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    pewdiepie +1
    tough one  
    i dont have an arch enemy  
    i have no ex +1
    good question CrazyChixo , as usual :) +2
    well its really your point of view. and if you think that spiderman is real i respect that, so as you should respect my point of view. i am not going to attack you because of what you think is real  
    the baby is already produced inside of you. so you are actually killing a human being  
    i dont . i know he is real  
    i am short  
    i bet only trolls voted for the first option +1
    wouldnt bother being a gamer girl  
    thats the point.  
    hard one..  
    I will , problem?  
    god is already real +1390
    wrong one.....  
    goodbye, have a good time in hell  
    thankyou captain obvious  
    forever alone +3
    better than being you so...  
    i bet your a fat asshole  
    i would continue talking so they would be annoyed and F*CK THEM  
    you were a kid once so fuucck you  
    it didnt say you were going to die in space  
    since they took of your brain  
    we already have hell on earth, because of ourselves. we have made this world this dangerous +4
    im a girl so...... +3
    neither duh  
    at least you can be jelous at your enemy, meanwhile you cant feel jelous at your best friend  
    kill yourself  
    you will burn in hell b*tch  
    so are you  
    I wish you luck burning in hell b*tch  
    you are an asshole and picked option A  
    no, that only explains that you are an insignificant asshole with no dignity  
    no one would fall in love with you  
    i chose the wrong one :s  
    well i see you want to suffer in hell asshole  
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