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Trust me, if you'd known my sisters you'd also save yourself. JK, if I had to choose I'd probably die from contemplation 6 years ago  
People like this only further disappoints us, they don't deserve trust and honesty :( 6 years ago  
Pepsi has a better taste to it. Coke makes me feel like Im drinking acidic bubbles...I goes down the throat to harsh 6 years ago  
Pirates because they're rouges and notorious. Probably have more exciting fights, ninjas are too quiet and deadly 6 years ago +1
This is like comparing a peck on the cheek from your mother, to being a pornstar along with your mother.... Anyways, back to the point, the holocaust was one of the most devastating event in history. 6 years ago  
God is not real, how can u prove it? Plus everyone who's religious doesn't believe in the one same god. So obviously, there is no almighty magician that magically created whatever he wanted. 6 years ago  
I live in California and I've vacationed in one of Hawaii's islands. I loved it there in Hawaii, with all its natural beauty, but it was just too humid for my taste, like really humid. California is great. Both have beautiful beaches, but Cali has almost any weather you like. Best sun in the southern part of Cali, and beautiful snow in and near Lake Tahoe in the winters. :D 6 years ago  
You can learn almost anything off the internet 6 years ago  
Seriously?! No, in America we are hella diverse. Ain't nobody dumb enough to bash on other religions. Ok, maybe the hella old grannies and papies are the most racist and religious, but nowadays with the younger generation we somewhat respect the diversity. Currently, Gay marriage is the issue here in America....because of Religion 6 years ago  
This controversy about gay marriage, it's all because of religion...Their morals about what's "right" and "wrong." Thank common sense, I'm an atheist! 6 years ago +5
I haven't yet done all that I've wanted. And there's just too much that I've done poorly on 6 years ago  
Just be wise about how much you're gonna drink. Please 6 years ago  
We already got too many dumb kids in high school (and younger) that drinks. The law about drugs and drinking really doesn't matter to them. I know because in in high school 6 years ago  
I can't be that selfish, it hurts my consciousness 6 years ago +4
This reminds me of Slumdog Millionaire, loved that movie 6 years ago  
I've gotten lazy over the years...and just started to give up. Hey it's not easy being in highschool with AP classes! 6 years ago  
Go all, or die trying 6 years ago +1
Dont ever start the hw until it's practically 12am, in the night alone. But then I fall asleep in about 10 mins... So I do things about an hour before it's due 6 years ago +1
We need diversity. It keeps us unique. :) 6 years ago  
Where is your god when there is chaos? Nowhere. There's only the real people that does the REAL help. 6 years ago +1
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