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    I like pudding! -Cosby  
    It's technically not even a baby then  
    But Hillary will be next  
    Am I a bad person for choosing this?  
    hate both  
    I like Obama but working for Oprah has to pay well  
    Yes, I love it too +1
    ...the best thing ever? +1
    Doubt it  
    IDK what you're talking about but Bush started a war. Wars kill people too you know  
    Yes, bush has done a lot. Bush has done a whole lot of crap.  
    Not necessarily  
    But Bush is better?  
    Yes he is, he proved it +2
    You might be the dumbest person if you think Obama is a communist +1
    I don't even like Obama that much, but he's like Einstein compared to that other idiot in the second option  
    [friends] IS ALL YOU NEED!  
    Winter is coming  
    Didnt do the math is that good or not?  
    Rebecca matured...  
    9gag army here  
    Good you're not in charge then  
    Pepsi tastes SLIGHTLY better  
    oh no! A majority of idiots has voted!  
    ya gotta do what ya gotta do  
    people who have voted have obviously never heard of or seen Star Trek  
    you constantly live with 10% chance of instant death. Just think of what could happen! Planes could come crash down and kill you this moment!  
    are we talking, clifford size or what?  
    Pscht! Bro, I did that when I was a baby!  
    When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It’s where my sadist hides It’s where my sadist hides  
    I don't work I'm 99!  
    I'd glady wear 80s clothes  
    True love comes with sex amiright  
    I'd be a camper, myself...  
    Both are equal in terms of pain  
    bottom line mermaids are sexy  
    pretty much how I look right now then  
    No casual racism in the comments? Dear god...  
    how can a relationship be awful with incredible sex?  
    Cause I'm too dumb too learn proper syntax  
    Animals are stupid, guys...  
    My dreams are boring. Music is not  
    Thanks OP for the accurate picture!  
    49% pervs  
    forever is always better than a year  
    Thanks OP for explaining that III means 3!  
    Any question that has money as an option...  
    That second one isn't really an option for me... oops  
    Now how many of you are truly being honest here!  
    I'm already pretty fly ;)  
    Hometown = Paris B)  
    That king scares me more than the clown  
    Don't forget the number of people who died in the Harry Potter books...  
    Both are exactly the same  
    I'd rather no one came to my wedding  
    I freaking love canada  
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