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    Does'nt even show "%" on Justin Bieber  
    The cow has teeth  
    16% Chance of Death people? IT'S F*CKING 100.000.000$  
    10.000 times $100.000 = $1000000000  
    Hit Kylie Jenners ass very hard then rewind and redo it over and over again  
    I weight 50kg so i'd easily weight 100kg rather than be f*cking 3 feet  
    So smart people can't be hot?  
    You can still be the smartest person even if your hot  
    Damn pressed wron  
    Just say "These are all popups what's pornhub???  
    The can't even get in the elevator  
    I would try masturbating  
    i'm 7,5 feet so  
    I'll just be the smartest and hottest person. duh  
    Pressed Wrong  
    Justin Bieber  
    Nice house for a middle classer  
    Food has water in it  
    I'm not gay soo yeeeah  
    Bora Bora is in the Maldives and the maldives are south and hot so  
    I'm bald ;)  
    Been in Thailand 5 times in Philippines none so i'll go there  
    Rock sucks just screaming and saying random sh*t  
    I'm not Transexual  
    Like Michelle Rodriguez in Fast & Furious the 4th movie  
    Would just f*ck her  
    Lose a leg = No School  
    $1 Billion C'mon guys and if you lose you're at we're you where b4  
    Uhmm Skittles is a Giraffes sh*t in the commercials  
    Not Gay  
    Are you guys/girls high asf  
    Not gay?!?!  
    surfing like a baouwsh  
    I would play Multiplayer games solo  
    Shit voted wrong :(  
    I hate potatoes but i love coca-cola and 2 litres is like 25% off what i normaly drink Xd  
    I prefer soccer  
    You said Swim And Walk so they both might be kind but i know they're not  
    Obviously Katniss Everdeen i mean have you ever seen her P*ssy  
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