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Im evil

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    Some things are better left unsaid.  
    I hate no one. And my Grandmother is not annoying.  
    People ave their own beliefs.  
    I don't hate anybody so i'm good.  
    Me rather be single.  
    I love my family and don't have the heart to kill children so I skipped this.  
    I would light the inside of my mouth on fire.  
    I had a Vomit Milkshake once, it tasted like a pube sandwich.  
    No religion: Less discrimination.  
    Predator looks more badass.  
    Aww hell yeah, screw sports!  
    Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Dime-bag Darrell, Steve Jobs, and John Bonham.  
    You my friend are a genius.  
    where is my 12 gauge  
    good one  
    bn to vegas twice been to angeles thrice  
    iwill kill the rapist  
    past relationships will piss them off +1
    10'4 +11
    i will live  
    i will survive the train like a boss  
    crap! i need to change my answer!  
    i rather get choked then electrocuted  
    ill rip his ears off  
    rolls royce is badass  
    I HATE you!  
    im big no locker for me  
    i have both  
    ariana grande  
    i can teleport  
    i can absorb lightning  
    ariana grande  
    quiet like that girl on pitch perfect  
    i like quiet things  
    ive been to both twice  
    you dont exist  
    i dont have enemies  
    cause, that way i woul be ready for it  
    maximum carrot use  
    i wish the holocaust, 9-11, and the boston explosion, and the deaths of all the bullied kids in the world were alive, also i wish we could have peace in the world  
    hitlers homicide will never be forgotten....  
    lets go to ireland in a helicopter!  
    i could read minds while flying  
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