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    Dark and gloomy - to me it's nice 13 hours ago  
    I have never met anyone who could convince me otherwise 2 days ago +1
    Anesthesia awareness 5 days ago  
    I'm nice to you as long as you're nice to me 6 days ago +2
    I have enough fat already 1 week ago  
    In my late twenties 2 weeks ago  
    Hopefully, they don't regret it 2 weeks ago  
    I would forgive them because it's not healthy for me to hold a grudge forever. I would however never forget how they treated me. 3 weeks ago  
    More physical activity 3 weeks ago  
    Bothered to comment though. 3 weeks ago  
    Misclick. Most of the time they're on the streets because of their own fault 4 weeks ago  
    I like keeping things tidy 4 weeks ago  
    I have never liked Star Wars. 4 weeks ago  
    Another vegan bs. Everything has its meaning in the environment, carnivores included or they wouldn't be here in the first place. Nothing good comes out of humans meddling with the laws of nature. 1 month ago +7
    Even if I did, I wouldn't 1 month ago  
    How the hell are you going to pick something up with wings? 1 month ago +1
    I write stories, read a lot and go to movies 1 month ago  
    Latvian 1 month ago +1
    It's just a few days 1 month ago  
    Nice gifts, cool people, tasty food. 1 month ago  
    Because Santa isn't real so this has to be an intruder 1 month ago +3
    I really don't enjoy spicy foods 1 month ago  
    Definitely. 1 month ago +1
    With no A there might be less B 1 year ago  
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