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    Oh please, you won't be saying that when they're, EATING YOUR BRAINS!  
    1 billion is a thousand times more than 1 million.  
    Great view and peaceful death.  
    Being lonely on an island with nowhere to go would drive you insane.  
    Italy has the Leaning Tower of Piza...  
    Don't have to worry about floods if your house gets burned down during the first storm.  
    Once I'm fluent in all languages, I'll be able to speak instrument.  
    What if I'm a really shy, popular geek?  
    lol that guy is a loser  
    Whoops, didn't see "not get caught," hehehe.  
    I am behind you right now. Too late! I already disappeared.  
    You don't see them!  
    I would just show a picture of my ear.  
    Well, killing babies and small kittens is insanely cold, however really guys? 20,000 a year? You wouldn't even be able to support yourself, much less a family.  
    I would throw mints at them.  
    If you talk to an animal and no one else can understand then you look like a complete moron.  
    Seeking gets scary sometimes! Especially in the dark...  
    Wait, I forgot I can't swim...  
    Clowns are scary.  
    No doubt about it. She beat the world record by a lot... and look at her face! That is fake happiness.  
    Phelps is losing it.  
    I would not want to see my loved ones die.  
    Yet you voted for the opposite one.  
    Sexy/flirty personality means that you're perverted. +2
    Do you realize how little 20k a year is +3
    A PC is better than an iMac at half it's cost. +1
    I would get stabbed in the earlobe. +3
    You can sell your house then buy a nice house and a nice car. +2
    You voted for sit down when everyone stands up.  
    Translators make lots of money.  
    You could have pressed "skip" +1
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