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    Option A: love? i think they meant live x3  
    I already am weird, in a good way. I want to be unique  
    I'm kinda a mix  
    Still am 10 (;  
    Believe it or not, Obama was actually a terrible president.  
    If its something very important, i'd rather call  
    movie theater all to myself? no talking? no judging? sounds good to me!  
    noooooooooooooooooooo i clicked the wrong 1!!  
    My birthday is a wonderful day, a wonderful feeling. Christmas is great too, but i just wouldn't feel as appreciated if nobody celebrated my birthday.  
    I would buy my own gifts.  
    I already have no friends. (; forever alone, forever happy XD  
    I owuld have a second job  
    I debate about this to myself ALL THE TIME.  
    I hate showering, why not bathes?  
    I can't decide.... This is so hard!  
    If i was in a retirement home, i wouldn't have to work most likely.  
    i dont get it...  
    I love big dogs, they're so fluffy and cuddley! I just want a small dog that needs less space, food, and water. Although a small dog would normally be more active than a large dog, I would need a big backyard in some cases. Also, to the people who are saying small dogs are obnoxious, barking rats, Lots of dogs don't bark. When you think of a small dog, you normally think of something like a chihuahua. Chihuahuas are known for barking... A LOT. Still, don't you see that there are other dogs in this world?  
    In a line, i usually don't have to wait too long. I have patience anyways. No bad drivers, mean less accidents on the road, which means more lives saved!  
    love doggies!  
    Id i knew everything, wouldn't i know how to rule everything?  
    anything but justin... X3  
    a wizard can be a nija  
    I would be in the book of world records!  
    I don't wear makeup. Nobody should feel the need to wear makeup all the time. Your beautiful no matter what.  
    Ya, I'd rather have white teeth, thank you very much!  
    Lets face it... we all get old some day.  
    And where exactly would I live while my mansions being built? Ya... so your basically living in B for some time no matter what.  
    What kind of question is this  
    Who would pick the first one??!!!  
    I'm sorry but thats just rude  
    I would rather be pretty and smart. I don't want to be ugly and popular because people might crowd me, and I don't like to be around a lot of people. Not that it matters how you look.  
    Idk what Russian Roulette is but i think you can die from it.  
    I would give that million dollars to the African families +1
    thats just savage..... rude  
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