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Do you prefer... wild canines or wild felines 7 years ago 535 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer... hot chips or crisps 7 years ago 444 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... have an abortion or Kill somebody else's child. 7 years ago 3,575 votes 127 comments 0 likes
Would U rather... write and publish the Harry Potter books and make all the money J.K Rowling made. or Be able to become Harry Potter at any time and be able to switch back to your life a any time. 7 years ago 3,250 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would u rather.... Adopt three starving children and make their lives fun and enjoyable or Have an abortion 7 years ago 5,819 votes 105 comments 0 likes
Would You Rather... Be Autistic or Dumb 7 years ago 504 votes 11 comments 0 likes
If you had to stop animal cruelty for only one breed would you pick: me! or Please me! 7 years ago 454 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would U rather cats or dogs be extinct? Yeah, we don't need dogs. or Cats aren't worth it, lets keep dogs around 7 years ago 1,371 votes 55 comments 0 likes
You U rather... think that your a loser but you may be a winner or have a small group of friends but no one else 7 years ago 873 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Find out your boyfriend was married... or Find out your best friend was boyfriend with your crush 7 years ago 4,672 votes 53 comments 0 likes
Who should have won Survivor? Ozzy! or Sophie. 7 years ago 324 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would U rather... see a ghost and go insane or live in a haunted house 7 years ago 76,487 votes 730 comments 9 likes
Would You Rather.. save yourself or save your sibling 7 years ago 819,215 votes 7,347 comments 28 likes
Would you rather... have the greatest most romantic relationship ever! or Be the richest person in the world 7 years ago 5,688 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch... the human Centipede or Alien 7 years ago 1,117 votes 11 comments 0 likes
If there was a zombie breakout would you... run away and hope the zombies don't find you or kill yourself 7 years ago 1,277 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... rule the world for ten years then have the most painful death possible? or be poor and forgotten put be at peace when you die? 7 years ago 94,473 votes 377 comments 3 likes
Would you rather... everyone think your a mean cruel person or everyone think your a stupid jerk 7 years ago 502 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... have ten wishes and you can't wish for money or have $100 billion 7 years ago 1,148,953 votes 14,191 comments 70 likes
Would you rather... Marry a horse and all your friends hate you or Marry a hot boy that you hate but everyone likes you 7 years ago 20,981 votes 224 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Every person you meet be brutally killed murdered or murder your beloved partner 7 years ago 21,555 votes 253 comments 0 likes
Would you rather pull off your own head or cut off your arms and legs 7 years ago 301 votes 5 comments 0 likes

Emmo has posted the following comments:

just think nice things! :P 6 years ago  
BAD QUESTION!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
girls on part A are ugly 7 years ago +1
picked wrong one!! 7 years ago  
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird. 7 years ago  
easy! 7 years ago  
love animals, but I'm not a murder. 7 years ago +4
S.K.I, oh I don't even need to finish that. 7 years ago  
soooooooooo weird. 7 years ago +1
strange pics 7 years ago  
water 7 years ago +1
haha not funny 7 years ago +3
skipped. 7 years ago  
only like chocolate ice cream in summer, only like melted chocolate in winter. 7 years ago  
just don't lie. 7 years ago  
great, I got everything!!!!! 7 years ago +4
bad question 7 years ago +5
very strange... 7 years ago +3
nobody deserves to die. 7 years ago +5
if you remembered everything you'd eventually you'd go mad. 7 years ago +1
um, neither? 7 years ago +1
I've only played 3 7 years ago +2
haha 7 years ago  
Big cats=cool 7 years ago +2
don't like being burning 7 years ago  
not a question, 7 years ago  
Gandalf cooler. 7 years ago  
Pressed the wrong one! 7 years ago +2
Very easy... 7 years ago +2
what? 7 years ago  
