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    nothing to do in las vegas if under 18 11 months ago  
    yasss 11 months ago  
    uhhh no im male 11 months ago  
    wolves are cool 11 months ago  
    taxes are better in the eu 11 months ago  
    my grandmas confined to a wheelchair AND shes not annoying soo 11 months ago  
    yes but even if he did steal some things he isn't someone to skip he was still very smart 11 months ago  
    so i could tell whoever likes me im not intrested! 11 months ago  
    ok im always gonna have better hair... everyone agrees that i look better in long hair but my mum says boys should have short hair 11 months ago  
    i mean wtf is wrong with gays? 11 months ago  
    i have terrible vision rn 11 months ago  
    the books are the original ORIGINALS ARE ALWAYS BETTER... and yes i do believe the first book was the best 11 months ago  
    i am miserable anyways, why not be happy 11 months ago  
    better food 11 months ago  
    pc is easier for me 11 months ago  
    i dont drink... 11 months ago  
    ... ya know it asexual 11 months ago  
    uhh no 11 months ago  
    been there, done that. i mean arm (not lose it but couldn't be able to use both arms) its annoying 11 months ago  
    ok already asexual 11 months ago  
    yeah... i mean i dont wanna change 11 months ago  
    i mean people called me a liar but i mean that i prefer it i dont do it 11 months ago  
    wait... i dont have good moments in my life 11 months ago  
    sharks generally dont attack people 11 months ago  
    im asexual as mentioned... 11 months ago  
    i dont sleep anyways 11 months ago  
    I f*cking love alaska 11 months ago  
    i like bieber? 11 months ago  
    i mean already 50% of my school hates me so.. 11 months ago  
    thats easy 11 months ago  
    silent films people 11 months ago  
    i mean im asexual... 11 months ago  
    id rather not see myself... 11 months ago  
    i should be IN a mental institution 11 months ago  
    you obviously dont live in washington 11 months ago  
    you guys obviously dont live in washington 11 months ago  
    i actually like justin bieber? sue me 11 months ago  
    i think t would be an interesting experience... like gender swap (thats literally what it is)! 11 months ago  
    im already a thief kinda :P 11 months ago  
    so between two old wizards that look similar 11 months ago  
    id rather have spriite 11 months ago  
    hey thats racist we only crash 3 times out of 8 11 months ago  
    people getting hurt is funny 11 months ago  
    macs are good for coding but pcs are better for gaming 11 months ago  
    i already imagine this to be the case 11 months ago  
    more sophiscated 11 months ago  
    had sex dont care 11 months ago  
    this question is meant for little girls... 11 months ago  
    cant be both 11 months ago  
    no it would be "tough, this question was 11 months ago  
    choclate to sweet 11 months ago  
    heyyy im an asian male who likes coffee 11 months ago  
    zombies will eventually decay... nuclear radiation will take thousands of years to do so 11 months ago  
    again im asexual so... 11 months ago +1
    i mean my life goal already is a defense attorney 11 months ago  
    i mean... i'm already basically immortal why not be rich (i've been in near death situations 14 times? 16?) 11 months ago  
    people who win the lottery generally die sooner 11 months ago  
    Im asexual so i dont really care 11 months ago  
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