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    Soul Surfer  
    Friends last longer  
    Best friend usually lasts longer lol just saying  
    I'm a girl  
    Didn't said it was a real car  
    Does the celebrity have 2 be a real person? If so Zac Efrom if not JIMMY NEUTRON ALL THE WAY BABAY!!!!!!! +1
    I don't drink  
    U can use ur phone 2 find ur keys  
    I want 2 be able 2 support them  
    That person is a coward if they broke up with u with a text  
    Seriously where is that stupid both button?  
    What the difference?  
    I want a both button  
    The more people the better. Btw just watch the standed espiode of Jimmy Neutron n other shows n movies that prove better not 2 be alone  
    Same here. I have no idea who Natalie Portman is  
    Whatever monsters that don't shower or be a vamps? I luv my shower time thank u very much so yeah no reflection in mirror  
    Bingo hall any1?  
    Jimmy Neutron vehicles r awesome. Me want  
    I clicked the wrong button. I wanted skip not JB  
    I rather have my feelings hurt then my friend  
    What the difference?  
    Mac Daddy by TobyMac kid Tru +1
    Couldn't choose. Both button any1?  
    I can't choose. Where is the both button when u need them?  
    I disagree. Zac will ALWAYS be remember NOT Stephan Hawking  
    Btw you don't know if there is no wifi or not in the HP world  
    I would die  
    WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCES? Please don't kill me btw  
    think of music as a language then u r a master of music  
    think of skip as a both/neither button  
    awesome/terriable joke. where is the both question when u need 1?  
    Luv that kind of joke where u test n find out if they have a dirty mind  
    It would be super kool 2 have both  
    I rather have all 4  
    same here Arizona, US guest. Can some1 please explain it 2 me too?  
    I am mixed n I don't drink coffee plus I LUV MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    same expert for the ones who justize being the cheater  
    22% now  
    there is a skip button u know  
    I can't choose  
    hey guest from Isparta, Turkey U R DEAD WRONG  
    I luv chocolate too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  
    I am a girl  
    love wins  
    50 50  
    where is the both button when u need it?  
    I choose this @ random  
    I am a girl  
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