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    I am a guy  
    If she just knew and I didn't have to tell +1
    I am an atheist and it would probably mean we share the same interests  
    flash can practically teleport and can also do stuff really fast  
    I can always jump in front of a train  
    I chose the wrong one, I would cover my eyes and ask someone to show me a picture of my crush  
    you can be both, flying spaghetti monster +1
    It would be hard to live of that money for your entire life  
    I am a guy  
    Unless i would be sure that the god would be the flying spaghetti monster  
    I already am barely able to remember I don't think I would be able to remember anything anymore  
    ios but I would put it on a hackintouch  
    If you have a lot of gay men attracted to you that probably means women would also be attracted to you  
    Jobs on a computer can be a lot of fun  
    I have a bike and I'd buy a tesla  
    I could sell it for more  
    on a jet with leafyishere  
    I would just take a second job  
    open source for life  
    that doesn't say anything about the os  
    imagine what you could do if you were immune to every other disease and sickness  
    I am 17 that would be really creepy  
    I knew it +1
    being in love with the person of my DREAMS. that will come true with the second one  
    most acids won't ruin your fingers  
    ON a rope  
    I am good at things I love I don't want to ruin that, I usually don't have to do the thing I hate. And if I do, I would be done with it much faster  
    the person I marry probably is a complete stranger to me right now  
    there is more freedom in africa  
    console peasants  
    Then you wouldn't have those feminists telling you that men are terrible  
    I have seen enough of france  
    Have you seen German girls  
    you are wrong  
    if I can live on that island, I probably also have enough money to travel to the nearest city with my own boat. every day  
    A computer virus can be easily destroyed, and the worst virusses aren't made for linux  
    cheap isn't the definition of bad.  
    I love books, I hate reading  
    I would rather start my own company even though inventing the flying spaghetti monster would be cool too.  
    I always have a phone with me  
    in practice you can do much more with the legal money  
    but I would do it in a better way  
    I have a smartphone  
    you obviously don't live in the netherlands  
    if you could change the size of any object you could create a gigantic rocket that has almost no mass so you could get stuff everywhere in the solar system with ease and almost no money  
    I love chrome but I also love open source I use chromium  
    the pictures made it really hard but I think I made the right decision.  
    I would probably be so scared of sleeping that I would die from sleep deprivation  
    I don't need to marry and have a family to be happy and be loved and you can even have a girlfriend. and a dream job can mean everything if you would really have fun doing it.  
    when you are secretly being filmed they can probably also see what you are doing on the internet  
    you can have justice without liberty, you can't have liberty without justice.  
    I would choose knowledge because ruling everything is too much work. I would probably not like it though because I love wondering about the universe and I like to fantasise about everything and I don't necessarily need al the answers.  
    i'd wish I were a timelord so I could almost live forever and have a tardis.  
    Without marriage you can still live together and have kids. although christians would go extinct.  
    you can have sex without marriage  
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