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Just a random brony passing by...

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Listen to one song? One song only, Lady Humps by the "Black Eyed Peas" 4 years ago +1
I LOVE House/Dance/Electronic/Techno/Trance, Heck, i MAKE that! here's a link to one of my most recent remixes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-_uUefKNnA 4 years ago  
Buy specs and the latest gadgets, and a Maybach 4 years ago  
I barely use my cellphone 4 years ago  
And yes, this question DOES make sense, just make your brain cells work for once :3 4 years ago  
We are talking in a decision aspect, as in if you chose A, you will love the people you normally hate, therefore not hating them anymore, if you chose B, you hate the people you normally love, therefore not loving them anymore. im not saying that by choosing any of those you HAVE to complete it, im just putting it as a fun way to see how people react to this question. :) 4 years ago  
Tacos! 4 years ago  
That's because the scene went dark before the top could even fall, silly 4 years ago  
Youtube 4 years ago +1
Uuu yes, harder, Mmm! :3 4 years ago +2
On size, it is 1, on value, it is 2 4 years ago  
With Stevia, please 4 years ago  
Apply some trolling on them 4 years ago  
She would give you Aids 4 years ago  
In other words, live life normally :P 4 years ago  
No one cares about maybachs... 4 years ago  
My dyslexia kicked in today, i thought you said "Shit in the tub with the shower on" Ew :P 4 years ago  
KAWAII SUSHI! 4 years ago  
Gordon is More tough 4 years ago  
Om good at dancing, so yeah, i'll ace this for sure 4 years ago  
Goodbye to the only person that pissed me off 4 years ago  
Don't care, had sex 4 years ago  
So i can be like many video game characters 4 years ago  
Monday Shuffle, Tuesday Shuffle, ERY BODY 4 years ago  
It's Ellen Page, she did the MOCAP for Jodie 4 years ago  
Then i can go all Premium Rush in NYC! 4 years ago  
It shouldn't be illegal if you use it for yourself and you grow it by yourself. 4 years ago  
I already have a good relationship with both my sibling and my parents, so yeah, either or, it wouldn't be much of a diference 4 years ago  
*At a church* HALLELUJAH! 4 years ago  
Then i can get laid by saying i like JB, Them girls will be all over me 4 years ago  
Just like the iMac, looks shiny and beautiful, works like sh*t. 4 years ago  
Nerds are smart, Geeks are the ones that are fans of Pop-cultural things 4 years ago  
That way i can play Deemo 4 years ago  
A Cooper... 4 years ago  
Penis shaped vehicles are cool... 4 years ago  
Still be a sir when trolling, am i right? 4 years ago  
Wow, i answered randomly and im 15, then i realized "Shit, a 5 year old girl!?" 4 years ago  
Chromecast... 4 years ago  
Im a good dancer, but IF we get it on, we have the bed nearby :3 4 years ago  
If you're a one hit wonder, you will soon be forgotten, if you're an average singer, you can be famous with decent songs 4 years ago  
Im not Gay, nor im a Homophobic, im just straight and that's what i picked :P 4 years ago  
GOTTA GO FAST! 4 years ago  
If she slaps me, i talk her out of it 4 years ago  
20 Potatoes throughout my life, yes 4 years ago  
3way! 4 years ago  
Bros before hoes 4 years ago  
Read "The Explorer" then you'll think twice before going to space 4 years ago  
I barely even use my cellphone, And i still have a house phone, so yeah 4 years ago  
Well, Mexico isn't THAT bad, but still, not the Best 4 years ago  
I can easily remove it.... So i win 4 years ago  
Well, we are united, am i right? 4 years ago  
Still have a phone... 4 years ago  
At least i get pussy :3 4 years ago  
Bro's before Ho's 4 years ago  
Well, this one is..... odd.... it's like "Either or, you're seen as a bad person" like, WTF? 4 years ago  
It was a pretty interesting adventure, Michael... 4 years ago  
At least i don't have to deal with Scurvy 4 years ago  
Let's experiment with our mind on this one... 4 years ago  
I wish to be able to wish for money.... 4 years ago  
Why download music from a buggy POS? 4 years ago  
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