Dogs are 1,000% smarter than cats. Plus cats don't really have nine lives. 7 years ago +1
cute. cute. CUTE. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +2
agreed. 7 years ago  
both are ugly 7 years ago +7
so many of these questions, I'm skipping next one. 7 years ago +2
A looks weird B looks weird 7 years ago +2
that Joe Culp or however he is, looks ah, huge. 7 years ago  
If the world started all over again I wouldn't exist. 7 years ago  
love animals, but human beings, come on. 7 years ago +1
move to the countryside. 7 years ago  
renovate house then sell and make money :D 7 years ago  
not being able to feel anything? Hmmm, my answer is clear. 7 years ago  
this was repeated 7 years ago  
I like red. 7 years ago  
mmmmm 7 years ago  
sleeping alone is okay 7 years ago  
huh? 7 years ago +2
Hitler was always a failure. 7 years ago +6
plain ewwwww 7 years ago  
agreed. 7 years ago  
there the SAME! 7 years ago  
I don't like chainsaws. 7 years ago  
"interesting" not. 7 years ago +2
your comments really annoy me. 7 years ago  
don't have a bro so :D 7 years ago  
See difference??????????????????? 7 years ago  
hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh 7 years ago  
You are eating a chicken. I'm vego heheheh 7 years ago +1
yup. 7 years ago  
I'd rather dance 7 years ago  
That guy in the ocean picture has pants on. 7 years ago +7
mmmmmmmmmm 7 years ago  
hard. 7 years ago  
set it free! 7 years ago +5
divorce 7 years ago +1
haha 7 years ago +2
creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. 7 years ago  
I don't think I'll find bald eagle in the Australian bush. 7 years ago +3
just drink water 7 years ago +2
U can learn 7 years ago  
rather marry a capable robot 7 years ago  
JB isn't a star 7 years ago  
already vego 7 years ago  
Dogs are much smarter than cats. 7 years ago  
Dogs bond with humans, while cats just take advantage of free food. 7 years ago +2
hard. 7 years ago  
I'm not selfish 7 years ago  
yep. 7 years ago  
I don't think it's bad. But anything can get boring after a week 7 years ago +3
chainsaws might do more damage 7 years ago  
Both r bad 4 U 7 years ago +2
Justin ain't cool. 7 years ago +4
I prefer dogs. 7 years ago +6
yeah 7 years ago  
I agree. 7 years ago +1
If Voldermort was you dad you'd probably look like him (eww) and he'd probably kill you. 7 years ago  
you can always loose weight. 7 years ago +5
You can always stop eating junk food... 7 years ago +1
We do have modern mouse traps these days plus there is such thing as dogs being bred for catching mice and rats, and they do the job. 7 years ago  
not. 7 years ago +1
Global warming is happening, before our eyes 7 years ago +1
I love music more then some coffee shop! 7 years ago  
then why did you pick money? 7 years ago  
White beats is black? 7 years ago +10
I love animals but it's important to look after the human race. 7 years ago +4
I have't seen those movies so, :l 7 years ago  
comfy. 7 years ago  
You need to know. 7 years ago +3
hard. They'e both, bad. 7 years ago +1
I'm girl tooooooooo 7 years ago  
how could anyone want adorable little puppies not to be alive?? 7 years ago  
Cats eat native birds and don't bond well with humans and cat lovers probably have something wrong with themselves. 7 years ago  
er, I've heard of smaller dogs catching rats you know! 7 years ago  
correct. 7 years ago +2
soooooooooooo weird 7 years ago +6
double yeah 7 years ago +1
yeah. 7 years ago +1
Ed is way cooler 7 years ago +2
don't like hello kitty but gir looks weirder 7 years ago +6
ELVIS! 7 years ago  
hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
heated seats are just like a warm loo 7 years ago  
hahaha 7 years ago  
I HATE ELVIS PRESLY 7 years ago  
puppies R cute 7 years ago  
your fam is something special, but still was hard. 7 years ago  
werewolves creeeeeeeeeeepy 7 years ago  
lions have higher chance of living 7 years ago +2
Second Question 7 years ago  
I couldn't stand the pope 7 years ago +4
mat is crazy 7 years ago  
whoever picked wii r coachpotatoes 7 years ago +1
Oz looks way better with long hair 7 years ago +5
creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy 7 years ago +2
I'd much rather get presents :D 7 years ago +6
DO NOT GET APPLE TV! 7 years ago +5
hate apple 7 years ago +2
what the? 7 years ago  
mice r cute 7 years ago +4
love horses 7 years ago  
bigger the better 7 years ago  
