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    yeah it does sorry bro 2 years ago  
    bekky lemme smash (origninal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TcLxlkc2pA ) 2 years ago  
    i like trains 2 years ago +2
    wron one 2 years ago  
    i hope not the same as what wrong is with me 2 years ago  
    the owner of microsoft and steve jobs is the owner of apple 2 years ago  
    no 2 years ago  
    2x0=0 2 years ago  
    oops wrong one 2 years ago  
    NL yay 2 years ago  
    you shouldnt bully a bully because a bully is most of the times abused by there parents and/or the parents always fight eachother. so 2 years ago  
    battlefield 1 2 years ago  
    im skinny already 2 years ago  
    wrong one 2 years ago  
    wrong one 2 years ago  
    at home nobody can see me fail misserbly 2 years ago  
    yes me to because of the icons next to the question XD 2 years ago  
    in the jungle the mighty jungle is where the lion sleeps :D (lion king anybody) 2 years ago  
    ikr 2 years ago  
    wrong one 2 years ago  
    now i dont think you know what will happen if you kill hitler.If you kill hitler before the holocaust then you alter the timeline and you might not be even born.So who is getting dumber? 2 years ago  
    probly some one who wanted a 100% 2 years ago  
    then you choose the wrong one 2 years ago  
    me so i can have a little bit of experience for in hell XD 2 years ago  
    that is true 2 years ago  
    arg wrong one 2 years ago  
    Uuhg stop it with these loopholes 2 years ago  
    Wrong one 2 years ago  
    Haha I didn't skip (not gay) ((don't have any problems with gay people)) 2 years ago +1
    The wrath of the lich king WoW 2 years ago  
    write them down :D 2 years ago  
    batllefield 1 is better 2 years ago  
    i think you mean disk-11 2 years ago +3
    BRO YOU ARE EVERY WHERE 2 years ago  
    aarg misklicked and i have ict 2 years ago  
    GAMER GIRLS ARE NEEDED 2 years ago +6
    thta joke was golden 2 years ago +1
    the person who posted this one. posted it in 2012 2 years ago  
    WRONG ONE :( 2 years ago +1
    both 2 years ago  
    i've got a jar of dirt. i've got a jar of dirt. and gues whats inside 2 years ago +1
    me 2 years ago  
    i would make friends with her cause im going to hell (if it existed) 2 years ago  
    i've got a jar of dirt 2 years ago  
    oops wrong one 2 years ago  
    scooby dooby do where ae you? 2 years ago  
    they have a helmet. But i have a WATERMELONE 2 years ago +4
    i prefer bounty's 2 years ago  
    i choose the wrong one AGAIN 2 years ago  
    same over here XD :D 2 years ago  
    aah i picked the wrong one :( 2 years ago  
    first thing i would do as a crowd control (assuming i get a gun) is killin JB 2 years ago  
    both are good 2 years ago  
    nope we use mac ons school and i had an iphone both suck amazingly 2 years ago  
    i picked the wrong one :( 2 years ago  

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