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Would you rather Be annoying or Be shy 5 years ago 157 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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Not like id mind and he can always lose weight when he grows up 5 years ago  
5 5 years ago  
I cant believe youre still into comics 5 years ago  
Lol 5 years ago +1
Not good at sports 5 years ago  
I want to show off 5 years ago  
I could cover it with my hair 5 years ago +3
I remember i always asked my mom and dad for a pet even though everyone else in my family hated the thought 5 years ago  
I want to be a caring mother. No point in children if you wanted them gone the moment you got him 5 years ago  
I could make him a nice dress 5 years ago +3
Can i try to switch places with her 5 years ago +3
I dont see a problem with a bottle 5 years ago +3
I only picked because of cookie monster 5 years ago  
So cute 5 years ago +3
It probably wouldnt work either way 5 years ago  
Less dangerous 5 years ago  
The shark just seems dumb 5 years ago +1
Alligators 5 years ago  
12355678 i dint really mind who 5 years ago  
Nopenopenopenope 5 years ago +2
Neither are manly 5 years ago  
Never decided to watch the godfather 5 years ago  
at least no one will know 5 years ago +3
Seems less disgusting 5 years ago  
Seems easier id get sick of the songs and never want to hear them 5 years ago  
I could try to get over it. But it probably end 5 years ago  
i once got a weird stare from this woman who thought i was talking to nothing 5 years ago +2
Well i dont think i could withstand the torture 5 years ago  
I cold get stabbed trying to reach for it 5 years ago +2
I could become and olympic rinner 5 years ago  
Im not going to need fighting moves so 5 years ago  
Why 5 years ago +1
Id need it more 5 years ago  
Neither 5 years ago  
Wow i cant believe i clicked the wrong one. Im not gay 5 years ago  
My arms break either way 5 years ago  
Not that much 10,000 seems big itself for something so little gross but not 100,000 gross 5 years ago  
Never watched A 5 years ago  
To messy and jello would make me bounce 5 years ago +2
I like the accent 5 years ago +1
Same thing 5 years ago  
Ugh i hate both like were they murdered all of the sudden 5 years ago  
I dont drink 5 years ago  
I dont really like donuts 5 years ago  
S3 better 5 years ago  
Im no slut 5 years ago  
MARSHMALOWS 5 years ago +1
They wont hurt me 5 years ago +1
Idc all the same to me 5 years ago  
A looks like i could fall of 5 years ago +1
Knolwedge is more powerful than a gun 5 years ago +2
Kill them with kidness 5 years ago +3
B to creepy 5 years ago +1
Im Not into creepy metal 5 years ago  
I could ride one 5 years ago  
I could be their qeen 5 years ago +2
I dont play videogames really 5 years ago  
I cant talk in chat unless someone ask me something. Im not good at chatting :( 5 years ago +3
Id be to scared 5 years ago  
Ponies > dumb vapires 5 years ago +5
Dont watch soccor 5 years ago  
At he has nice Abs 5 years ago +2
I always end up with the last choice 5 years ago +2
Thats just weird 5 years ago +1
I dont even have a comment above 10 likes 5 years ago  
Id feel guilty even to someone i dont really like 5 years ago  
I dont really have bad skin 5 years ago  
idk 5 years ago  
MARSHMELOW :-D 5 years ago +5
And then a new one coms out 5 years ago  
I dont care about dc 5 years ago  
Cant wait impatient 5 years ago  
Tattoos hurt 5 years ago +3
Idk 5 years ago  
I need my beauty sleep 5 years ago  
I still dont like being outside in the dark 5 years ago +1
It seems more expensive 5 years ago  
Im shy 5 years ago  
I could never Do that 5 years ago  
Mabye i could Make it work 5 years ago  
We dont really celebrate birthdays unless with friends 5 years ago  
Chuck norris is 5 years ago +9
Im not creative at all though 5 years ago  
Theyed both end up killing me 5 years ago  
I dont want diabetes 5 years ago  
No point in fighting a battle for no reward 5 years ago +1
Dodo birds never got a fair deal 5 years ago  
I feel like i know why people picked the first one more 5 years ago +2
I dont wear much makeup unless its to something special 5 years ago  
To shy 5 years ago  
I dont like science fiction 5 years ago  
It probabyly make me cry more:'( 5 years ago +3
Safe 5 years ago +1
Well thats racsist 5 years ago  
Mean but not illegal 5 years ago +1
Well its still wrong 5 years ago +3
It gross 5 years ago +1
I dont even play many video games 5 years ago  
I dont like pain 5 years ago +1
Werent they worshiped by mortals 5 years ago  
Someone could get killed 5 years ago  
Not that bad if i live alone 5 years ago  
I wont have to ask for A and nothing will be wrong 5 years ago  
He could lift the couch and do the hard work 5 years ago +1
I wont be able to hear the other things in the game playing my own music 5 years ago  
Quicker 5 years ago +1
I sleep in my own room 5 years ago +1
What 5 years ago +3
I dont want to be a robot 5 years ago +1
it looks fun.... is it like paint 5 years ago +1
thats... haunting 5 years ago  
i dont like omegle web chat to many creepers 5 years ago  
im not good at smiling anyways 5 years ago  
idk what swarthy is 5 years ago  
i hate buns 5 years ago +3
im flat 5 years ago  
im way to young 5 years ago  
who?? 5 years ago +2
why would i do such a thing like starve for this 5 years ago +3
i like her hair alot 5 years ago  
atleast i get some money 5 years ago  
forgot about that 5 years ago +1
such a cute little thing 5 years ago +4
i dont play black opps 5 years ago +1
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