than Halloween 4 years ago +1
More useful :) 4 years ago +3
I liked the original rugrats better :( 4 years ago  
Got to go fast 4 years ago  
Boondocks 4 years ago +1
More common to me 4 years ago  
For what? 4 years ago  
Impalas,drive in movies,low prices,and cool styles 4 years ago  
Shit I am down with that 4 years ago  
2/10 good thing to talk about but it is kinda wack sorry 4 years ago  
More common to me 4 years ago  
Hoe please 4 years ago  
Douche 4 years ago  
Hoe 4 years ago  
Dickhead 4 years ago  
O_O LOL 4 years ago  
Where is Vanoss delirious daith de nogla I am wildcat or boogie2988 this is horsesh*t 4 years ago  
Goro is already confirmed 4 years ago  
We don't need sindal again 4 years ago  
Goddamn pic made me click A 4 years ago +1
American84 is funny sometimes 4 years ago  
Sorry if it bothers you if I ask you this but are you really Gareth bale? 4 years ago  
Sexydude pretty funny 4 years ago +1
Would I practically be albino if I chose b? 4 years ago +1
Neither basketball or football for me 4 years ago  
As much as I hate to say it if I kill hitler the timeline might screw up........but then again it it would save millions of lives 4 years ago +2
Not really if you think about it 4 years ago  
I don't know -epic face- 4 years ago  
So what does that prove? 4 years ago  
Penguin 4 years ago  
Chuck Norris is not so great if he was he slam my face on the keyboarjfjfjdjdjjsjsnfhs 4 years ago  
Oh I get it now one is bigger than 100 4 years ago +2
Is this a trick question? 4 years ago  
Less annoying 4 years ago +4
I get a lose lose if I chose a but I get a win win on b 4 years ago  
Buff but not that buff 4 years ago +1
Me-I am going to kick your ass 4 years ago  
-turns into superman- 4 years ago  
Robber-give me your money 4 years ago  
Lady gaga looks unhuman 4 years ago +2
100x more chance of living 4 years ago  
I like cantthinkofawittyone 4 years ago +2
Kanye is a douche now 4 years ago +1
How the hell did listen to burn get more votes? 4 years ago  
I would like Selena more 4 years ago  
Ps4 destiny bundle and xbox one advanced warfare bundle I am coming for ya 4 years ago  
B will probably hurt 4 years ago  
And gears of war is not a fps 4 years ago  
Minecraft makes me fall asleep and I never tried skyrim hmmm -goes out the door and buys skyrim- 4 years ago  
Not impressed 4 years ago  
Pizza Hut is just a huge ass box of grease 4 years ago +1
Seen both trailers and Jurassic world is 10x more exciting 4 years ago  
Quan chi is already on mk10 but I rather see kenshi 4 years ago  
Rather see jade on mkx 4 years ago +1
Batman I can't wait for Arkham knight 4 years ago +1
Well damn they don't deserve it but it is funny but not if it's you 4 years ago  
Geometry dash is easy well for me it is 4 years ago  
No I mean the chance of winning 4 years ago  
O_O 4 years ago  
that would be funny 4 years ago  
i don't like it some boys out there need to change 4 years ago  
he was pretty good at the start now he sucks 4 years ago  
knock that muthfocka out 4 years ago +1
planning to 4 years ago  
why do you think i am here? 4 years ago +2
15% means mostly nothing 4 years ago +2
i already have waited for something that never happened the rest of my family's visit to meet me! :( 4 years ago  
that pic tho 4 years ago  
cooler 4 years ago  
throw sh*t at people without grabbing it 4 years ago +2
both are dumb i cant believe what my little siblings watch these days 4 years ago  
i can win longest breath contest and not drown and sleep in a hot tub 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
more nicer 4 years ago +2
i love rain 4 years ago +1
nither 4 years ago  
GTA GTA 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago  
he don't get murdered read your history he i the only one who makes fun of the king 4 years ago  
yes i read smartass 4 years ago  
yes i saw it you douche 4 years ago  
I love all assassin's creed games except 4 haven't played unity yet 4 years ago  
You can play as kratos if you play it on ps3 for mortal kombat 4 years ago +1
I love age of empires it is more fun then you think try it 4 years ago  
Worms is good too I prefer far cry 4 years ago  
Duh mortal kombat is the best answer 4 years ago  
Hard choice 4 years ago  
Your stuff is fun do one about me as long it is not gay 4 years ago  
Way more profitable 4 years ago  
Consoles i was into 6th gen-ps2 7th gen-xbox 360 this gen-ps4 4 years ago  
Aziz an sari is the one of the best 4 years ago +1
I have that sometimes 4 years ago  
They are too many crappy apps and the ones are good cost money I so are PC games but I rather buy PC games instead app 4 years ago +1
Wrong choice 4 years ago  
Stay true to yourself please 4 years ago  
Then the world would be a better place 4 years ago +4
Not saying as a bad thing I love hopsin no homo 4 years ago  
No way you like hopsin?! :D 4 years ago  
So I can get buff while playing PC or Xbox 360 4 years ago  
If booker Dewitt can take it so can I 4 years ago  
Both are dumb 4 years ago +1
*shoot bow* yay I win 4 years ago  
Look like snoop dogg 4 years ago +3
Spray on faces and get away 4 years ago  
You can make lists? 4 years ago  
Screw that neither 4 years ago +1
I never seen none of them but maybe I like arrow 4 years ago  
I love vans and I hate cats. easy choice for me 4 years ago  
But gta 5 is addicting 4 years ago  
Call of duty ghost is a bad I am not saying I could do better but the campaign is pretty good but the extinction,multiplayer and the DLC's are just bad 4 years ago +1
A jester can make fun of the king without getting brutally murdered 4 years ago +7
End world hunger,survival or your just hungry :) 4 years ago +1
No it wasn't I saying if you don't need to crack open the outside 4 years ago  
I guess Pizza Hut with my older brother is the answer 4 years ago  
That is adoreable 4 years ago +1
I need my hand for gaming 4 years ago  
Enjoy O_O 4 years ago +1
http://youtu.be/vsp18UOLveU 4 years ago  
I will also send a remix 4 years ago  
http://youtu.be/OLBOn0Whhyc 4 years ago  
If you don't know why this question is keep getting asked I will send your guys a link 4 years ago  
21 4 years ago  
Time to draw a square *picks up a pen* boom!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
I choose the last of us remastered edition 4 years ago  
These pictures are so beautfu 4 years ago +1
I can play mortal kombat while my clone does my homework I can ditch school while my clone is at school I can do a a big project faster 4 years ago  
Really? O_O 4 years ago  
You NSA douchebags are sad lonely fu(ktar 4 years ago +3
Meep meep 4 years ago +1
B is fu[ked up 4 years ago  
Is that a boondocks quote? 4 years ago  
Snake 4 years ago  
Hell on wheels the walking dead and the breaking bad I already watch them 4 years ago  
I watch the nfl I don't know what you nigg.as are talkin about 4 years ago +1
Not old enough and i love tea iced tea not that hot crap 4 years ago  
I am not old enough 4 years ago  
I am not old enough 4 years ago  
Eyepatch and I need my fingers for gaming 4 years ago  
Don't give a f*** 4 years ago +1
With a parachute 4 years ago  
I love my sister and brothers 4 years ago +1
If it is seedless 4 years ago +4
More badass 4 years ago  
I already do 4 years ago  
Faster 4 years ago  
Xbox and ps all day 4 years ago  
This is kind of sexists 4 years ago +1
Sorry Pinocchio 4 years ago +1
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