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King Kendrick!

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    All people that are guest are stupid 6 months ago  
    Android has mods where iOS has Siri 6 months ago  
    If you die with your girl you can go to heaven and F.u.c.k as long as you want 6 months ago  
    Jello looks like candy while pudding looks like poop 6 months ago  
    EAT THE PUSSY 6 months ago  
    A because he’s Albert Einstein 6 months ago  
    Unbuntu 6 months ago  
    A war sound better than a trek 6 months ago  
    B because theirs no movie for boats but theirs a movie for planes 6 months ago  
    A don’t snitch (less I have to) 6 months ago  
    Windows because they have protection where apple can be destroyed 6 months ago  
    B because If a lived their I would be more powerful than Kim Jon un 6 months ago  
    I picked B because Albania looks scary 6 months ago  
    Viva la France 6 months ago  
    Just take a test and FREEDOM 6 months ago  
    Shave it off 6 months ago  
    B because you can get money in a minute 6 months ago  
    Easy get someone else to do it 6 months ago  
    Red because I am black 6 months ago  
    B because of angry birds 6 months ago  
    Day and Nite 6 months ago  
    B because Kendrick Lamar’s music video Alright was black and white 6 months ago  
    Take both suitcases 6 months ago  
    Not a faggot 6 months ago  
    BMW because and logo and named is cool 6 months ago  
    USA because Donald Trump is not a real USA citizen 6 months ago +1
    B because the name is more fancy 6 months ago  
    Barcardi because the name is cooler 6 months ago +1
    Jazz is meant for electric guitar 6 months ago  
    Coke because it’s less sugar 6 months ago  
    Pussy > Money 6 months ago  
    Wealth = happy 6 months ago  
    Easy sign language 6 months ago  
    You can read a book on the TV 6 months ago  
    Man of the year 6 months ago  
    A hotel is camping because your in a super advanced tent 6 months ago  
    The only reason I didn’t pick A is because that face on the building is creepy as F!U!C!K 6 months ago  
    Neither 11 months ago  
    Nymeria and Boss just give up most of the world is Christian so your talking says nothing 11 months ago +1
    mangobear your a idiot 11 months ago  
    Two Words:Super Powers 11 months ago  
    I am not gay this is a stupid question 11 months ago  
    I could just kill myself before 11 months ago  
    Sex is better than money 1 year ago  
    WTF 1 year ago  
    IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK 1 year ago  
    if these walls could talk 1 year ago  
    Kendrick Lamar is both 1 year ago +1
    If these walls could talk 1 year ago  
    If these walls could talk 1 year ago  
    Bruh you can use spotfiy and go on youtube and listen to music for free 1 year ago  
    BE THE BEST FRIEND WTF 1 year ago  
    IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK 1 year ago  
    IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK 1 year ago  
    if want to make some one disapper then draw that man dead ( not trying to be creepy) 1 year ago  
    there always the normal phone 1 year ago  
    Blue water hell yeah!!! 1 year ago  
    what if random goes bad 1 year ago  
    then you cant take a shower or drink dummy 1 year ago  
    time is money 1 year ago  
    make sure my death is peacful 1 year ago  
    love ismor eimportant thaan moey 1 year ago  
    I am the oldest  
    50 5050  
    You someone  
    Race is bad o  
    Duh happy is more fun then sad  
    Fat is dum  
    I am German +1
    Smart is better  
    Milk shakes  
    Games ohh yah  
    Anything with big palm trees and jungles Hawaii it is  
    Cash so I can get gifts  
    Dude way better  
    If you make a new law then the new law can be I can get rid any law I want. See you just have to pick a answer that can do that answer to  
    Family is the most important thing ever. Sorry for the wrong question  
    I just think as myself as a baby then drink it  
    Duh because you get more days off  
    Always protect your brother  
    Way better because you die but go too heven. It's painful but nice when you die  
    Watch them duh  
    Mae +1
    Bigger rubber balls  
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