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u didnt even skip it lol  
wut +2
s long as you can get around, you can still do a lot of the same things if you werent physically handicapped.  
lol its a BABY polar bear. duh xD  
but u didnt even skip it lol...  
well duh lol  
well more than a hundred million ppl know who she is...  
these cats ARE kittens o.O  
lol, fleas bit you and suck your blood, leaving you with a red bump. you dont need fur, as long as your wam blooded.. plus you can get a disease  
lmao you didnt even skip it  
haha, says "iluvthebiebs"  
wait...arent humans technically animals? sorry, just had to put that out there lolz :3  
thats not hard to find. and ifyou cant, just scribble out ur mistakes! or just learn to not mess up.  
lol yeah... +3
no theyre not. pepsi is a bit sweeter.  
Chrome! :3 crashes less. +1
ok, your other comment was sorta retarded, but this ones just wrong, its racist.  
wtf +1
cats have feelings and emotions just like people. i bet if all them cat lovers like myself came together, we cn bet your a** up, because thats just heartless. +1
well duh... +1
evcen if ur 11 you should still get the question.  
on the top it says FOR LIFE. so thats everyday until you die. +4
no it cant +1
dude, chill. its a would you rather question, made to have voters have a hard time choosing. this will never happen in real life. chill, and lay off the caps, PLEASE. +1
your comment is so...its like u arent thinking about the question. +1
what about that adorable puppy...?  
well excuse me for concerning bout animals. you th on thats sick, this question isnt even about abused children!animals have souls, feelings, and they cant even talk when theyre being abused! you have some nerve to be negativly replying to my comment bout a suffering animal. the hell with you.  
i cant think of anythikng fun you could do when you go to other planets +1
can i choose who i bring back to life??? +2
rihanna's more original  
hey, why not? everyone would be happy! +4
lol if i could take back everything i say, i would say weird things to people over and over to see their reaction. +202
what if falling in love w/ the person of your dreams is one of your dreams?  
the yahoo answers one. taxes r boring..  
family guy has funnier jokes +1
walgreens, better stuff!  
i can imaging that guy on the bike riding by all those people trying to gt on the train, and in a gangsta voice, he says "so long suckas!" and he rides away. +5
lol i just imagined that guy on the bike can see all those people trying to get on the train and he just rides by them like "so long,suckas!" +2
you never have to sharpen a pen and you can refill it with ink. +5
oooooh purple!! +1
hamster is smaller, so i would have to eat less and feel less guilty... +5
some targets hav a grocery section, so therefor i know would never ever starv  
shane dawson ftw!!!!  
lol i already live in san francisco. +1
jello pudding, the best of both worlds. +1
usa. free country! +1
walking with style ;D +5
i can buy a wig  
bmw.. +2
i chose iced coffee because it had chocolate on it... +18
too lazy... +1
animal abuse, because i cant stand to have something like that cute puppy suffer. thats just messed up. +6
hy, at least you'll know when to prepare. and you can do all the things you've never done before... +1
too much chocolate will make me throw up o.0  
at least no one has to die  
the big dog can protect you +2
i love both, but the electric guitar would give me a headache if i listen to it for too long  
you have more rights if ur a black man +1
lol i know some people at my school that look like the horse. +4
lol but you can still go to jail for the same amount of time.  
killing the kitten would be illegal too. +2
I'm tired of times new roman +2
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