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I love photography, dancing, soccer, softball, composing and playing music on flute and guitar, and just relaxing B) I watch Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, Twisted, and lots of other shows like that. I love to chat so message me. Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVm5tDX5RJbFVW-ldL-V3eA .

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    I say monkeys because there is a logical explanation to it and it is scientifically proved and religion doesn't just pop out people!  
    I love the smell of Christmas!  
    NY BABY!  
    I did have it my way I guess and clowns freak me out!  
    I cant stand the stuck up nonsense girls that think they are all pretty and they are really ugly since most of them do plastic surgery and to be "popular" they put others down! Tomboy all the way! +1
    Know at all times who "likes" you because if you like a guy you will be able to know if he "likes" you back!  
    Night club because it is pretty and I want to get down! NOT FOR THE ALCOHOL OR DRUGS BECAUSE THOSE THINGS SUCK! +3
    Starbucks cause then I get free mochas, coffee, and more!  
    I don't like being all alone especially to be in a dark room and eating is just one meal so I would be surrounded by other people and daylight and fresh air so I choose going to a restaurant alone and eating by myself!  
    It is only $100 compared to $10,000 which your enemy would gain. Who knows, maybe they would demand your death with their wealthiness. +1
    I can't choose but if I had to I would choose Nobel Peace Prize after a lot of thinking because what would I do with all the money? Being wealthy isn't everything though but if I got the Nobel Peace Prize I would be proud of myself and get famous so I would get rich from that anyways! +1
    Everybody would know me and I would be exposed to the world but you also would become a real celebrity!  
    You can choose the president as your famous person! And it is a private jet! +2
    idk but it sure sounds fun getting to create beliefs and how everybody lives, not that I want them to suffer, but to have better lives and happiness and peace!  
    I'd choose that always know if someone is checking you out cause if they are hot you hook up with them or you can also feel special when everybody checks you out! +3
    Dream vacation! Your vacation can be to where that person is or they can come with you! +5
    If you switch brains with a smart person who is paralyzed you will be partially paralyzed and I'd much rather be not paralyzed.  
    There may have been God and there may have been a big bang, but we may never know which is true. We shall not sit here and fight over who is correct for there is no correct answer that we know of.  
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