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i think i'll ask anime and gaming questions

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    it is when a group of people circle around and get a revoler one bullet and take turns until the person finally gets the chamber with the bullet in it  
    we already live a society with no liberty  
    why would i want to live broke forever?  
    amazing spiderman is not bad but i rather watch batman  
    -cries- idk  
    dont have a pet ha suck it  
    mw3- good singleplayer,, ok story, average mulitplayer bf3- great singleplayer, bad story, kick ass mulitplayer but i see me playing bf3 more  
    both sound sucky +3
    now iphone 6 plus is here lol  
    1.my phone service is off 2.it is a blackberry so idc  
    like both tbh  
    isn't hotmail closed? no wait that is msn messager  
    armor games  
    4 reasons i get bugatti 1.faster 2.better looking (in my opinion) 3.can you imagine going to school with that thing?4.is it camero a douchebag car? or is it mustang or both?  
    never heard of amd +1
    i am not really into ios +1
    same :D  
    who still uses records?  
    i think ms sirois is either his real teacher or a example  
    hard choice hmmm  
    i have a ipad it kinda blows  
    so true  
    idk each way works  
    dang i agree  
    no i haven't let me look it up  
    i like both tbh  
    Really that is why?  
    i mostly use google sorry yahoo users  
    i love keyboard and mouse but you can just always plug a xbox controller is it if you want to  
    pc definity  
    why r people so negative on this website come on smile :D  
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