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reality sucks. good thing i do not exist and im really a magical mermaid named steve harvey

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    friends with benifits 1 year ago  
    i only sleep for 5 anyways 1 year ago  
    i would probs be targeted 1 year ago  
    i would probably be killed by the Illuminati 1 year ago  
    i dd it, it gives me night mares every night 1 year ago  
    only bc i like thhe falcons and im in july 1 year ago  
    flap flap flapping my fat around 1 year ago +1
    id listen and watch the same movie so ik what they say 1 year ago  
    friends with benifits 1 year ago  
    i can take a shower 1 year ago  
    they could be helpful bc i know nothing about nature skill 1 year ago  
    ik shes the bestttt 1 year ago  
    i mean i had it when i was a baby 1 year ago  
    that its okay to be a mexican 1 year ago +1
    ill be able to text my mom 1 year ago  
    then why arre you even on here 1 year ago  
    weed cant kill 1 year ago  
    less to clean up 1 year ago  
    really? 1 year ago  
    wait, you must be me mommyyyyy 1 year ago  
    ha im not a perv 1 year ago  
    no its not. its the truth. and the truth hurts 1 year ago  
    gandolf the white 1 year ago  
    i just wanna see how big my thing would be 1 year ago  
    lord XD where do you even gets these jokes from 1 year ago  
    smaller, less boob sweat 1 year ago  
    ha 1 year ago  
    your for real rn? 1 year ago  
    the slutty ones and Caribbean mermaids, but not so gory and murderous 1 year ago  
    i would much rather two building be desrtoyed than 10,000 innocent lives 1 year ago  
    There was some cute hair styles 1 year ago  
    thats actually fore words XD 1 year ago  
    i could chop all u ninjas in.5 seconds js 1 year ago  
    XD true true true 1 year ago  
    now ill be able to know if the Korean people in the nail shop i go to are talking about me 1 year ago  
    zombies are too easy to kill. but another world war was rumored to be a nuclear war. yeah no thanks i would rather live at least 5-6 months in stead of .5 seconds. js 1 year ago  
    this is a horrible question but id kill the baby bc the earth is already overpopulated with humans 1 year ago +1
    heels. very high heels. 1 year ago  

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