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    Wrong button  
    Sorry pressed the wrong button  
    He did not stop sh*t talking he did not melost or abuse anyone he had a heart its not normal these days  
    Mical Jackson was a great person someone needs to stop saying sh*t like he abused kids and malested them he has a heart that's all its not normal these days  
    I skipped this its crul  
    My great grandma  
    They tried  
    My cell phone stays in side got ya  
    I'm lazy  
    My friend is my boy friend that's a boy  
    I'm blind  
    Less chance of dieing  
    Dibeaties run high in my family  
    Aliens rape  
    Poor kids  
    I don't like pouperlarty  
    Rather walk so  
    Tablet so  
    Stop animal abuse is better  
    Look through shirt  
    What is eunthizing omg just realizd I picked the wrong one  
    I do it all the time +1
    I like myself so  
    I'm already sick  
    I'm shy  
    Don't want kids  
    I already have book smart  
    Facebook forever  
    Girl I'm a bit  
    I don't Billie I been bullied  
    Love cats long time  
    Feel loved  
    If some loves someone else let them be happy +2
    Not suffer  
    I can delete it before anyone sees duh can't erase memory's  
    Be killed no thanj  
    I love snow and no school  
    I love my family  
    Seirousley never seen out side I love in  
    Some one hot but the other is down to realty  
    My baby brother I love him so much IDC if I die he won't  
    Be honest  
    I'm afraid of nights so  
    Mr pibb is the best  
    911 or titanic  
    Chrome is on my tablet I'm using it now lol  
    You just dream not see  
    No slave  
    More people live or die duh  
    Baby was a good song the singer wasn't  
    Baby was a good song the singer wasn't  
    Bff mermaid  
    I could save Anne Frank  
    Like asking unconfertable or conferrable duh  
    Animals love my cats wish I can understand them  
    I can't live without internet  
    I skipped that's a horrible question  
    More money  
    Hayden corn ok  
    Time I want to be young forever  
    Time I want to be young forever  
    Cause I don't want to Know when I die I could prevent my death if I know the cause  
    Cause I don't want to Know when I die I could prevent my death if I know the cause  
    IDC if they dislike him I don't  
    Katy Perry  
    I don't believe in sex so  
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