sorry i pick Xmas 7 years ago  
um 7 years ago  
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
hate ghosts 7 years ago  
sometimes you can be alone without being lonely 7 years ago  
Lady gaga is really weird and her songs all sound the same 7 years ago +4
bella looks kinda weird 7 years ago +1
good point 7 years ago  
i personally hate gaga but she is good artist 7 years ago +1
Arctic would be worth seeing 7 years ago  
both are bad for ya 7 years ago  
weird pics 7 years ago  
i want to learn... 7 years ago +5
Santa isn't real so. 7 years ago  
hahahahahahahahahahaha 7 years ago  
try new stuff 7 years ago  
higher chance of saving kids... 7 years ago +2
Michael Jackson king of pop! 7 years ago +2
You might escape the ship... 7 years ago +5
hard!!!!! 7 years ago  
werewolves scary 7 years ago  
owwww! 7 years ago  
what the? 7 years ago +1
I'd live till one hundred 7 years ago  
funny 7 years ago  
you'd die after awhile 7 years ago +1
hahaha 7 years ago  
hahaha 7 years ago  
Friendship. 7 years ago +2
I'm a pescetarian. 7 years ago +2
dogs 7 years ago  
who ever voted for QA is selfish. 7 years ago  
easy peasy! Save peeps. 7 years ago  
dumb comments 7 years ago +1
odd........... 7 years ago  
hide behind stuff.... 7 years ago  
humans then animals 7 years ago +1
or you wouldn't live for much longer than two seconds 7 years ago  
yuck 7 years ago  
hard. 7 years ago +2
i think that is a very personal question.... 7 years ago +9
I agree 7 years ago  
shuffling is weird 7 years ago  
dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs VOTE FOR DOGS! 7 years ago  
hard........................................................... 7 years ago  
the man on QB is hiding is arms behind his back :D 7 years ago  
What that??? 7 years ago +1
easy question, save lives! 7 years ago +1
why put your child up 4 adoption, that would only break hearts. 7 years ago +7
soooooooooo hard! 7 years ago  
ooooooooooooowwwwwwwww 7 years ago  
this one is a little weird... 7 years ago  
Micheal 7 years ago +1
I don't even live in the US... 7 years ago +1
both, I agree 7 years ago +1
angry birds, is funny 7 years ago  
the days 7 years ago +1
spiders are creepy....... 7 years ago +2
the beautiful countryside... 7 years ago +4
GIVE UP MEAT! 7 years ago +2
her stomach is probably fake... 7 years ago  
Gorillas are HUGE and TOUGH 7 years ago +1
fight 7 years ago  
vampires 7 years ago +1
books! 7 years ago +2
being that fat is unnatural 7 years ago +1
if you freeze you'll just go to sleep and never wake up 7 years ago +7
dogs rule! 7 years ago +2
I agree 7 years ago  
I think I'm gonna be sick...;O 7 years ago +5
coke makes your bones weak. 7 years ago +3
fly away... 7 years ago  
this one is weird... 7 years ago +1
always the good old days 7 years ago  
sleek and cool 7 years ago  
FUNNY!!! 7 years ago +3
haha! 7 years ago  
ice is yummier! 7 years ago  
purple is weird, green is weirder 7 years ago +1
soooooooooooo hard! 7 years ago  
READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
who'd choose cat? 7 years ago  
creepy... 7 years ago  
weird... 7 years ago  
friends don't last forever, your family will always love you 7 years ago  
lions sleep all day.... 7 years ago  
Who would want to be a a monkey thing? 7 years ago +1
DIE!!!!! 7 years ago +4
There are lots of burn would you rathers 7 years ago +9
little bros are CUTE! 7 years ago +1
Is this a joke?? 7 years ago +6
OZZY'S RULE! 7 years ago +1
late is OK 7 years ago  
In a jungle you could just climb a tree! 7 years ago +1
Shot is short 7 years ago +1
loved and pooooooooooooooor 7 years ago +1
BURN!!!!! 7 years ago  
you could just watch movies on the computer! 7 years ago +9
I am rich, and have a poor BF. So I picked that one 7 years ago +1
cocky sucks 7 years ago +1
Love is better than anything 7 years ago +4
romancey 7 years ago  
TEXT MESSAGE! Is this a trick question? 7 years ago +5
a little piece..a little piece.. 7 years ago +1
why would any one give head?! 7 years ago +4
GROSS!!! 7 years ago  
Rich people are cool ;) 7 years ago +3
Piranhas can't kill you, crocks can! 7 years ago +2
piranhas 7 years ago  
Puppies are cute, but will drive you MAD! 7 years ago  
Who wants to be depressed? 7 years ago +1
HOT, SWIMMING YAY!!! 7 years ago +1
Cancer sucks.... 7 years ago  
KEEP ILLEGAL! 7 years ago +4
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