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    i wear cute glasses :)  
    the egg fell down from the sky (it was indestructible) +1
    no me gusta espanol (I don't like spanish)  
    i am...but very slowly  
    skip PE  
    i AM tall  
    for some stupid reason, my mouth itches whenever i have red ones, but not green  
    dont have a phone.....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  
    i would give SOME OF IT away  
    already saw a whale  
    i own a Wii  
    it doesnt say that you have to give them money  
    buy a jacket. DUH.  
    im tall. if i wear heels, ill be like f*cking Gigantor  
    billionaire in 1776 is basically middle class today....  
    one word: ELECTRO  
    at least my breath will smell nice :)  
    anyone else watched South Park's "Humancentipad'?  
    catch the motherf*cker and shoot him  
    well im already half a foot taller than everyone else in my grade...does that make me a giant?  
    who are they?  
    never said how obese you are ;)  
    YOLO spelled backward = OLOY = Only Losers Obey YOLO  
    i could just get a ton of money, then be talented AND rich.  
    the queen could kill someone and get away with it...i read it somewhere  
    *SIGHS* already caught them...  
    vacation MUTHAF*CKAS!  
    while id rather not live forever, i also dont really want to die this instant...  
    already have a dog  
    Apple and Blackberry should team up and make a phone called the Pie  
    im terrible at defending people  
    im using chrome  
    nope. wont do either  
    im too young  
    i hate soda!  
    if i live forever....ill want to die  
    if there was a receipt, id just go to the store, return it, and get something else.  
    i could take a bath  
    lol I'm 11  
    I can't decide... :(  
    everyone i know would be dead by the time im 140  
    already live in the city  
    like one tatoo  
    baby is so sucky  
    I already wear glasses.  
    Motorhomes are tiny...I could rent a goddamn cruise ship to live on.  
    I love it, too.  
    Hard choice, but I'd keep friends over good job. Maybe I'll enter the lottery...  
    I love monkeys!  
    I don't want everyone watching.  
    Whenever I walk in the forest, I get mosquito bites... +1
    Terrible parents... +2
    I don't have a phone...  
    Buy my own gifts. :)  
    Although I wouldn't wear boys' underwear, I'd still rather be a tomboy.  
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