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    Regardless if what you choose, you are still responsible for your decision. Even if you can't be punished legally for doing nothing, you'll have to live the rest of your life knowing you let five people die when you could have just had one die. The good of many outweighs the good of one, no?  
    I was hit in the fact with a soccer ball once, it wasn't that bad.  
    Bringing 80s/90s back?  
    I would get to meet aliens!  
    I don't really like champagne or jello so the question for me is would you rather get sticky or wet? I choose wet.  
    Surprisingly, a lot of people actually survive lightning strikes. So I think I'll take my chances with the lightning.  
    No one notices me so I'd rather be noticed even if for bad reasons. Plus what if the "bad" attention is actually good, like everybody thinks I beat people up and avoids me thinking I'm a badass. XD  
    Technically, most of the population has herpes, that's what cold sores are. Most of the population has herpes, although not the type typically associated with the disease, as in genital herpes. But a different type of herpes, often checked by the immune system, but when the immune system is weakened, such as when a person has a cold, hence the name cold sores, the herpes virus can show up as bumps around the mouth, and typically is only temporary and goes away quickly. +1
    I would rather have a perfect face and my current body. I made the mistake of picking at my blemishes when I was a teenager and now I'm paying for it with little scars all over my face, I have an ugly face. I wish I hadn't done that. Teens, just wait for the blemishes to go away, better a short while of blemishes than a lifetime of scars.  
    Pokemon never caused wars.  
    Tell people I'm a vampire and freak them out. Also, protection from sun when it's too sunny, and more fashionable than a helmet.  
    Chobits? +1
    I don't like being touched so... yeah...  
    Can I be kidnapped by the Doctor?  
    Ew, pee in the shower? No, jeez. just hold it or get out and get back in.  
    Ah, it'd be a forbidden love, how romantic! Besides, if my friends are truly my friends, they'll accept whoever I fall in love with.  
    I don't want to watch my dreams, they're always weird and make me uncomfortable.  
    Already pretty much deaf in one ear.  
    The Doctor will save us.  
    Shooting is faster and over quicker. And if it would kill me it would kill me faster than getting stabbed.  
    I'd tell people I'm a vampire and scare them.  
    Saw Donald Trump, had to click other option. Besides, people like comedians.  
    When you freeze to death you fall asleep, essentially, so I'd rather fall asleep and die. Eventually you just stop feeling cold, anyway.  
    I have no friends. :(  
    My dad would actually go easier on me than my mom, lol. Though my mom isn't that harsh to begin with.  
    Gay men are the best men. XD  
    Dinner with David Tenant? YES! +1
    Sleep is for the weak  
    I'd rather be older, I'd get to be more stuff plus I've always wanted a little brother or sister to love and cherish. Being the youngest isn't always what it's cracked up to be. It can be fun, yeah, you do get spoiled more, but at the same time you can't do as much, you're left out of "adult" conversations, and your older sibling(s) pick on you.  
    Screw my friend, if it's their fault, they should go to jail. However, if it's my fault, then I feel guilty about choosing option B now...  
    Bill Gates pretty much invented the computer. Steve Jobs just took other people's ideas.  
    Wolves are my spirit animal so WOLF!!!  
    I shall call him Alfred.  
    I'd get seasick, so I'd rather fly. +1
    Screw being a kid you can't do anything and everybody is taller and stronger than you, plus, no one takes you seriously. As an adult you can do so much.  
    I hope it's the Doctor.  
    Crud, I clicked the second one before reading that I couldn't adopt! I wouldn't mind not being able to have kids, in fact, that might take some of the pressure off of me to have kids.I don't want to have kids naturally, I want to adopt.  
    But I already sleep 10 hours a day, pretty much.  
    Being in a coma terrifies me. O.O  
    You're dead to me, son.  
    I'd rather control my dreams, 'cause honestly, most of my dreams are either weird or bad, but rarely good.  
    Mental institutions really aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Movies exaggerate them. Most mental institutions these days are not nearly as bad as the movies make them out to be. In fact, quite a few are very good. And not everybody in a mental institution is a crazed psychopath looking to kill you. Many people in mental institutions are just normal people like you or me looking to get help for their condition. Even those who are schizophrenic are not necessarily violent. End mental illness ignorance!  
    Justin Bieber is a jerk to his fans, as far as I can tell, Rebecca Black isn't a jerk, just not popular.  
    I'm already miserable and not a genius but pretty smart, might as well be a genius.  
    Would hot mermen also be real, then?  
    I'm already practically deaf in one ear.  
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