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    i think they meant finger your dads bum hole  
    pooping feels better than throwing up soo....  
    16% are going to hell  
    what what, hairy lollipop? you said the same thing... confused  
    i clicked the dog picture, because its cute  
    people can believe what they wanna believe, and i believe the whole bible thing is a a load of poop, no prove of a "god" exisiting, give me prove and ill say SORRY +1
    i choked on a skittle in a london underground train, it was awful:(  
    youd die so much faster if you jumped off a buliding  
    my phone is my life, besides i lose my keys all the time  
    who the faq would put cars? toy story is like da best childhood film eva  
    got my phone, so no worrries  
    i already always eat meat  
    drowning is like one of the most painful ways to die, your lungs expand and just blow up inside you... nah thanks  
    wash it off lol  
    just imagine never seeing your family and friends again:(  
    nah stubbing your toe hurts way more than biting your tongue  
    sleeping is so damn good  
    derren brown, all i will say  
    id never want to kill my mother:(  
    nothing is going up my butt  
    omfg! i rape chickens anyway;) they taste so damn fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  
    EW no! but anything other than poo  
    but shed be dead, so she would smell too  
    i do this anyway  
    movies take less effort  
    who the hell would pick camping, wifi guys?  
    even though i love harry potter! money is more important than dragons and wizards  
    yeah drink vodka  
    how is there 15%  
    GUYS but sonic is fast as hell  
    just wear baggy clothes then scoff burgers down your throat  
    best friends can turn into dicks  
    people cant see you if youre sitting down  
    you might bond with the stranger after time  
    space would be sacry:/  
    really? calls are awesome  
    my birthdays are always sh*t  
    drinking age to like 10 sounds good  
    dr pepper doe +1
    i could live off that happily  
    guess im selfish then  
    my aswell enjoy the view, what is wrong with people  
    i accept fat people but i dont encourage them to eat more thats wrong  
    id work with all the animals:)  
    firefox is sh*t +1
    id love to leave by the beack tho  
    thats how life goes these days  
    youd just go crazy if you saw things that werent there! nightmares are cool  
    todays music is da bomb  
    i want to be able to do everything on this planet, so many cool places  
    ill only sleeping so...  
    wow lol im surprised its even 14% +1
    who the hell picked hairstyles, she looks like a dog  
    money is better than wishes cmon  
    but i want MJ back:'(  
    my best friend is already in love with me...  
    im used to the wet dog smell now  
    may aswell take the risk than be a boring old sod  
    macs are sh*t  
    10 hours of gangnam style fak nah  
    overdressed is sexy  
    ew my dreams are scary no thanks  
    may aswell! im skint right now  
    all the time  
    i didnt have to read the comments before guessing everyone illegally downlaods their music hahaaa  
    it would be fun tho  
    i just couldnt 100 is better than 1! poor puppies  
    i can not believe people are saying they woud be half death! lol this generation man  
    sorry but you only live once my friends, take the oppotunitys you can;)  
    why would you want to pause when you cant rewind on sh*t you did in the past  
    lol fak the soppy kids saying true love! its the 21st century guys only money CAN buy you happiness  
    flying baby  
    but mccdonalds taste better! im just hoping he meant he gave me chicken nuggets when telling me "i loved it"  
    if you ruled then it would be so stressful! like i cba with peoples problems  
    id probably starve in the past! like where would the maccy ds be?:O  
    im dead i wouldnt know! a wedding with no people would be embarrasing  
    if im dead i wouldnt know if anybody was there anyway! a wedding with no people would just be embarrasing  
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