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    i like him today 2 years ago  
    sex 2 years ago  
    thats the same what i thinks @cantthinkofawittyone 2 years ago  
    im a guy and i never used make up 2 years ago  
    oh im live in germany id like to visit switzerland 2 years ago  
    usain 2 years ago  
    ????? 2 years ago  
    when it wasnt religion then it wasnt give isis and terror 2 years ago  
    are you stupid 2 years ago  
    unicorn sh*t 2 years ago  
    when you eat spinach you'll be strong like popei 2 years ago  
    More than australia 2 years ago  
    like this comment when you play tennis 2 years ago  
    the sized girls has a nice ass and nice boobs 2 years ago  
    Bugatti 2 years ago  
    france 2 years ago  
    when she has a nice ass :D 2 years ago  

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