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    oyis. juses crust  
    Worth it.  
    Pretty sure you don't know the definition of "eat."  
    Needs more republican.  
    First pic, donate unlimited supply of money to development of prosthetic penis. ??? Profit  
    Spoiler: You die either way +200
    To be fair, it could probably go into the urethra with little to no problem, given that it was lubed.  
    You're deep-six'd either way. EOS  
    This site makes me question my humanity  
    Mmmm Walrus  
    To be fair the picture is of a literal blue waffle.  
    "option 2 would only ruin 1 day..." Sure, given that you survived  
    The maggots wouldn't kill you.  
    Walruses are f*cking hot bruh  
    Anal with 3 scorpions sounds hella hot. +189
    You're pretty much dead either way, depending on how long you have to excrete said 400,000 gallons.  
    My god  
    "all apple products suck ball" Only one?  
    Right, right. :^)  
    I wasn't aware that there could only be one women.  
    Screw my family, and screw society. I live for me. :^)  
    You apparently don't know what it means to lose all of your senses.  
    There's supposed to be a random in non-random option. Try again.  
    Or some of us are more entertained by American football than European football. Nah, what am I saying, we have to turn this into another America v.s. the world argument.  
    Actually, what if you just don't want your face on money? To all of those who are whining about the "choice being obvious."  
    The misspelling of "to" in this post affirms what sort of person typed it.  
    I'd rather not have some f*ckwit rule me with absolute control, sorry to everyone whose fetish that is.  
    Option A looks like somebody vomited corn and cherries and then organized them into rows.  
    Who's to say that a flood wouldn't take out the supports for your treehouse?  
    B is ugly? Mk.  
    Because your atheism is completely relevant to the question.  
    It's funny how many of these morons don't know the meaning of "would you rather."  
    America.. using sh*tty grammar since 2012  
    Both suck tbh  
    Still not a valid question.  
    Here's to doubting the feasibility of this situation.  
    Not a valid question. GTFO.  
    Wonder what kind of conservative asshat wrote this BS? xD  
    *Insert religious BS here*  
    You do know that happened over 100 years ago, right?  
    Noice, superficial question.  
    LOL USA. That's a funny joke.  
    Actually it's not surprising. You're a little hipster. Go back to Tumblr and cry about how you were born in the wrong generation.  
    Seriously? 48%? RIP faith in humanity.  
    You're literally cancer.  
    Logic is dead.  
    Not planning on having kids anyway. I win.  
    They both suck. xD  
    Unless the religion will become true, there's no point in starting your own religion. Unless of course you have a fetish for screwing people over. In that case, have at it.  
    I'm question why the sex of a doctor is important.  
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